The Sunday Salon: Auditions, Bond & Reading

Sunday Salon

The house is still asleep. I sit here with the Otter Pup on my lap. She is not happy about sharing space with the MacBook but what can you do? I  haven’t had any coffee yet but the sun is peeking through and it’s COLD! Very cold, actually. The big storm we were supposed to get, was really just a little bit of rain. Oh, and the time change. I HATE Spring Forward. Don’t even get me going on that subject. In my mind, I just hate having to lose an hour of my weekend.

Now for some updates. The kids have completed round one of auditions for Beauty and the Beast. The callback list will be posted late Tuesday afternoon. The waiting is always hard. If you are familiar with the roles, The Boy is going for Beast, Gaston and Lumiere. The Girl is trying out for a Sugar pot, and a Pepper shaker that flies! Both have songs and some lines. I sure hope she gets one of them. Hoping The Boy gets called back for what he wants too.

Yesterday we went to the school’s variety show where the girl did a dance routine with her friend. It was cute and overall very well-paced. Sometimes those things go on and on but yesterday’s show was pretty good.

On the movie front…

We’ve been picking up discount DVDs lately as a form of cheap entertainment and we are slowly working our way through all of the James Bond movies. All of them except the Timothy Dalton ones (he sucked as Bond!). I’ve seen many if not all of them before, but The Girl is having a such a good time watching them. Last night we watched Goldfinger.


These movies are PG, show very little of anything but have a lot of action and that is what The Girl likes. Plus, she remembered the theme song from Bassey’s performance at the Oscars and has been signing it non-stop ever since. Seeing these movies has made me want to read the books.

On the reading front…

I am reading The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan. I just started The End of the Point by Elizabeth Graver and I just gave up on my audiobook and will probably listen to Carrie by Stephen King.

Wind-Up Bird Read Along Button 2013

I should mention that March is flying by at an alarming rate. When I first announced #winditup2013, it was only January. Now, it’s right around the corner! We have over seventy readers signed-up from all around the world. Many are fans of Murakami’s writing but many of them are brand new to Murakami too. It’s going to be a blast! I seriously cannot wait.

As for today, nothing exciting planned. I have to help The Girl with her Loma Prieta earthquake science project so that will take up much of the day. Fun! Maybe I will get some time to myself later.

32 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Auditions, Bond & Reading”

  1. Reading Murakami with you all is something I should totally do. Unfortunately, I am so abjectly horrible at readalongs, or, well, anything with a schedule. LOL! But The Wind Up Bird Chronicle *has* been on my TBR for such a long time…

    Guess I have a few more weeks to deal with my commitment issues… 😉

    1. No guilt, no fuss. There is a loose schedule just to give people an idea of where they need to be. But you can pick your own pace and even stop if it’s not for you!

  2. I loved Bassey’s performance at the Oscars! I need to go back and watch the Bond movies…sounds like fun! Good luck to the boy and the girl on the audtion call backs! I read my first Murakami book, IQ 84 based on your recommendation and loved it. I don’t have the time for a read along but hope to read more of his works in the future.

  3. I’m very tempted by the readalong, but I’ve never read Murakami before and I’m feeling a bit daunted – he’s not normally the kind of writer I read. But on the other hand, I’ve been wanting to try different kinds of books this year, and reading my first Murakami in a readalong might be the way to go!

  4. I am looking forward to your readalong even though I am swamped with books. I do not care. I am doing it. Great experience for me. And you have seventy!! Amazing.

    1. I am swamped with books too, but I am going to make time for it. I have been wanting to read Wind-Up since I graduation college! That was a long time ago. Don’t stress about it though, if you can read with us then great. If not, I understand.

  5. I’m glad you reminded me about the readalong. I will have to buy the book here soon…

    …will look forward to how your children did later on Facebook.

    1. Thank you! I just got an email saying that they may need to see some of the kids again tonight, BEFORE callbacks even. A callback before the callback. They’ve never done this before. Crossing my fingers.

  6. Our school is doing Beauty and the Beast as well. They have been at it all year, and will perform in May sometime I think. At the time of sign up, my son didn’t want to be part of it…now he does but it is too late. Oh well. I hope your kids get the parts they want! Anyway, I’ve been on the run the entire day, and have only just sat down at 4:18pm. And in another hour or so, have to start thinking about dinner. *grump*

  7. I need to start looking for this Murakami book. It may be available at the library. I still don’t know if I will read it especially with my current slow reading but I’m going to start it for sure.

    1. I can’t breeze thru Murakami anyway so I am sure I will be taking my time with it. I posted those guidelines as guidelines but I don’t want anyone to stress over them. I just want to read the book with others.

  8. We introduced my stepson to James Bond this weekend too, but on a more limited scale; we watched CASINO ROYALE so he make more sense of of SKYFALL when we watch that (again).

    Best of luck with auditions! Are your kids participating in TADW at CSUN during the summer? My stepdaughter did it a couple of years ago and got some great experience out of it.

    1. Florinda, it’s funny because I work at CSUN but I always forget about the summer program. They are doing Jack and the Beanstalk this summer which seems a little juvenile to me, but my son will probably be doing Grease. At least, that is the rumor.

    2. Oh, I wanted to add that in April, the Alex theater is showing some of the old Bond films on the big screen! I I used to love that theater when I lived in Glendale.

  9. I actually like DST since it gives me an extra hour in the evening – but the first Sunday is always tough.

    Good luck to both kids, I hope they get parts in the play! Do they perform at a local theatre? I wonder if you have so many plays out there since you live in CA…. my friends have only one/two productions a year.

    Hope you had a relaxing Sunday

    1. My kids belong to a community theatre group that performs at the Performing Arts Center. The group puts on two big performances that include full orchestra, and then some smaller productions in between the big ones. All of them are musicals with a big cast (200+). They really love it. Took the girl awhile but she is totally into it now. Both started very young.

  10. Yes, getting up tomorrow will be painful. But yes, walking the dog at around 7:30 will be in the daylight! See, trying to see the positive. Good luck to the kids for callbacks, I know how nerve-wracking that can be

    1. And now they just announced callbacks, for the callback. UGH. I have an hair appt which I will probably have to cancel now. The Hub could take her but her hair and her clothes. You know. Men would not be able to handle it. Sorry men!

    1. I am so tired right now I could put my head down and take a nap. My work would probably frown over it though. Plus, rehearsal tonight. I might nap in the car. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  11. I just finished The Painted Girls, and was surprised at how dark it was, but it was also rather good! The idea that you can tell what kind of person someone is going to be by the facial and head structure is beyond the ken for me, and all I can do is think about those poor girls.

    1. I am about 100 pages from finishing and my heart it with those girls. All of the hunger and hard work. It’s enough to make me exhausted and I am just sitting on my behind reading it! This book is very different from her first book. I liked that one quite a bit for the setting but the characters in this one really sucked me in.

  12. I was just thinking about Wind it Up yesterday–wondering how the heck it started getting so close to April. It’s just not fair, huh? And I agree about springing forward. I HATE that first Sunday and the subsequent week…but then love the longer days that come with it.

    I have Painted Girls on the shelf and keep hearing such wonderful things about it…but I probably won’t get to it…ever. Sad. 😉

    Hope today is better…maybe some coffee?

    1. I can’t wait for Wind-Up but it is coming up fast. Painted Girls. I am a little more than halfway thru it and it is really good! I expected it to be good but it’s a little dark and I like dark. I got sucked into Carrie on audio this morning. Good grief! It’s read by Sissy Spacek who of course starred in the movie. It’s so freakin’ good. Now, if only I had more time in the day.

  13. Goldfinger … the man with the midas touch. That’s a good one. March is going too quickly; I’m not ready for things I’m doing in April. Good luck to the kids….

  14. Timothy Dalton was an excellent Bond, can’t believe you’re skipping his two movies. They’re two of the best entries in the Bond canon.

  15. How cool that The Girl is enjoying the Bond movies; it’s fun to have something that everyone can enjoy.

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