The Sunday Salon: It’s a Heatwave Everyone!

Sunday Salon

As I write this, Southern California is melting into a puddle of goo. It was 108 degrees on Friday, 111 degrees yesterday and today it is 112. Completely ridiculous, if you ask me. I cannot stand it when it’s this hot. Luckily, I haven’t had to go out but I feel for anyone who has to be outside in this heat.

Other than the heat the weekend has been lovely. I had the entire day to myself yesterday and I spent it reading and napping. What could be better?

What am I reading?

Yesterday I finished The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison. What a read! I am about 65% done with  The Slippage by Ben Greenman which is also good but a little more work. I am about to start Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I’ve flipped through the book and it looks a little different but I am really looking forward to it. I loved Special Topics in Calamity Physics so I have high hopes for her new one. 

What am I cooking?

We plan to grill burgers, devour wedge salads and indulge in some gelato. Yum!

What am I watching?

The Girl loves her movie weekends. We watched Kindergarten Cop  and Can’t Buy Me Love yesterday and right now we are watching Staying Alive (with hunky John Travolta and Cynthia Rhodes with her impossibly long legs).

What are you doing today?

29 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: It’s a Heatwave Everyone!”

    1. It was very nice. I finished two books and started Night Film. OMG, that book is giving me the creeps in the most delicious way.

  1. we’re not doing much but staying in today…watching Hotel Transylvania and Wallace and Gromit, as well as Shaun the Sheep. We’ve had some rain off and on all day which is disappointing for her as she loves to go outside on the playground, etc.

  2. I loved THE SILENT WIFE. What did you think? Pleasantly surprised. Quick read. I can not believe the heat in your area! Yikes.

    Today was my day for reading and napping. I am reading THE LIGHT IN THE RUINS by Chris Bohjalian. Very good. Reminds of another book a few years ago.

    Stay cool!

  3. The entire weather situation throughout the country is reaching crisis situations in some areas. I have not walked in 2 weeks — first being sick and now hot and so humid, you don’t care to be outdoors doing fitness related activities.

    1. It’s a little scary how extreme the weather is now on the East and West coast. I sure hope our entire summer is not this hot.

  4. We tried Kindergarten Cop a few years ago….I had to take it out because the shooting scene at the beginning totally freaked my kids out. My husband kept asking me why I thought it was appropriate…it would have been fine if we could have got through that scene, right? I remember thinking it was funny, mostly, although there was suspense, too.

    1. We start it up past that point. My friend’s brother was one of the kids so my daughter loves it for that reason. It is a tad violent though.

  5. Blech to the heat 😦 No thanks! I can’t tolerate that junk and I swear I’d rather have winter all year ’round. Which, living in Wisconsin I practically do 😉

    1. 80 degrees is perfect in my eyes. I can deal with 90 but anything over 100 makes me terribly cranky! I don’t think I could do your winters though. I am a pansy in that regard 😉

  6. Luckily I am avoiding the heat by sitting in an air conditioned dance studio! We’ll probably tackle a couple more Harry Potter movies (5 and 6) this week as our marathon continues

    1. That is the plus side of working during a heatwave… staying indoors and lapping up the free AC! It’s not as hot today. I didn’t melt went I left the house even though I thought for sure I would.

  7. I was aghast when I heard about the temperatures there. I don’t like the hot weather at all. I don’t mind winter. I hope you all have been keeping safe. It was terrible reading about the people who died due to heatstroke and the firefighters due to the wildfire in Arizona.

    1. I’m not sure why there are idiots still out there, who think that they can leave their dogs or their elderly parents in the car during a heatwave, but it never fails to amaze me when I see the stories on TV. It has been happening every day! As for those firefighters, I feel for their families.

  8. I was looking for A Silent Wife when I was in B&N last week but they didn’t have it. 😦

    I am SO jealous you got your hands on a copy of Night Film. I have been all but begging Random House for a copy but keep getting ignored or declined. Boo.

    You have a heatwave. We have floods. It looks like another season of crappy and extreme weather across the country. Stay cool!

  9. Oh dear. I hate the heat, too. Oddly, it’s rather cool here along the Texas Gulf Coast. Hope things get better soon!

  10. Kindergarten Cop is one of those movies I can’t help but stop and watch every time its on. I don’t know why. LOL

    It was a hot weekend, wasn’t it? And I wasn’t even in town! It was hot in the Central Valley too. Thank goodness my in-laws have a pool.

    1. I love all of those wacky 80’s films. The sillier the better. Someone just reminded me of The Burbs. Remember that one? Now I feel the need to see it.

  11. Ugh–I hope the heat breaks soon. I, too, hate the heat, although my hate begins in the mid-80’s! I’m really looking forward to Night Film too! Hope it lives up to expectations.

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