The Sunday Salon: Holiday Recovery

Sunday Salon

My post is late today because I forgot it was Sunday! That’s what happens after having a week off. Man, just the thought of going to work tomorrow is enough to make me drink. Almost.

Once I got the obligatory doctor’s appointments out-of-the-way, the week was very nice. I seriously do not know why I feel the need to book appointments during my vacation but it always works out that way. But, once they were over and done with, I settled in to cooking, reading and listening to Christmas music. All was right with the world.

I did not go shopping on Thanksgiving.

I did not go shopping the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Nope, I did not do any of it. Instead, I sat on the couch and read Sputnik Sweetheart for #readingsputnik and I think it’s my favorite Murakami thus far and I’ve nearly read them all now. I think the only one I have not read is A Wild Sheep Chase. Man, Sputnik Sweetheart was really good and just what I needed to get the reading mojo back in full swing.

Those who read it with me, what did you think? I have to write my review up but I am still thinking about the story.

What am I reading?

I am now rushing to finish The Abominable. I’ve been reading it for awhile now but it’s due on Tuesday and so I have to really pick up the pace It’s very good and I am enjoying it a lot but I still haven’t gotten to the scary bits. That Simmons! He sure takes awhile to build up the story.

What am I cooking?

Oh my goodness. I am so sick of cooking that we are picking up Thai food tonight. I am sick of food yet at the same time starving for it. That’s what happens when you eat a lot of high fat foods when you are not used to eating them. You crave them and yet your body can’t deal with them.

How did the meal turn out? Pretty darn good but those gluten-free rolls could double as boulders in my garden. Add them to the list of Pinterest fails! My daughter even asked if I had cooked them since they were still lily-white when I took them out. Everything else was great but after cooking and tasting all day long, I didn’t want any of it by the time I put it on the table.

What am I watching?

I have been watching a lot of movies since U-verse had all of their movie channels for free this weekend. I watched the Oz movie with Franco and it was pretty good. I watched Tootsie and Mannequin and Love Actually. I also watched hours and hours of I Love Lucy, Seinfeld and Roseanne. I did watch Christmas Vacation but must watch it again as I was in full cooking mode while it was on.

Tonight is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, so I will be glued, literally GLUED to the TV later.

On a sad note, Paul Walker, the actor from the Fast and Furious movies died in a car crash after a charity event he was attending close to where I live. It’s been all over the news but given that the wreck happened so close to me, I am especially sad for him and his family. The irony of it all is especially unsettling, isn’t it?

That’s all I have. I hope you all had a wonderful week and that this upcoming week is kind to all of us.

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Holiday Recovery”

  1. I heard about Walker today and was surprised and sad at the irony of it all. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I went shopping, but not really. My husband waited in line for a good deal on a new version of his phone…a phone he sorely needed as his liked to turn off at inopportune moments randomly, among other things. I wonder if I can count that as his Christmas gift?!

    1. I definitely was not in the mood for crowds but I REALLY did not want to spend money. That was my main reason for staying in


  2. Our gluten-free rolls were very dry! The g/f cornbread was pretty good, though, and so was the stuffing made from g/f bread . Rolls and pies are the hardest to make gluten-free, it seems.

    1. Sheila, I did some online shopping yesterday but that’s it. I just don’t have the patience for crowds these days. I do like the holiday decor though so next weekend, I may hit the mall in the evening to just stroll around. Hot chocolate in hand, of course!

  3. Gluten-free bread is tough and hard anyway if you ask me! I’ve been trying out Utz GF bread. It’s not awful. It lets me have a sandwich once in a while. I haven’t read that Murakami yet but I will one day!

  4. Wow! I am glad Sputnik is so good! I need to get my act in gear on his books. I’ve only read Wind Up Bird and his memoir. I hear you about the food. I had to not only cook Thanksgiving but the WHOLE WEEK on my vacation. We did eat out too but really didn’t want to eat out twice a day so I am burned out at this point. Not a great way to go into December!

  5. I definitely am sick of eating- I feel like I should go on a major cleanse or something. With any luck, I’ll get the flu that my oldest two girls have come down with. Nothing like ending the Thanksgiving holiday with one girl puking all over the van on Saturday, and the oldest daughter puking all over the living room floor last night. UGH!

    1. Don’t say that! No one wants the stomach flu! I feel for you. Two kids sick at the same time would wear on me for sure. Maybe it’s a 24 hour thing and will be gone by tomorrow.

      Car puking is the worst though. My son did that once while we were on a tour of Christmas lights with friends. No warning. Just leaned over and puked like there was no tomorrow. I had a van full of gagging people for about 15 minutes. It was horrible and getting it out of the seats and the carpet was so fun!


  6. The ‘Black Friday’ craze has spread to Canada even though our Thanksgiving was in October. I didn’t want to go out to shop but had to buy a long waited item for a belated birthday presen for my son. What else, the new iPad Air. And in the process, got myself an iPad Mini (the old version). So now I’ve entered the new eReading era. And yes, so sorry to hear about Walker even though I have not seen any of the F&F movies. Sadder still that the accident was so close to your home, the reality of it hits home harder, doesn’t it?

    1. I think I saw one of the Fast and Furious movies so I wasn’t all that familiar with Walker’s work. What strikes me the most about the accident is the irony of it all. Also, the town I live in is a great little town but they are over-the-top emotional about this stuff. I read on the news that the city officials finally forced the lookie-loos out so that the family could have a private moment at the crash site.

      So you have an iPad mini now? Fabulous! I can’t read on a tablet but I love my Kindle’s e-ink technology. I spend too much time in front of the computer so I can literally detect the refresh rate when I read on a tablet.


  7. I am the same, I schedule appointments during my vacations. It seems easier somehow. We were in SF, which was pretty darn fun! I’m going to go do a Tuesday Salon in a little bit…

  8. I was thrilled to read on fb that I saw a movie before you :)… I received a copy of Gone with the Wind in the late 90’s for Christmas when I was on a mission to watch movies/classics that I hadn’t seen or heard of. Did you finish? like?

    I need to watch Christmas Vacation!

    1. I got into about 20 minutes of Gone With the Wind and the hub wanted to watch football.

      I have a book for you to read. The Abominable. It’s about climbing Everest but it’s a thriller. All about the gear and oh yeah, the monster on the peak.


  9. Goodness, if Sputnik Sweetheart is your favorite Murakami, I’m going to have to try another Murakami! Glad you had such a great vacation!

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