Doctor Sleep Read Along? I’m In!

Doctor Sleep Read Along
As if I needed someone to twist my arm. Please! The release date is 9/24 and the read along starts 9/30, which gives you some time to pick up your copy. Are you in? If so, check out the details here.


13 thoughts on “Doctor Sleep Read Along? I’m In!”

    1. Wow! You are the first person to get an ARC that I know of. Yay to you! Even though you were told not to start it. LOL. I bet it’s hard. I bet you did… but shhhh. I won’t say a word.


  1. Yippee!! I am so glad that you will be joining us! I seriously have not been this excited about a book in a LONG time. (I get excited about books every day, just not this excited!) Cannot wait! The question is will I be able to hold off and not read (too far) ahead!! 🙂

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