My Weekend Reading Plans

Hello there. It’s been another crazy week for me at work. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, sort of. In one sense, the worst of it is over but when you are dealing with an implementation of epic proportions, it tends to go on and on because of how many divisions are involved, how many colleges, departments, etc. I think in two years, we will pretty much be done. I know… two years!! Unbelievable.

I began this post with the intention of sharing all my weekend reads with you, but these days I am not able to read more than say, two books at a time. So this weekend I will be spending time with this book:


I love Nesbo and I love Harry Hole but I am almost done with The Leopard (the book before Phantom) and it’s not doing it for me. I am loyal to the series though so I want to see it through, but I don’t like where Nesbo went with Leopard. It damn near made me give up on it at one point but I’ve heard from others who have read Phantom and they are all telling me that I need to finish Leopard to really appreciate Phantom. Okay. I will.

As for other plans, I still have a book to read for a tour next week but with the three-day weekend, I should be okay. November came out of nowhere, then came the time-change and then to add more stuff to the list, The Boy joined Men’s Chamber Choir and auditioned for another play! He is still doing The Music Man but will be adding Singin’ in the Rain, if he gets a part.

Tonight I have to take The Girl to a laser tag party. You think they will notice if I try to read while they run all over heck trying to shoot each other?

13 thoughts on “My Weekend Reading Plans”

    1. It’s busy, but I know I will miss it when the kids are all grown up. My son reminded me that the next time we vote, he will be voting too. Ugh!! I am off the week of Thanksgiving. I can’t wait!

  1. I’ve been really busy too! I cannot believe how quick November came. I am scrambling to finish the nonfiction book selection for book club on Saturday. But to be honest, nonfiction is not my kind of read, unless its about war — oddly enough — so I guess I should have planned ahead…. and started reading it sooner. Ah well. hindsight….I hope things get a little better for you in terms of reading time.. have a great weekend.

    1. November came up so fast that now I am questioning if I’ll be able to make my 80 book goal for the year. I am at 60 right now.

  2. November! I wish I could say it is a favorite month, but except for the mashed potatoes, it is not.
    Happy Laser Tag Reading Time Stealing!

    1. November is normally a good month for me but this is the first November with a high schooler and all of his numerous activities. I LOVE that he is involved and every time he adds something to the list I encourage him, it’s just hard since the other one has her own stuff too. My husband and I never see each other since we split it all up. Like tonight, I am at laser tag and he is with the boy at the football game that the kid has to work.

    1. I started The Twelve when it first came out but I need some uninterrupted reading time for that one, so I am holding off until Thanksgiving week. I have it off and can spend the week lounging around with it.

  3. The Boy sounds like a bit of an overachiever! He’s making me tired.

    And I’m just not sure about this Nesbo. I barely liked The Redbreast but Sandy says they get way better

    1. I don’t know. I loved a couple of the Nesbo books (Snowman and Devil’s Star) but Redbreast was such a slog and Leopard is a slog too.

    1. The reviewing has felt like a job lately. I usually like the distraction but work has been such a mess lately that my mind is not able to focus enough to get the reviews written. I am about 4 reviews behind.

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