Cupcakes for Breakfast!

Cupcake and a Book

Do you see that?

A book, a comfy couch and a cupcake! A gluten-free cupcake to be exact. Today, is my birthday and I decided to take the day off. For good measure, I am taking tomorrow off too and this is what I plan to do:

Read, eat and nap.

Simple, huh? Sounds absolutely divine to me!

46 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Breakfast!”

    1. Thank you, Tina! It was nice because the kids were in school and I told the little one not to fall down or get sick 😉


    1. I got sick from the cupcake! Hub picked it up from a new place and it was definitely not gluten free. Spent a day sleeping it off. Oh well. I needed the rest!


    1. Thanks Kathy. I loved having an extra long weekend even though we really didn’t have too much planned.


    1. Next time, I must make sure the grocery shopping is done BEFORE taking off. I didn’t go to the grocery store but watching the fam forage for food was interesting. I felt a tad guilty.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ti! Hope you have a wonderful bday weekend! That cupcake looks delish and is the perfect breakfast for a birthday. As far as B&B goes – let me know what you think of it. I just finished it and I’m itching to see what others have thought of it. By the by, I took the day off for my bday as well and spent it catching up on TV and reading – it was amazing!! Have fun!!

    1. I am not done with Bellman yet. I am on chapter 30 but are there ANY ghosts?? Just tell me that.


    1. I was a serious slug. I didn’t do much of anything and I slept a lot. I didn’t realize just how tired I was.

      How are you doing? How have you been feeling? Are you gaining some strength back?


    1. I ended up having a reaction to my gluten-free cupcake (new place) so I spent the first two days passed out. But that was okay because I really needed the rest anyway.


      1. I’ve been good. Mostly on vacation but also been reading some. Ended up taking a two-week blogcation, just because. Can’t wait to get back into the blogging routine!

    1. Thank you! After not being able to take my bday off last year and it turning out to be quite a hellish day, I told myself no matter what I was going to take it off this year. So glad I did.


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! It was a glorious four days of nothing-ness. I so needed it.


    1. Thank you! It was pretty sweet. I’d love another day but I did the responsible thing and forced my butt into work today. JOY!


  2. Happy Birthday!!! Im so happy that I found an email from you , I lost your blog and forgot what it was called! my husband recently cleaned off my computer most of my favorites were gone! *the HORROR!* lol- glad to reconnect! 🙂

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