Friday – The Best Day of the Week

Grab Your BookThe students return to the university next week and all this week, I have been prepping for their return. I am in communications so the week prior to the semester is a busy, busy time. I sort of fell off the edge of the earth. Or so it seems. This week has been a total blur but it’s finally Friday and although next week will be busy, it will be busy in a totally different way.

It’s been difficult to get much reading in but I’ve been snatching time here and there. I am in the final stretch with the Murakami book and I think I am going to start The Little Friend and I must also start Twelve Years a Slave as it was my book club pick and I have yet to read it.

What are you reading?

Also, it’s been very nice this week weather wise. Too bad I have been stuck in this building for most of it but I did feel a tiny tinge of fall in the air when I left the other night. This little taste of fall has me excited for all sorts of things:

  • Candles (I am a candle girl, light ’em up!)
  • Pumpkin anything
  • Homemade soup!
  • Holiday coffee drinks
  • The super-fun October read-along that Sandy and I have planned (details to come)
  • Thanksgiving (yep, I am thinking about it)

What are you excited about?

20 thoughts on “Friday – The Best Day of the Week”

  1. You are way ahead of me in thinking about fall! I still want it to be summer. And I have failed to get back to Desperation. I may have to try again later.

    I’m hoping to finish up the book I’ve been reading all this week. I just keep having other things to do. But its due back to the library soon, so I have to get a move on. 🙂

    Nothing expected this weekend…honestly I’m tired and want to spend our one good day this weekend, which looks to be Sunday, at the pool for the final day!

    1. I mostly look forward to fall because I usually have some time off but this time.. I don’t know. Work. It’s a little different. 

      I have to finish Desperation too so no worries. 


  2. I’m with you about Fall – I’ve been thinking about it lately as well 🙂 Can’t wait to find out what you think of the Murakami – hurry up! And what are you planning for October – a spooky read-a-thon? Have a great weekend, Ti!

    1. Ohhhhh! Our fall read-along is a spooky one. Woooooo woooo!! A classic too. Well, a more contemporary classic. 


  3. It has felt like fall here already the past few days, with highs in the 60’s! A far cry from typical August weather. Still working on Little Women; I like it but I feel like it’s a rare example of liking the movie better than the book. Not done with it yet though. I had wanted to see the film version of 12 Years a Slave but I just didn’t feel like I had the emotional ability to watch it at the time. I need to at some point.

    1. Some books are powerful enough on their own. I am thinking that after reading 12 Years I probably won’t want  to see the movie. I felt that way about We Need to Talk About Kevin. 


  4. I have lots to be excited for this week! I got a new car to replace the one that was totaled earlier this month. I got a new job that I will start in a couple of weeks. And, I hit the road later today for an all-day photography workshop tomorrow.

    Good luck next week!

  5. I’ll be interested what you think of 12 Years a Slave as I have it sitting on my shelf waiting to be read too. The movie was good but the book will likely be better. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Oh man, I forgot to start Twelve Years this weekend. I have to get it read for my club meeting. 


  6. Happy Back to School! I have experienced the most lovely stretch of lovely weather I think I’ve ever seen. And this weekend is NORTH CAROLINA! It IS beautiful, so far, but it still feels odd to me that I will be living here soon.
    School starts for the kiddos next week but I will have a week to go yet for my grad school stuff.

  7. The Fall is my favorite season, and I absolutely love the smells and flavors (pumpkin bagels!!!) but honestly we don’t get but a whisper of the appropriate weather down here. Our temps go from mid-90’s to maybe low 80’s. Oooh, sweater weather! By October I’m about ready to cry from it all. I’m reading “The Colour of Milk” which everyone says is devastating. And listening to “You Should Have Known”…which is going to be really hard to review. Do I hate it? Love it? I have three more discs.

    1.  It’s kind of the same thing here. When I say “fall is in the air” I usually mean that there is a slight drop in temp and that the quality of sunlight has changed a bit. Seems more golden to me. There is usually some wind too which has yet to hit and is why we always have brush fires in October and November. I seriously hope we skip the wind this year. I noticed coolness in the morning, 59, which prompted me to wear a sweater in the car but once I got to work it was too warm for the sweater. 


  8. Glad that your weather is improving. I hope the drought-like conditions are lessening. I’m waiting for Fall too – my absolute favorite season!

    1.  Nope. Unfortunately, we are just getting worse here. Until we get significant rain, I don’t see it letting up at all. I am very worried about brush fires. We were supposed to get a tiny bit of rain last week but it never happened. We have water rationing in effect and now they added additional water restrictions like not being able to wash your car, etc. It WAS cooler which helped but we are entering triple digits  again by Thursday. 


  9. I think the main reason I’m looking forward to October is my sister-in-law is getting married and my wife and I are going to the wedding. It’s been our “BIG EVENT” this year and I don’t know what we’ll have to look forward to after that.

    1. Weddings are fun. The last one I went to was a couple of years ago, my nephew’s and it was interesting to  attend a wedding post Pinterest. The ideas they come up. I was impressed. My fave were these ready made  cocktails in mason jars. Pre-mixed and chilled. Just grab and go. My kind of wedding!


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