The Sunday Salon: Finally Feeling Like Fall

Sunday Salon

I just got back from doing my grocery shopping. It’s one of my least favorite things to do. Especially when I have extra stuff to buy (think Thanksgiving). I had trouble finding my gluten-free stuff but I finally found what I needed. Now I just need the fresh produce and the turkey and all will be right with the world again.

Last week at Williams Sonoma, I picked up this ridiculously expensive gluten-free flour so I am going to attempt to make dinner rolls this year. I really miss rolls at Thanksgiving. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart and this Cup 4 Cup flour is supposed to be just like regular flour so we’ll see.

So far, I haven’t done any reading. I hope to later today. That’s what happens when I make reading plans these days. They go right out the window! I did spend a nice evening with family last night so I’m not too upset about it.

On the weather front, it’s finally cool here! It got down to the 30’s last night and I froze all night long because we didn’t set the thermostat. The trees are finally changing color and it’s just gorgeous out!

What are you doing this weekend?

24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Finally Feeling Like Fall”

  1. Hi Ti – Me I am taking care of some personal items and doing some household chores. I am a fully domesticated hubbie and my wifey has trained me well. I have sanitized all four bathrooms in the house. I told you I am fully trained. And, I fixed one closet light pullstring. My wife, she is cleaning out her closet while she waits for the Bears game to be televised. I am waiting patiently for you to respond to my “hello” message regarding a review of our new romance novel, The PLAYA Line. Later I will relax and allow “Dexter” to murder some more bad people right before my cable ready eyes. It’s a terrific program. Is anybody else out there into Dexter?

  2. I am so glad that it is finally fallish there!

    We are just hanging out ad snacking and watching football. I just made homemade red sauce…it is so warm here we have windows open!

    1. I do love laundry.

      The shopping bugs me because of cost. The gluten free stuff is so ridiculously high. Spending almost $1000 on food is ridiculous.

  3. Yesterday it was so warm here that it felt like spring but today it is definitely late fall again. Did I read that comment above right? Did it actually cost you $1000 to get the groceries you needed?

    1. I don’t add up all the little trips for this one meal, but it is probably over $300. The $1000 comment is what we spend for the month, without Thanksgiving.

  4. We are going to a resort for Thanksgiving since my parents won’t be in town. And we will probably eat Thanksgiving dinner there! No cooking me me. Yay!

    1. I never understood the lure of having Thanksgiving plans outside of home, but now I do. We may be doing something similar for Christmas dinner.

  5. I use potato flour 1:1 and have no issues. Can you use it? I haven’t tried making bread from scratch but it works great for muffins/cookies… can’t wait to hear how the uber expensive flour option works.

    I LOVE grocery shopping. LOVE… I have the fondest memories of shopping with my Dad. Sometimes we would have ice cream as a treat (they served ice cream cones). Something I hope I carried forward to our son, I think I did. He is ALWAYs game to shop with me. 🙂

    1. The fun vanishes because I have to shop at like three markets to get what I need. I hate having to make so many trips. I’ve tried various flours but bread is difficult. It’s always too dense and dry. I meant to do a trial run with a half batch of rolls this weekend but didn’t get to them.

  6. I am so glad that your most hated chore is done! My most hated chore is folding laundry, and there is tons to be done. Just sitting there, baldly looking me in the face. I had a fun weekend, but it was filled with chores, and I didn’t get much reading done either. I need to learn to pace myself with the housework, and make more time for reading.

    1. I did finally sit down and get that one book read, but it was like pulling teeth. The Girl was being a pill and she kept having these mini meltdowns every 30 minutes or so. How can you fall off the couch? Really! LOL.

  7. Lucky you that you like grocery shopping – I hate it! I get soooo bored and try to end it as soon as possible. I would get it all done online if I any of us where able to be at home during delivery times.

    1. I have seen this chart, but I’ve never been able to get anything taste like the real deal.This flour I bought is called Cup 4 Cup. Here is the link. I’ll post about the results after Thanksgiving but I am making a mental note to buzz you back.

  8. Good luck with Thanksgiving dinner; I should fret about it — how many days left? Can’t believe Cal got into the 30s; better get out the comforter! cheers. SW

    1. The Thanksgiving meal requires so much prep but I do enjoy it once it’s all on the table and the family is all around me. I can’t tell you how many of my friends thought it was on the 29th this year. Nope…next week!

  9. So finally you’re getting some fall… while we’ve been having deep snow for the past weeks. But lucky this week the sun shines and snow melts and we’re getting a bit back to normal at this time of the year. Love to see a pic of your glorious fall though.

    1. I’ll take some pics this weekend and post them. I have been lazy with using my camera. My phone takes such lousy pics and that’s usually all that I have on me. But for you, I will take a series of pics with a REAL camera.

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