The Sunday Salon: Fun at the Fair

Today, we are recovering from our trip to the L.A. County Fair yesterday. I am not sure how hot it was. I think when I checked at one point it said 104 degrees and it must have been at LEAST 70% humidity because I was sweating buckets! It wasn’t pretty!

Here are some photos from the day, but they were all taken fairly early on because once I got hit with sun stroke (that is seriously what it felt like), I gave up on the picture taking.

Check out all the horrible food choices they had! I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was surprised by how many people were eating it. I know it’s part of the fun, but I cringed. It seemed so over-the top wrong.

Fair Food Stand #1

This next one is smokey!

Fair Food Stand #2

Fair Food Stand #3

What did we have? Roasted rotisserie chicken and tortillas! The Boy opted for a $16 corn dog!! Never give your kid money and tell him to go find something to eat. No pic of the corn dog but it was over a foot long and I don’t even know how big around. I swear, it was the diameter of a baseball bat. The top part!

The Girl and a turtle wrangler. His name was Rush.

The Girl with a turtle wrangler

We expected to see more animals, but there really weren’t that many to be seen. But aren’t these baby pigs adorable? The Girl wanted to feed that little runt on the left because he wasn’t getting any of the good stuff.

Baby Pigs!

Remember the Zoltar machine from the movie Big? Well, The Teen HAD to give it a shot and the fortune was so spot on, it was scary. Scary, I say!

The Boy and Zoltar

A little while ago, The Girl got to see JAWS for the first time. Do you think she is at peace with that decision? She looks a little uncomfortable in the shark cage don’t you think?

Shark Cage

Last one is for my buds from the #ITAlong (IT read along). I saw this creepy clown and thought fondly of all of you.

Freaky Fair Clown
Sunday Salon

As for today, I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry so that I could relax for the rest of the weekend.

What am I reading?

I joined RIP VIII, so I am thinking about starting off with Bellman & Black.

What am I cooking?

I am making spaghetti! The sauce is from scratch so it’s cooking away. The house smells really good right now.

What am I watching?

Right now we are watching the Dodger game but we are about to pull out a silly movie from the late 80’s (I believe). It’s called Only You, not the one with Robert Downey Jr. ). I love that one but this one has Andrew McCarthy and Kelly Preston. It’s dumber than dumb but funny.

Other than what I listed, I am still drinking water and trying to replenish what I lost yesterday. I am not kidding about the heat stroke. When I came home, I could not get my body temp to return to normal and no matter how much water I drank, I could not get caught up. Today, I am better.

What are you up to?

14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Fun at the Fair”

    1. I can see the draw with funnel cakes and that kind of stuff but the ridiculous concoctions like Kristy Kreme sloppy joes??? Please!

  1. The heat stroke stuff is scary but the food part is hysterical! I hope you are at the relaxing part of your day right now!

  2. If I had been there, though, I would have eaten some of that stuff, especially since I’m giving up a lot of things, starting today. Already given up actually. 😦 Yum. Yum.

  3. I made spaghetti for supper tonight myself! Wishing I could find more reading time…..didn’t even blog since Friday. Spent Saturday and today building IKEA furniture – dresser, bed, shelf, and desk – for my oldest daughter, and now reorganizing her room. Happy to have the project nearly done, but wishing I was able to just relax this weekend.

  4. Come hang with me in Florida any time between, oh, June and September. You can’t go anywhere and do anything past 8am. When we go to Indiana, the kids have to go to at least one County Fair. The food is insane. We love the animals, but when it gets that hot, it gets dangerous for them. Oh and thanks for that clown visual! It looks like it would sneak in your house and eat you at night.

  5. Definitely sounds like you had heat stroke! I had it a couple of weeks ago and really scared the hell out of the hubby. Scary stuff but maybe not as scary as those food choices or that clown!

  6. You like many areas have had some “extreme heat” this year. Our June and July was hot, but August was wonderful –usually it’s the opposite. We have one of those huge fairs coming up with ridiculously bad food choices like — foot long eclairs, bacon fried donuts and much more crappy selections. I haven’t been in 15 years and I don’t miss it either. Have a good week Ti

  7. Zoltar…wasn’t that in the movie Big? I have humidity here too…but this is the last day for the pool… unless we plan to pay for the indoor one in town. Those food choices are outrageous.

  8. All that food in fairs gross me out. Even the air over there feels very greasy usually. And 104 degress is horrid. Here in Virginia, Fall is slowly showing hints of arriving and I. cannot. wait.

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