Beauty and the Beast: In Pictures

Followers of this blog know that last week was an interesting week for me. It was production week for Beauty and the Beast and both of my kids were in it plus I volunteer as a prop wrangler backstage and let me tell you, it’s a tough week to get through. Lots of late nights, lots of odd meals eaten when you aren’t quite hungry, lots of post-show trips through burger joints and for me, lots of bruises! Until we have it all down for the actual shows, getting run over by a set change is not uncommon, nor is running into things!

So, here it is in pictures. These pictures are from all over. I took some. Many were posted on Facebook. Since I was backstage and working, I was limited on what I could capture but I hope you enjoy them. By the way, notice The Boy’s smile. No braces! He got them off right before the show.

The Girl as a Villager
My Little Village Girl
The Girl as a Fancy Napkin
My Dancing Napkin
The Girl with Belle
The Girl with Belle
The Boy as Lumiere along with Cogsworth
The Boy as Lumiere, along with Cogsworth (after the show)
The Girl and I with Lumiere and Cogsworth
The Girl and I with Lumiere and Cogsworth
Limiere (Autographs_
Lumiere signing programs
Post-Show Meet-Ups
Post-Show Meet-Ups
Madame (The Wardrobe)
Madame (The Wardrobe)
A mix of both casts, after the show.
A mix of both casts on the last night.
Maurice and Lumiere
Maurice and Lumiere
Cogsworth, Belle and Lumiere
Cogsworth, Belle and Lumiere (Taken by Crystal Moore)
Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Lumiere (Taken by Crystal Moore)
Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Lumiere (Taken by Crystal Moore)
Lumiere and a fellow cast member
Lumiere and a fellow cast member (Taken by Crystal Moore)

I have more, but you get the idea. Big costumes, 300 kids, a wonderful venue and sold out shows. It was a smashing success.

25 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: In Pictures”

  1. The photos are so wonderful — love the costumes as well. Your son is even more handsome without his braces now — the girls will be swarming.

    Do both children go to the same school or is this a non-school production?

      1. How great for them to have an interest like that, especially not school related! Save you $$ for acting school:)

  2. Those photos are terrific! The costumes were fantastic! And, it looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂 I’m sure it was loads of work to get it all done, but looks like it was a success.

    1. It’s a mix. It’s a professional theatre company but they utilize parent volunteers. Many of the volunteers are now on staff. Make-up was done by previous performers who are now make-up artists. My son’s make-up was done by the Asst. Director!

  3. How fun! It looks like such a great production! I’ve done a bit of acting in the local theater here but we always just cobble it together, lol. This looks GREAT!

    1. Small theaters are more intimate and the productions seem more personal to me. These large productions are fun but these age groups work separately and then come together in production week. The little ones are always surprised when there are people behind them because they rehearse with just their age group. It’s a total trip to see them work it out before the show.

  4. Man, without the glasses or the braces he doesn’t even look the same! I can imagine you are relieved it is over but sad it is over. These kids will have memories of this stuff forever.

    1. So many people told him that he looked like his sister without his glasses. LOL. I am sure he loved that! Not! They are doing Oliver next. He did it once when he was about 10. The Girl is very excited about it. Great songs. They don’t start until Sept so they can rest for a bit.

    1. Not quite back to normal yet. Next? Oliver. Rehearsals start in September. Show is in February so we have some time to rest. Auditions won’t be until September.

    1. Yes!! I just started The Silent Wife and it took off with a bang. The perfect book for this post-production funk I am in.

  5. Ti,

    Spectacular! What a wonderful experience you and your boy and girl had gone through! They look so professional and charming! Love the costumes. You see, this is the kind of productions big screen spectacles can’t replace. The personal, the local, the community, the human elements. Thanks for sharing these memorable moments. 😉

  6. The costumes are just amazing! And how cool is it that The Boy had someone ask for his autograph!

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