Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sheldon Card

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? I remembered last week that it was coming up and then promptly forgot about it. In fact, I booked a doctor’s appointment for today and a tax appointment for tomorrow. How romantic! Honestly though, I am just hoping to cook a nice meal and enjoy some down time this weekend. We did nothing but eat out last week and my body is begging for  a home cooked meal, even if I do have to make it myself. No, seriously, I do not mind.

The photo above is not the card The Hub gave to me but if you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will get the humor. My idea of fun at the moment would be a Big Bang marathon, some yummy food and my fave spot on the couch. Yes, I have a fave spot too. Just like Sheldon.

Today, my kids are off from school but The Teen is all over town doing singing telegrams for choir so The Girl went to work with The Hub. I will be enjoying a Valentine buffet lunch with co-workers at the University Club and then I will be leaving early for that doctor’s appointment. Tonight, no plans really. The Teen will still be singing and the rest of us will probably grab a burger and come straight home which is perfectly fine by me. I am just so, so tired.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Am I allowed to use Bah Humbug here? This is the first Valentine’s Day in years that I am, um, alone. I did send a card to my X though since we are still “working things out”.

    I think I will crawl back in bed and read/listen to books all day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Gwen, you are not alone. All of my single friends on Facebook are calling it “Singles Awareness Day” instead of what it is. But your plan to  crawl back into bed and read all day is like a dream day to me 😉


  2. Now that’s a sweet card…we are still trying to dig out of the driveway…and I just spent another $300.00 on Lucy so she is my Valentine!

  3. We have our spots, too! I’m not quite as protective of mine as the hubby is – god help you if you’re in his spot and he wants to sit there! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Well, we were intending to go over to friends’ house…they were lighting up their fire pit. Drinking and eating and laughing were going to happen. Then my husband came home feeling like he had the flu, so I drank my damned champagne by myself, took a bath, and fell asleep reading Fight Club. Blah.

  5. I saw on FB that you’re enjoying some down time. Soak it up! Especially after the busyness that you’ve experienced during Oliver. We had a pretty lowkey evening last night. Mom took the girls (Elle overnight) so that we could go to the movies. Saw Lone Survivor and thought it was incredible. Needed a massage afterward I was so tense! Enjoy the quiet weekend Ti!

  6. Tax does sound very romantic, haha! I like to read that your days are so much smoother and less hectic now! That past few weeks have been sounding very crazy and busy for you.

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