The Sunday Salon: Cleaning, Watching…but not Reading

Sunday Salon

Folks, I am in a world of trouble. I am participating in a book tour on Tuesday and I am nowhere near being done with the book. I made the mistake of cleaning out the garage and now I can’t stop. We were given a really nice treadmill not too long ago, but my brother-in-law is having some health issues so he asked for it back. Totally cool with me since I HATE the treadmill and find it more boring than watching paint dry.


It freed up quite a bit of space so I had to rearrange things. Then, The Girl came out here and took out all her craft stuff to make Christmas boxes with nothing in them. I know! My clean garage is now a mess again. Paper scraps everywhere and glitter! Glitter coming out of my ears. I’ll shine all week. She’s playing Britney Spears now which means she has no plans to leave anytime soon. I like her hanging around though. It’s sweet how she follows me around.

She just gave me a box of hearts. Sigh. So sweet when she is not screaming her head off like a demon.

Well, at some point I am going to have to get this book read (The Round House) and then later we are going out for a burger. I am working on Christmas cards too and just hanging out.

How was your weekend? I’ve been trying to work in a Christmas movie here and there so last night we watched The Family Stone. Tonight, maybe Elf or Christmas with the Kranks. What are your favorite must-see holiday movies?

30 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Cleaning, Watching…but not Reading”

  1. Awww. (How she follows you around ;)).

    I don’t think I’ve seen The Family Stone, but absolutely love Elf. Definitely, it’s one of our Christmas favorites along with National’s Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

  2. My younger son and I plan to watch one tonight. We are between The Santa Clause and Christmas Story. Thought we had the original Miracle on 34th St, but couldn’t find it. Guess it is now on his Xmas list. Haven’t read all weekend-maybe later tonight. Rich Boy by Sharon Pomerantz-did you read it? Dying to hear what you think of The Round House.

    1. I just posted my review of The Round House if you’re interested. I love the first Santa Clause movie but the others were sort of silly. A Christmas Story is always a classic. And yes, the original Miracle on 34th street is a must! I bought it. Young Natalie Wood is just too wonderful for me to see the updated version.

    1. It is a time suck! I lined up all my Christmas songs and had a clean fest. It’s nice to have a space to do some wrapping now, but I swear, I wasn’t kidding when I said the girl destroyed it. All that glitter! Ugh!

  3. Elf is ALWAYS a staple. Ohmigosh that film is fantastically funny. Also, I adore Love Actually. Great wintery romance. Of course, Christmas Vacation and how can we forget A Christmas Story…Di and I once made a Leg cake for Christmas. It turned out phenomenal.

    1. OMG! A leg cake! How awesome is that??? There is this one house where I live that has that lamp and displays it proudly each Christmas. It’s also the same house that has the Festivus pole from Seinfeld. I see a trend. Christmas Vacation is by far, the most entertaining of the movies I watch. I love Cousin Eddie and his dog. I love the grandparents. I love when Clark gets stuck in the attic. LOL.

  4. The Family Stone, Elf, and A Christmas Story are the ones we always watch here. Hope you get the book read in time… I haven’t been reading much at all for the past week or so, and don’t see that changing much until after Christmas.

    1. They usually show A Christmas Story all day long on Christmas Day so that one gets seen for sure. I love It’s a Wonderful Life too but I have to be in the mood for it. My fave though… it’s stupid but I love Christmas Vacation. I am loving the new Old Navy commercials with the cast from the movie.

  5. My husband’s favorite xmas movie is Elf (same maturity level 🙂 ugh we’ve seen it too much. It’s a nice accomplishment that you’ve cleaned out the garage, lucky you — it’s too cold here to do that. brrr.

  6. Big projects do have a way of hijacking life, don’t they? I’ve got to get my holiday cards done this week. I keep thinking “you have loads of time” but I really don’t anymore do I? Good luck with Tuesday!

  7. My favorite holiday movies are Elf, Love Actually, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! I also like Home Alone 2 (the one in NYC).

    Have you had trouble getting through Round House? I was enjoying it but I went through a part of it where I lost interest and I can’t tell if it’s me or the book, LOL

    1. It is reading fine for me right now but I am not that far into it. We’ll see. Now I have a stomach bug and feel icky so we’ll see if I pull this off.

  8. I get easily distracted, and started several different projects over the weekend, but only completed Holiday cards. I did have fun seeing the little on at lunch yesterday and watching The Odd Life of Timothy Green (loved it) so all was not lost.

    Have a great week Ti – loved The Round House.

    1. I don’t usually get distracted by trivial stuff so at least I have something to show for it when I do. Like a clean house or garage. I just hate clutter!

  9. Good luck on finishing Round House. I have to get a photo for the holiday card…we’re so behind. I love Elf, but we always watch Rudolph, Frosty, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol — now I have a real reason to watch them with Wiggles here. But my favorite movie is White Christmas with Bing Crosby!

  10. Oh my…distractions…but they are fun…I don’t think I have a favorite holiday movie…but now I feel the need to watch one. Enjoy your glittery week!

  11. I have the same problem with the reading. It just doesn’t get the attention it deserves during the holiday. I am on a tour in the next couple of weeks, and I haven’t even hit page 50. It’s a problem. I know what you mean about the kids as well. Yesterday my daughter decided to string popcorn for the tree. She lost interest after an hour, and now the tree looks weird. Just weird. Ti, I can so relate.

    1. I was driving the kids back and forth to rehearsal last night admiring all the lights but it was so weird! It was like 70 degrees out and tropical. Didn’t feel like Christmas at all and today…I am not feeling it either. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain like heck so maybe that will fix it for me.

  12. I am feeling your pain! Haven’t found time to do anything with blog lately. Reading. Working. Trying to prepare for holiday. But, we did make time to watch one of my fav Christmas movies: FAMILY MAN. So funny. I still laugh my head off.

  13. We frequently go on cleaning binges. We tend to hit the garage and basement storage areas about once a year, and yes, everything else takes a backseat until they are done.

    The Round House was such a good book! Once you sit down to read it, you’ll be amazed at how deeply you’ll get sucked into it!

    Must-see Christmas movie? A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and Elf. I have to see all three or else I don’t believe it is the holidays! 🙂

  14. I had a free day Friday (I was a bad mom and sent Mouse off to daycare so I could finish up my Christmas shopping and get everything mailed out).

    Mouse is at an age where cleaning up is sometimes fun, which is great on one hand. I can get her to help me clean up her toys. Usually though, as I clean up, she comes behind me and makes more of a mess. In my patient moments, I find it funny. In my not so patient moments, it can be frustrating.

    I do understand having a one track mind though. I get like that too when I’m working on a particular project.

    Have a great rest of the week, Ti!

    1. I still leave my one kid at daycare while wrapping and stuff. Now though, she WANTS to stay and play with her friends so I don’t feel so guilty about it. I got your card by the way. LOVE it. Mine are going out tomorrow.

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