The Sunday Salon: Our Busy Week

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Happy Sunday! We started it with a plateful of bacon and pancakes and two cups of coffee. The Otter Pup loves it when we have bacon because she always manages to snag a few small pieces. She’s always such a happy little pup when she gets a morsel of bacon. Who am I kidding? Bacon makes me happy too.

That pic up there is my view at the moment, but I suspect that will all change once I’ve showered as The Girl is antsy and wants to get out of the house. Who can blame her? Summer continues with 90 degree temps so to her, it’s a nice long summer but for me? I am SO over it! The stores are stocked with Halloween and in some cases Christmas stuff and here we are in 90 degree weather. I swear, if I have to cook a turkey in 100 degree weather this Thanksgiving (it has happened) I will lose it!

Can you see the dog’s bone, stuffed into that one corner of the couch? She keeps it there, for safekeeping and I am supposed to pretend it’s not there. La la la.

This week we start rehearsals for Oliver! It’s also homecoming week so it will be very, very busy and we also have cross-country practices and audition prep, and the football game and dance. The Teen and I will both be working the dance. Yes, it will be super busy.

Plus, I have decided to start walking again in the mornings. I start tomorrow. Wish me luck. I get so bored even with my iPod full of books. I walk around campus and it’s dark and cool and there is all sorts of stuff to see but I still get bored.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am reading The Art of Fielding, finally. You may recall The Girl dumped an entire bottle of water on the ARC when I first got it, so now I am reading a borrowed copy and I could kick myself for waiting so long to read it. It’s pretty good so far. Bellman and Black, final pages. I should have been done yesterday but I didn’t read anything yesterday. Instead, we watched movies.

What am I cooking?

I made a bunch of chicken for tacos last night and I am planning to turn it into chicken tortilla soup for lunch, but I really hope to go out for dinner later. It will depend on The Teen’s schedule. He is scheduled to work all day planning the dance. It would be nice if he could join us for dinner but I am not counting on it.

What am I watching?

Right now? Nothing, but I recorded Night Shift, the comedy with Michael Keaton and I also recorded Friday the 13th, which really should have been watched on Friday, the 13th but with The Girl around, I skipped it. She did watch Aliens for the first time yesterday. She seems to do well with “fantastical” stories as opposed to things that could actually happen to a person. She laughed her head off at Newt’s high-pitched scream and thought the acid for blood was pretty cool.

What are you doing today?

35 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Our Busy Week”

  1. You do have a busy week ahead of you! It’s amazing that you can do so much…and work, and read and monitor homework, and now walk!


    I am…we are…watching football with the windows open…finally…it’s crisp and cool and Fall ish…tossing tuna steaks on the grill for dinner with local green beans…and the rest of our Amish apple pie!

    Reading The Bone Season and loving it!

    1. This week is busy but it’s mostly fun stuff. We all look forward to homecoming. I will be working the dance this time which is a first for me. I am horrible at chaperoning so I hope they put me somewhere good.


  2. We did a great deal of shopping and my parents are settled in from their long drive down to visit. The kiddo is happy to see nana and grampie…so all is happy. Reading Flow by Beth Kephart at the moment.

    1. Shopping? Like fun shopping or grocery shopping? I HATE grocery shopping. I wish it would just take care of itself.


  3. As usual, I am in the same boat as you. Busy busy, hot hot. My husband is leaving for Idaho for a few days, which is bad and good. Bad because I miss him, but good because I don’t have to cook and I get more reading and tub time. I’m getting all settled in here to read a little.

    1. Enjoy the tub time. I would fall asleep in a hot tub so I steer clear of it. I didn’t do much reading this past weekend but I did finish Bellman and Black. Good Gawd! I have to write the review. Not wanting to but it has to be done. I am starting a new book at lunch, This House is Haunted and from the title, I certainly hope it is as I am reading it for RIP VIII.


  4. Sounds like you are super busy. Same here. Shopping for a new car is finally accomplished…..always a tedious dull experience. I’m sorry to hear that it’s still so hot there. It has become pretty cool here and definitely fall like, in the 70s, which is nice and refreshing. Glad to hear that the reading is going well on your front.

    1. What kind of car did you get? The last car we got was purchased online and we loved the experience, but we had money in hand which made it a lot easier.

  5. It actually was in the high 80s and low 90s here later this past week. Now it’s suddenly gone cold. That’s Pennsylvania for you. It will be winter next week. Half ;).

    As for what I’m doing today, reading Sunday Salon posts this morning mostly and now trying to read Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman despite one of our neighbor’s dogs that won’t stop barking. Time to crank up some music, I guess.

    1. The morning was cool so my walk was good. I hate being a sweaty mess and then have to work that way. I think other people would be sensitive to it too. LOL.


    1. I use Runkeeper which is an app for my phone. I have heard good things about the Fit bit though. I also think a new pair of shoes would motivate me right now. I decided this morning that I will be jogging by January. If I do it, I will buy shoes then. Right now my body is a train wreck and I know it but it’s good to set a goal.


  6. Hahaha .. that dog bone cracked me up quite a bit and the husband is looking at me weirdly now. Our Rue loves to “hide” her things and boy, when we look at how they are “hidden”, it’s so hard to not laugh. I’m still trying to decide what to read next, but I’m using the time to get caught up on some boring stuff I’ve been postponing.

    1. Sometimes she hides the bone in plain sight and if I even look at it, she moves it. She is a funny little dog. My fave is when she puts it in my bed! A nice treat for me to find in the middle of the night.


  7. I am hoping to make myself get up tomorrow morning and work out. The exercise class I was in ended on Friday and we have a three week break now. The trick will be still exercising on my own.

    Hope your busy week goes well….they certainly seem to fly by!

    1. I really loved dance class from when I was in my 20s. I would not even consider dance class now unless I lost at least 50 lbs…seriously but that was when exercise was fun. I have set a goal for myself to be jogging by January. I didn’t say well, or fast but to be jogging somewhat. Right now, with the lupus, the joints are okay but not great. I think I can improve on that with moderate exercise.

      I hope you managed to exercise. It’s harder to do it on your own. I know!


  8. (4) of us walk from 10:30-11:00 at work everyday – it’s actually 1.5 mines in about 22 minutes usually. I am a fair weather walker — no rain, snow or high hot humidity:) good luck.

    Today was meeting my daughter and granddaughter for lunch and a little fall shopping (shopped quick with a 17 mth old who loves to walk in circles).

    Have a great week

    1. My first walk this morning was okay. I walked 1.5 miles in 31 minutes but I stopped twice to take pictures. I wasn’t walking as fast as I could have.| wanted to just ease into it and it was easy enough to do.

      Now… tomorrow, I may pick up the pace a tad.


  9. It seems way too early for homecoming, but then again, it is the middle of September!!

    I am a huge fan of Aliens! Such a classic!!

    I am personally anticipating picking up the first volume of The Walking Dead, Season 3 from the library tomorrow. I cannot wait to get caught up and now that I have cable, I may actually get to watch it real time this season! That is, if I can finish Season 3 first!

  10. What a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful picture of your beautiful sofa! Do you have to be a baseball aficionado to read The Art of Fielding? I tried a few pages once and can’t get into it.

    Hope you have a good week ahead!

    1. I know very little about the game of baseball and I am following it pretty good. The protagonist is a pitcher, which is easier to follow than some of the other positions. I find that the author does a great job of explaining things. I have not felt lost once and at Chapter 26 I am fully into it.


  11. Have fun walking in the mornings. My son and I have been walking for a while. We use to walk in the evenings around 8 p.m., because of the heat. We are walking at 6:20 am in the mornings now. I haven’t been reading lately. I have taken a break. I haven’t found the right book to get me started. So I am hoping the reading comes back. I have read about 30-35 books this year, but I don’t feel to bad. Have a good day.

    1. I was really good about the walking and gym about a year ago and then it all went to pot. What can I say? I have no excuses. I really just got bored with it all and I had stopped feeling the benefits which only made me hate it more. I am a big baby when it comes to exercising. I just need to put one foot in front of the other and do it. I did go today and managed to walk 1.5 miles before work so that’s good. I may walk a bit more tonight when my kids are at rehearsal. My plan is to do at least 30 min a day.

      Reading has been slow for me this year but I don’t care either. I am right behind you with 40 books for the year so far.


  12. I feel the same way about bacon. I try not to make it too often because I can get so carried away and make (and eat) the whole package. On. My. Own. Definitely not a good thing!

    You’ve definitely got a busy week going! We’re going through much the same thing, with both the husband and the youngest in rehearsals. Luckily I’m not that busy work-wise right now!

    I need to get back into my running. The summer was just way too hot for any outdoor activity for me. My plan is to run for as long as I can (which probably won’t be very long right now! hah!) and then walk, and then run again – and hopefully stay out there for 45 minutes. Good luck with your walking!

  13. I hear you on the 90 degree weather. Weather dot com keeps saying we’ll have days in the 80s with rain but it keeps disappearing. So ready for a lower electricity bill!!!

    I don’t know how you do all you do with how busy your kiddos are! Oliver sounds like a lot of fun and hopefully the rehearsals go smoothly. I saw your comment on B&B on twitter. Sounds like a big bummer! I haven’t gotten to my copy yet.

  14. Bizzy bizzy! I feel a bit overwhelmed myself with all I need to do and here it is 10:30 am and I have to mow the lawn and be at my first class on campus which I still am not sure which building it is. I’ve only been to campus ONCE. Oh, what AM I doing?!? AuggghhhHH

    1. You’ll be fine. Don’t sweat it! Maybe there will be some weird clown guy with balloons to help guide the way.


  15. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Art of Fielding. I’m with you and The Otter Pup on bacon! We’ve got a cat that goes crazy with his mewling every time we make bacon. The Big Guy thinks I don’t notice him “accidentally” dropping a few little pieces!

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