Oliver 2014
The Cast of Oliver

We survived! What a busy week. We are still trying to return to a normal routine and The Girl seems to be coming down with a tiny cold but with so little sleep and then going right into track season. she’s toughing it out. They don’t have school on Friday or Monday so I am hoping they can catch-up on lost sleep then.

Overall, the week went well. The shows were amazing and everyone was great. I had a lot of fun backstage but if I had to compare this show to others they’ve done. this one seemed to go a little smoother. It’s so hard to do these shows when they are in school but somehow we managed. I was perfectly fine all weekend but by Monday, when it was all said and done I felt like collapsing into a heap! I just cannot keep my eyes open. I can’t imagine how the kids feel.

The Girl and Teen - Oliver 2014

The lighting backstage is either pitch black or too darn bright and with them running all over crazy, I have to catch photos when I can. This one is out of focus AND overexposed but since they were never together on stage, I had to grab what I could. Oliver is a great show. Lots of good songs and dance numbers and it’s not everyday that your kid gets to play a murderer. The Girl was in a special dance group and The Teen played Bill Sykes, killer of prostitute Nancy.

I recorded the death scene but I don’t think I can post it due to royalty issues but every time he threw himself off that bridge my heart stopped just a little bit. This was a difficult part for him because he likes to be liked by everyone and when it came time to give autographs, no one wanted his because he was the killer!

Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger
Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger at intermission.

It’s a difficult week of eating in the car, doing make-up in public restrooms and trying to wrangle pony tails while going through the drive-thru. It’s crazy! We are all a little torn about not doing the next show, The Wizard of Oz. Rehearsals start at the end of this month but with everything the kids are doing, we’ve decided to sit this one out and return in the fall for Annie. The Teen can focus on his grades and this other show he is in, The Drowsy Chaperone and The Girl can focus on track.

Me? I get my Mondays and Wednesdays back. Sort of. I will be sitting at track practice but I can read or walk or stare at the sky if I want to.

I hope you are all well. I was not able to keep up with blog reading and probably won’t be able to catch-up until this weekend but I am thinking of you all.

15 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. Wow, those productions always look so great. I’m glad you’ll all have time to slow down a little. I would have gotten The Teen’s autograph if I were there…I like the killers…they’re fascinating…hmm…perhaps that’s a bit peculiar and morbid.

    1. Me too! I think it’s harder to play a killer than it is a funny guy. Some of the kids were even scared of him backstage. He had to keep reminding him it was for the show only. 


  2. Congratulations for making it through the week! It sounds like it was a great experience although it definitely sounds overwhelming. Enjoy your “free” time at track practice. I never mind practices because it does give you a bit of a break.

    1. Today is the first day since the show that I feel somewhat normal. Slowly, slowly catching up on sleep. 


  3. Sounds like it was great fun, Ti! Enjoy the chance to relax before “It’s a Hard Knock Life” is constantly going through your head! 🙂

  4. See, if you all were vampires you wouldn’t need to be finding public restrooms… Anyway, gosh, it seems like I better get back out there and visit before the kids are famous so I can be interviewed by People Magazine on account of having known them when they were little….

  5. I thought of you this past weekend….I was feeling busy with my few activities….but I knew you were way busier! Now you can relax for a few days 🙂

  6. Seriously so fantastic! Even though you’re a bit exhausted now I think your kids will have such great memories of doing these plays. Now…exhale. 😉

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