The Sunday Salon: Long Weekend

Sunday Salon

It is Sunday! Glorious Sunday. I especially love Sundays when I do not have to work on Monday, and that is the case this week.

We are still dealing with warm weather. It was 86 degrees yesterday but we are also dealing with epic winds. Wind, paired with high heat and furloughed firefighters is not a good combination. The Teen wanted to decorate the house for Halloween this weekend, but if the winds don’t die down it won’t happen. He’s a tad disappointed, It’s one of his favorite things to do.

Other than that, we made Pumpkin bread and I will be pulling out the inside decor for now. Maybe that will put us in the mood.

What am I reading?

I am not ploughing through books like I used to. LIFE continues to get into the way and my focus is not there, but I am almost done with The Interestings and Doctor Sleep. Both, very good. My mind just isn’t able to concentrate these days.

Oh a good note, The Teen read Joyland and then asked me to buy him another King book. Wha?? Did I hear that right? So, we picked up The Shining and no, I didn’t own a copy because I gave it away! Now, I will probably need to buy a hard copy of Doctor Sleep because mine is a Kindle copy and he already told me that he wants to read it right after. This made me happy in ways that you cannot believe. Reading is not his thing.

What am I cooking?

Tonight? Nothing. We are taking The Girl out for her 10th birthday dinner She has a craving for ribs so ribs she shall have. Her birthday is actually tomorrow but they have rehearsal tomorrow night. Yep, during fall break but we knew this early on. So tomorrow we are taking the day off to celebrate with her but a nice dinner out will be enjoyed tonight.

What am I watching?

We watched The Jerk again last night and we have been watching Emergency on Netflix. Remember that show? I could watch it all day long.

What are you doing today?

35 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Long Weekend”

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Middle Sister will turn ten on the 18th. I didn’t realize how close they were in age!
    I keep thinking that work, cooking and cleaning really cut into my reading time. Wish I could find just a few more minutes to get to the big stacks of books waiting for me. Have a great week!

    1. Something about double digits just makes you look at them differently.

      My reading time is shot. I had none over the weekend. I got some in at rehearsal last night but not nearly enough


  2. The Jerk is one of our favorite movies, especially the scene where…oh, forget it, there are too many good scenes. 🙂 I’m not able to concentrate anymore on reading either…except for Sunday Salon posts, I don’t know how much other reading I’ll get to today. 😦 Happy birthday to The Girl. Enjoy the ribs. Haven’t had ribs in a while…maybe next weekend while we’re away.

    1. We ended up getting this ridiculous meat platter called The Round-Up and it also had the most delicious BEEF ribs. I must have looked like Fred Flintstone gnawing on those things but man, were they tasty.


    1. The weather folks tell us that we should be getting some rain tomorrow but it’s been so long since we’ve seen rain, I seriously doubt it. We really need though. I cannot stand to pay $300 per month for our water bill and also a $300 AC bill. It’s killing me.


    1. I hope so. I always feel as if reluctant readers just haven’t found the right kind of books but he’s been a real challenge.


  3. It is so hot here, too…our crisp cool fall is done for now…I want cooler weather…have a yummy day off tomorrow…

  4. Sounds like you are very busy. It’s been in the 80s here too! Too warm! We started decorating for Halloween…but we’re not finished yet. Still have not started Dr. Sleep or the re-read of The Shining. I heard that there are some inconsistencies between the two books.

    1. I haven’t noticed any issues yet between The Shining and Doctor Sleep but I haven’t been paying too much attention. I am reading this one as if it’s a stand-alone. I just can’t retain the details like I used to, even though I reread The Shining not too long ago.


  5. Your firefighters are on furlough? That’s scary!

    I’m with you on the reading lately. I have little spare time right now so I’m not getting much reading done.

    Maybe The Teen just wasn’t reading the right kind of books before.

    1. Our firefighters are considered essential so they are working, but not being paid. I don’t understand how that is fair or how that even works at all.


  6. OMG I love The Jerk. At least monthly, I will have something precious in my hand (glass of wine, my cat, my phone) and exclaim “This is all I need!”. My son is also a reluctant reader, but there are things he will read. King is one. Any book relating to a video game or a movie he loves. Does The Boy like Fight Club? My son loved that book. Hope you have a great day off…you deserve it!

    1. Even though I had the extra day, the weekend flew by. The Girl looked a bit taller this weekend. I guess double digits does that to you.


  7. I love it when someone who doesn’t read suddenly asks for books. Bonus points if we like the same books. Hope the Teen blazes through the King books.

    1. Doctor Sleep is very good but I find myself grabbing snippets here and there in order to drag it out a bit. So it’s taking me a lot longer to read than I expected. I refuse to rush through it though!


  8. Maybe “the boy” was just waiting for the right genre to come along? No matter why or how it happened, I know how overjoyed you are! I miss the days when I saw my own children all around me reading. My oldest boy , (almost 28) never picks up a book that I can tell–the next oldest is in college and has no time for recreational reading–and Sam my high school senior, still reads a bit, but not like he used to. He does want to do the read-a-thon this weekend, which surprised me. I think we might do it, even though I have a wedding to attend in the middle of it. 🙂
    Your days of consuming books at a quick rate will return–but maybe not until those kids are in college! 😉

    1. I was always a reader as a kid, but I remember reading King in college and how it sparked a renewed interest in reading. I am hoping that it sparked something in the Teen as he HATES reading with a passion and he absolutely loved Joyland. Said it was everything he wants a book to be. That’s a pretty bold statement and I didn’t even consider that one to be one of King’s best!


  9. I hope your daughter is enjoying her birthday, Ti! I can’t believe she’s 10 already.

    It does a mother’s heart proud when her children show an interest in books, doesn’t it?

    I remember Emergency!

    I had a nice weekend. It was too short. I have next Monday off and am looking forward to it. I may make it a pamper me day . . .

    1. Even with the extra day the weekend was too short. Sometimes, rarely, I actually feel rested after a weekend, but this was not one of them! I had no time to read and I need that to relax.

  10. Sounds like you’ve been busy too! About the only time I’ve been able to cook anything is on the weekends myself, so no fancy meals at our house! Are you watching the old show Emergency about the rescue team? I LOVED that show!!!!

    1. Yes, Emergency from the 70’s I guess. I loved that show!! I also loved Adam 12. I watch both of them all the time on Netflix.


    1. The Jerk is funnier now. When I was a kid, I didn’t get all the jokes. I actually lived where they filmed one scene. Martin borrowed my shampoo. No lie.

      Yes!! Randolf… I loved him then and I still love him. He is a spokesperson for the fire department.


  11. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. I am a Libra too. My birthday is Oct 14. I am reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown.

    1. Lucky you! Your bday falls over the weekend. I hope it’s wonderful!

      I have been horrible with my reading. I feel as if I am not making any progress even though I am thoroughly enjoying what I have in front of me. I guess it’s the time of the year that is getting to me.


  12. I really enjoyed Joyland.
    VNearly finished with The Cuckoos Calling, and hate to see it end. Great characters and a fun read.

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