What Day Is It?

At this time of the year, it’s so easy for the days to slip past me. The day-to-day routine of getting up at the crack of dawn, working,  shuttling children back and forth, and then trying to cook a meal or get anything done around the house, means that my days blend into one another. Monday? Tuesday? Oh yes, it’s Thursday. Could have fooled me.

Over Thanksgiving I read a stimulating book, Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, and it made me feel somewhat normal again. Human, if you will. But the feeling was short-lived because I am feeling all spongy again. AND, I have yet to write the review of that book and three others I’ve read because of this “spongy” state I am in. I sit myself down in front of the computer, lift my coffee cup to my eager mouth and then… nothing. Nothing comes to mind. Instead, I stare at my Christmas light decked bulletin board. Oh, the lights are so pretty.

Pardon the horrible photo. I took it with my crappy phone but you get the idea.

My bulletin board at work

I love how it includes bookish stuff, family pics and duck and cover earthquake instructions all on the same board. This is what I stare at all day. Ahem, when I am not hard at work, of course.

Tonight I am making coconut macaroons for a Christmas party I am attending tomorrow night,  and I am feeling the need to make some Thai curry for dinner. Sometimes chicken and rice is just so comforting. Maybe, maybe I can squeeze a movie in or at least watch Rudolph and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

This is the weekend before finals for The Teen, so I suspect that we will be hanging around for the most part. I still have some shopping to do but I will be damned if I try to do it on the weekend again. At least, not during the daylight hours.

And what’s with all of those free shipping deals over Black Friday? Still waiting for my stuff to arrive and it’s making me nervous since the stuff hasn’t even shipped yet and I’ve already been told by one vendor that the stuff is no longer in stock. Don’t offer free shipping if it’s going to arrive on the back of a monkey or something.

19 thoughts on “What Day Is It?”

    1. This is my board at work. My one at home is much smaller and not to cluttered but the one for work, I change stuff out all the time and people post bookish news for me as well.


  1. I love that you decorated your bulletin board with Christmas lights. It’s a great board, too, so many of the things that are important to you. I’m sorry your ‘spongy’ feeling has returned (fantastic description, btw!). I was hoping Murakami would help you feel better long term. I always feel weird/kinda off this time of year. Right now I’m sick, of course (what else is new?!) which really ticks me off!
    Rice and chicken sounds like a great idea for dinner. Rice is one of my fave comfort foods. I bet your macaroons are delicious, too. I hope you enjoy the Christmas party tomorrow.

    I’m sorry for babbling on here! I hope you feel much less spongy very soon, Ti.

    1. I switch the photos out some, but most stay up because they are my faves for one reason or another.

      Getting sick ticks me off too. I had the “barfs” last night during a board meeting. How fun! I don’t even know why. I wasn’t feeling sick going in and my dinner was the same food that everyone else ate and they were fine. I feel find today. Not sure why I got so instantly sick. I sort of felt like a migraine was coming on.


  2. coconut macaroons…yum…i haven’t had any good ones in a while. Jealous! I hope that you feel less spongy soon and that all is well other than the crazy busyness that seems to consume us all this time of year. My goal is to get holiday cards done this weekend and mail them out! I haven’t finished shopping, but that’s always the case with the crazy hours here at the house with the hubby and me and no time to be together to do shopping…online shopping has saved my behind this year.

    1. My online shopping is not working out so far. Stuff I ordered awhile ago still hasn’t shipped. I hope the stuff comes.

      Macaroons are gluten free!! I forgot that they were so I thought they would be perfect to bring to the party.


  3. I really like your board too. I have way too many Mouse photos in my cubicle, I’m sure. And of my cats. Coconut maroons sounds so good!

    I was hoping to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow, but don’t think that will happen now. I absolutely have to mail out my mom’s package tomorrow if I want it to arrive before Christmas.

    Good luck to your son with his finals next week! And have a good rest of the week, Ti.

  4. I think Macaroons and Charlie Brown would be enough to save me from myself these days. But then again, maybe not. What I really long to do is stay in bed for a whole day. Like that will ever happen!

  5. Spongey…that’s a good way to describe an icky out of sorts feeling! I get that way, too…but I hope it goes away for both of us soon!

    1. Because Murakami is the King of ennui. All of his characters are deep, philosophical beings but strange too. They make me feel normal. LOL.


    1. Thank you. I guess I am a little overwhelmed. I am looking forward to the weekend. I hope to do what I need to do early on so I can spend the rest of the weekend reading.


  6. I really understand that spongy feeling! Before we moved, I felt like this so much. I hope you get to feeling more yourself soon. Maybe some time off for the holidays or another good book will do the trick?!? 🙂

  7. Lol – I love the idea of the packages shipping on the back of a monkey. Too bad they aren’t coming on some of those Amazon drones.

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