Don’t you love the title of this post? So creative, right?

It’s that time of the year where my brain is all over the place. I want to do so many things and the reality of it is, I end up doing very little of it. With all of the schedules we have to pay attention to for choir (three choirs!), ASB (student government) and show rehearsals, I usually only think a week or two ahead before my head explodes.

I just ordered the pics to put in our Christmas card so I am a little behind on that. I had a wonderful photo that I took last year, but The Teen informed me that he had braces in the pic and since he has since had them removed, the jig would be up and everyone would know I used an older picture. But when your oldest refuses to take a picture for you, you have to get creative. So, I had to find another photo to use. Hence, the delay.

I have yet to bake any cookies. That used to be a fun activity for me but now that I cannot eat them, I am so over it. I do it for the family though and the people we see at Christmas time. They are appreciative and I get some joy in seeing them eaten. Some.

Pride and Prejudice

There is one book that I promised I would read before the end of the year and that book is Pride and Prejudice. Do I want to read it? No. I have no desire to. I am so sorry to admit that because I know that it is a beloved book for many. What I want to read is weird stuff. Speculative fiction or literary fiction with heavy themes. BUT, I feel as if I can’t be a book blogger without reading it so I am going to push through my hesitation and probably start it this weekend. I can’t promise I’ll finish it but I’ll give it a go.

I still have shopping to do. I am not stressing over it but at some point it has to be done. I am not loving the commercial aspect of the holiday AT ALL. I just want to kick back in PJ’s, drink hot cocoa and make soup. Is that too much to ask?


Anyway, it’s almost Friday. I think I can make it till then.

27 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. My coworker just sprayed Lysol everywhere and it isn’t the most pleasant smelling version. Ugh. As if you wanted to know that. LOL

    As much as I love this time of year, there is much about it I do not like as well. Hustle and bustle is only fun when it’s a line in a song. I have so much to do–much of which I was hoping to have done by this Friday–but now I see that won’t happen.

    Good luck with everything on your to do list! And I hope you do enjoy Pride and Prejudice if you read it. I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you decided not to read it right now (or at all). Going with what you want to read sounds like a great idea, especially right now when you are so busy and your mind is every which way. But I do understand wanting to meet the commitment you made to yourself. Any goals I had for this year went straight out the window early this year. Good thing, I one of my goals was to not feel bad if that happened.

  2. Good luck with it, Ti. I read my first Austen two years ago just because she kept appearing on all the “best ever” lists. I think her plots are the best parts of her books and unfortunately I knew all of those from the movies! Her writing style just wasn’t for me. I love Shakespeare and lots of writers born around 1860-1900 but the 1700s blah. Persuasion is the only book of hers I’d read again. Maybe.

  3. P&P is one I actually like. Maybe you should try getting an audio copy from the library and see if that helps you get through it.

    Good luck with all he holiday preparations. I’m having a bit of a time getting into it this year although I have done most of my shopping – online though. I’m not fond of the stores this time of year.

    Hope you have a good weekend Ti.

    1. I have tried to listen to the book TWICE, two different readers too. Didn’t work for me. Good thought though.


  4. Your P&P confession cracked me up! It is not my fav Austen and I only did an adult read of it b/c my wife read it to me at night. It was ok. (I feel the same way abt Jane Eyre — I don’t get the swoons!)

    I don’t know if it would fall into your speculative category, but just finished the last book in Stephanie Dray’s trilogy about Cleopatra’s daughter. The books are Lily of the Nile, Song of the Nile, and Daughters of the Nile, and the reason I rec them is that they exist in a world in which there is magic via gods/goddesses. Cleopatra Selene, the daughter, is a priestess of Isis. The magic is v well done — I just fell in love with these books.

    1. The series you mentioned sounds really good.

      I am midway through Jane Eyre and like it more than I thought I would so maybe I will be okay with P&P.  


      1. The last book will make my top 10 of 2013 — it’s really delish! Can’t rave enough about it.

        I plan to do an adult reread of Jane Eyre, too, just in case. I adore Wuthering Heights, though — I’m a Heathcliff girl.

  5. I do have some shopping and wrapping to do as well as our Christmas cards. I have one package to mail. I’m not sure what I’ll do about cookies this year since Vance has gone gluten free.

  6. The book — don’t do it! I have a list of books I know I should read/enjoy because we’re supposed to but it’s incredibly liberating to put a book down because I’m not smitten. Sometimes you just need to grab an ole trusty read and love it all over again. This may be dark, but there’s nothing that makes me appreciate my busy, chaotic, far from perfect life than a book that smashes my heart into smithereens. Like a rebirth. Homemade xmas cookies are overrated too, btw. Everyone does them. What the world needs in more homemade January cookies and delish December soups.

  7. I have so much to do, it’s making my head spin. So, I think at least when it comes to our reading, we need to lighten up and give ourselves a break. My library hold for The Lowland arrived, but I’m just not in the mood. Think I’ll go lighter…

    1. I am trying to drag out The Abominable a bit more because I am really enjoying it but I will be done with it soon.  I love the “what to read next?” dilemma though. 


  8. Are you sure that you didn’t read Pride And Prejudice years ago and you just forgot? I love STUFF as a title…I use it all of the time!

    1. No chance of it. I tried to listen the audio version first and none of it came back to me so I am pretty sure I haven’t read it. 

      The audio sucked! The version I tried anyway. 


  9. While I would love to hear what you think of my beloved P&P, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t even bother starting. I think not even wanting to read it will darken your perspective on it.

    I hope that you do get time to kick back in PJs with Cocoa…soon. Shopping not done, christmas cards…no where near done.

  10. I need to read P&P as well, but year end would be the “worst” possible time for me with this or any classic. I look forward to making Christmas cookies again in a few years with my grandchildren. I gave up years ago, but have begun collecting unique cookie cutters for the future:)

    As for Christmas shopping, we took the stress away with “gift cards” years ago as well. I will purchase some special books for the little one and then something for her bank book:)

  11. So much freaking drama over the damn picture, no? The picture of my kids was the ONE picture we have of the two of them together. Both had to approve. And since I’ve had the crud, I’ve lacked the energy to even think about the shopping, but I’ve got to start soon. I used to bake cutesy little cookies for the teachers and neighbors for Xmas but stopped. Too much stress and mess and work! Boy don’t we sound like scrooges!

    1. And oh I forgot to mention that the P&P audio is pretty good. That is how I “read” the book and I loved the experience. Just another option.

  12. I laughed when I saw your post title in my email box…it’s one word but it says so much. Such Christmas card picture drama, ugh! You’re a great mom, Ti! Maybe read a spec. fiction book you want to read while reading P&P. I think P&P is a great book but, chances are, it won’t be for you if you don’t want to read it. So the other option is to wait and read it when you want to. There’s no question in my mind you’re a Book Blogger – of the highest order, P&P or no P&P!

    Can you shop online and avoid the stores?
    I hope you enjoy your weekend, Ti šŸ™‚

    I read that you are reading Jane Eyre…one of my favorite classics, it’s fantastic. And very different from P&P!

  13. I’ve tried to read P&P a couple of times, Ti…I want to like it…I just haven’t been able to connect with it at all. I bought the pretty hardback annotated edition a couple of years ago and have it sitting on my piano, so I wouldn’t forget. I forgot anyway. I’m like you; right now I just want to read some escape fiction.

  14. Pride & Prejudice is actually pretty enjoyable, and it’s straight forward in content. It should be a breezy read. I hope you enjoy it.

    The only reason I’d hesitate to re-read it right now is because it was a focus text (along with a couple others of hers) for a couple classes I took in college. I got sick of her books. šŸ˜›

    But enjoy it all the same.

    1. I like Pride and Prejudice and wouldn’t dream of reading this, but if you want speculative fiction, maybe read this instead: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

  15. I like the name of the post “Stuff.” I dont think you feel you should have to read P & P now. Why not start that in January sometime, and stick with fun reads till Christmas. I can’t even think at this time of year. cheers.

    1. You’re right of course. I only feel pressure to read it because I did the same exact thing last year. Put it off and then it didn’t get read. 


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