The Sunday Salon: Football Sunday!

Sunday Salon

My long birthday weekend is coming to a close. I spent it reading and sleeping (mostly) and it was wonderful. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. I don’t think four days have ever gone by so quickly but here I am and it’s Sunday already.

Last night, we went to our first high school game of the year and it was great. The only thing missing? The Teen! He went on a retreat with ASB (Associated Student Body), so the game was very low-key since those kids are the ones to set-up and work the speakers, get the crowd going, etc. But, he was at the top of a mountain sitting around a campfire, having paintball wars and doing rope courses. He is in good hands.

Today, we are heading to my MIL’s house to watch football. Go Green Bay! Other than that, not much else is planned.

Oh, and did I mention that rehearsals for Oliver start in one week? Yes! Time flies. Pretty soon we will be in full swing with auditions and everything else that comes with it.

What am I reading?

I am reading Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield. The first six chapters were slow. They literally put me to sleep. Now? I am on chapter 27 and it’s picked up quite a bit, but I haven’t seen a ghost yet and it’s supposed to be a ghost story.

What am I cooking?

Nothing yet. It’s too hot to even think about. I can’t wait for this ridiculous heat wave to be over. It has been between 102-104 all week long. I can’t stand it when it’s this hot. Nothing sounds good. Okay, shrimp tacos sound good but only if someone else makes them for me.

What am I watching?

I am trying to catch up with Under the Dome. It’s gotten better but I am way, way behind.

What do you have planned?

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Football Sunday!”

  1. Go SF! I actually don’t really like football; I just like SF as a city. I am planning on writing a lot today. I’m starting part 1 of Sarah Selecky’s writing course. I’m also reading The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida, which is the best book about living with autism I’ve read so far. I need to catch up on Under the Dome, too. I’ve just about adjusted to the changes from the book. Just about.

    1. I love Sarah Selecky. I was doing her writing prompts for quite a while but then fell behind so I stopped them for now.


    1. I enjoyed the book, but Under the Dome TV is just not the same. The story lines are way different. But my daughter, yes…the 9 year old, has gotten hooked on it so we have been catching up on the recorded episodes together.


    1. this morning is was cool. I have a sweater on! But I know when I step outside later today it will be hot as heck!


    1. Our band is very good. They get the crowd going too but student government set up the speakers, the large inflatables, they are the ones running with the rally flags. In a nutshell, they are spaztic and goofy but they make it fun.


  2. Boo to your fun days going by too quickly! But at least you had them! And time just for you! I just finished a book and I am still deciding what to read next!

    1. This weekend really was a blur. I think it’s because I spent the first half of it sleeping. I have just not been myself lately.


    1. When the opportunity presented itself, I ended up with nachos! Not a shrimp taco to be had. Next time.


  3. I’m not cooking tonight…Bonefish and Bang Bang Shrimp is up soon! We have yet to go to a high school football game but next weekend is our first home game and a huge rivalry! I’m excited. Hasn’t Cross Country started for you yet? I also need some good news about Bellman & Black!

    1. Cross Country’s first race is next week but they have been training forever. Of course, it’s also homecoming week that week so there will be lots of conflicts I’m sure.

      Bellman has gotten better, but at 30 chapters in, where are the ghosts???


  4. How is it that the weekends go by so quickly? Our house is also cheering for Green Bay. Go Pack!
    It is still going to be hot here tomorrow 98-ish, but today it isn’t too bad, so I am trying out a new recipe for Sweet Potato Hash. Supper consists of monkey bread, cheese, and apple slices.

    1. Well, the Packers lost but it was a good game.

      We didn’t even eat dinner! We snacked on chip and guacamole at my MIL’s house and then I had cookies. LOL.


  5. It’s getting a little cooler here – I cannot stand the heat either, so I hope it goes away soon. Looks like you’re going to get very busy soon. Hope you get to do a lot of reading still.

  6. We are only in the 90s but I’m so over the heat as well. I just hope our fall is a nice and long one before the cold of winter!

    Glad you had a great birthday weekend. My little brother is playing Friday Night Football this year and it’s about killing me that I’ll probably miss most of his games. Guess life works out that way. Hope B&B gets better!!

    1. You never know, once you get a routine going you might be able to hit a game or two. My babies always did well in noisy places.

      I just got done reading your intro post for Olivia. So darn cute. I am glad the labor went smoothly. You are going to have to explain your code word for labor. Waffles?? LOL.


    1. I prefer high school and college ball over the NFL but I go along with it. It’s comforting to have it on in the background and I like all of the football food. LOL.


  7. HS in CA sounds so different than the midwest, but in a great way… I love how involved you are (and the kids). I just showed up, sat on a bleacher and secretly loved that the girls decorated AWP’s car when he wasn’t looking (signs etc..). SO CUTE! Do you think this is a difference in sports mom vs activities mom? You are both.. tell me!

    I hope you had an amazing birthday

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