Cooking Day!

Cooking Day

Today is all about cooking and maybe that’s a good thing because life has been very stressful lately and although I go through periods of being okay, there are moments where I want to tear out my hair and today is one of those days.

I’ve got lots to do, including making those gluten-free rolls you see in the photo. We’ll see how they turn out. Would it be too much to ask for one decent roll? One! Just one.

The Girl is still sleeping so I am waiting her to wake so she can help me cook.

Update. She is up and grouchy. Good lord.

Wish me luck! I hope those of you that are traveling get to your destination safely and that those of you who are also cooking, have a nice day of cooking, sipping and tasting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 thoughts on “Cooking Day!”

  1. Good luck to you! I hope that you find some relaxation amidst the chaos.

    For me, today will be a day of relaxation and play. My husband will be doing a bit of cooking tonight when he gets home from work (he loves to cook), then we share cooking duties tomorrow.

    1. I was worried that I was coming down with something but I took it easy yesterday and it passed. Whew!  Have fun cooking tonight! My house smells pretty good right now. 


  2. It seems to be that time of year when stress really balloons. Money and time are in short supply. I hear ya! Hope you enjoy the relaxation and baking. Once you get into the zone, I think you’ll feel better. 🙂

    1. I have to learn not to make appts on my weeks off. I did that too much this week and it put me in a stressful place. I am better now and the girl has been fed so she is human again ;) 


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s grumpiness, but am glad that you are doing what you want to do today. I’m doing what I want to do today and trying not to think about the days after this: trying to be in the moment. Admittedly, it’s not easy, BUT we can do it. 🙂

  4. I hope cooking and keeping busy distracts you, Ti. I also hope grouchy daughter peps up! I really hope the gluten-free rolls come out yummy! Look forward to your PJ day Turkey day, relaxing, reading, watching movies and try not to stress too much.

  5. Ti, good luck with all of the cooking! I just finished making cupcakes and a cheesecake (the latter was slightly lumpy – which burned me up as I must have mixed the batter forever! – oh well). I’m going to prep the turkey and chop veggies next. I have Christmas music blaring and am about ready to take a break. I went to the store this morning and it was jamming with people – this woman was already on her second run. I had wanted to go earlier but wound up staying in bed reading Sputnik Sweetheart 🙂 Well, I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Nadia, I have been to the store 5 times and still forgot crushed pineapple which my daughter noticed right away. Ugh. My husband said he would pick it up.

      Almost done with Sputnik. So good.

  6. Honestly, when I cook, 95% of the time I put on my headphones and disappear into my own world while I am cooking. Once in awhile my daughter will pop up and help happily, but that is a rarity. The one thing that will get me through the next 24 hours is preparation (I did a few things today), seeing the ocean outside the sliding glass door, and drinky-drinks.

  7. Hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. My mom and my in-laws were our only guests, which is pretty low-key. I am busy eating more pie- which only means that I will really have to work out tomorrow -and am meeting a friend to go shopping later. Neither of us really need anything, but are going for the entertainment. Her husband and sons are away this weekend, but her dad is newly widowed, and she didn’t want to leave him alone for the holiday- so I found a way to keep her busy!
    After eating lunch, we worked on a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and watched the movie The Watsons Go to Birmingham.

    1. I’ve never heard of that movie and here I thought I’ve seen them all.

      For years, I used to go shopping on Black Friday with a few close girlfriends, but after one of them went through a divorce, the friendship didn’t last.

      Now I take the Hub on small business Saturday, but he isn’t showing ANY interest this year.

      Have fun tomorrow!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Your rolls will turn out fine. I cooked a turkey, cornbread dressing and sweet potato pie. My husband is a truck driver and he was home. All that cooking I did, the food goes fast. I won’t have that much leftovers.

    1. I’m glad your husband was able to stay home and celebrate. I made way too much food and at this moment, I never want to see food again 😉

    1. My rolls tasted okay but weighed about a pound each. No joke and they looked nothing like the photo on Pinterest. I am pinning your recipe to try later!  


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