Coming Out Soon and I Must Have Them

These days, every time I open my browser there is talk of a book that I want to read. I can’t even keep track anymore.


One of the books I am talking about is Joyland by Stephen King. It comes out in June. “Who dares to enter the funhouse of fear?” Um…me. Carnies and clowns and all things sinister. Yes. I will enter your funhouse of fear, Mr. King.

Doctor Sleep

Another book that I am giddy over, also happens to be a King book. Doctor Sleep comes out this September and I cannot wait! A sequel to The Shining after all these years. Wow. Could be fabulous. Might be a dud. Only time will tell. Danny was an odd kid in The Shining, I can’t wait to see how odd he is as an adult. I wonder if he still talks to his little friend.

The Abominable

And last but not least, The Abominable by Dan Simmons. I practically busted a gut when a friend told me about this one on Facebook the other day. I loved The Terror. Also loved Drood. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one! It comes out in October and is just over 700 pages. I know some of you run from chunksters but I adore them.

What books are you excited about?

20 thoughts on “Coming Out Soon and I Must Have Them”

    1. He used to come out with a book almost every November. I would always buy it and then read it over Thanksgiving weekend. What a treat. Now I don’t need to wait so long! There are still books I haven’t read by him and I have read so many. He writes non-stop.

  1. I’m not a King fan (read: I’m a scaredy cat), but I LOVE Dan Simmons. The Terror was so so so amazing. Going to figure out what his next one will be about. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    1. The link and cover take you to the blurb. I loved The Terror. I just heard that AMC and Ridley Scott are working on a TV series based on the book.

    1. They are long. I really liked all of them except for Black Hills which just did not pull me in at all. The best one though was The Terror. That one blew me away. Part of the stuff in it is true, which made for interesting reading. It’s riveting. But you’ll have to wear at least 3 blankets to keep warm while reading it. It puts you right on the ice!

    1. What you said about Simmons not being able to end a story… true enough. His books are always such doorstops too. He certainly likes to tell a story, doesn’t he? I loved The Terror, even the ending but Drood was a little bit of a slog at the end. Could not get through Black Hills.

    1. Re: Doctor Sleep It will be fun to see where King takes the story this time. So much of The Shining took place in that one, ominous setting. In the new book, it looks like Danny is on the road, so to speak. Can’t wait!

  2. hmm How intriguing! I have not read Dan Simmons before but now after checking what his books are about — I’m all interested ! Sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up …

  3. Oh I haven’t done my homework. I never thought about that there might be clowns in Joyland. Do I still dare to read it??? Not sure….
    Uh and didn’t know Dan Dimmons had a new one coming. Loved Drood and I really want to read The Terror. I definitely meed to check this one out!

    1. I don’t mind reading about clowns but seeing them in real life is another thing all together! Of course you’ll read it! Ha!

  4. I’m desperate for Life after Life by Kate Atkinson to come out, April 2nd in the US. I’m almost giddy. I’ll have to look into Dan Simmons.

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