A Little Update From Me

I feel as if I have been away for too long when in reality it’s only been a couple of days. However, classes have started here at the university and although I am not normally impacted too much by the start of the semester, I am this semester because of the short story class I am taking. Good grief!! So much work. Here are my random thoughts on the subject:

  • Online classes can be fun. They can also be a total pain.
  • Hello people! It’s obvious that you didn’t read the assignment when you parrot back everything others have said.
  • Teacher? Where IS the teacher? We are wrapping up the second week and still no “appearance” from the instructor.

I am still thinking about dropping the class. I had no idea what I was getting into. I am just taking it for fun and so far, I haven’t had any fun so I have one more week to decide.

Another birthday has passed. I let it go by quietly because I had a sucky one. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and take a nap and over the course of three days, I did exactly that. I am better now. Most of the doom and gloom was caused by the family business hanging on the very edge of existence, busy kids and this lousy budget we put ourselves on. I know many of you can relate but having to count my pennies sucks in a big way.

Today is my son’s first cross-country invitational and I am at work. After that, he is attending a retreat for ASB. I am aware of the location, but it will be a surprise to the group. From the meet, he is going with a friend’s mother to this mystery location. Much fun will be had I’m sure.

Work has been challenging lately. I’ll leave it at that but it’s left me no time for creative endeavors. I get a little crazy when I don’t have a creative outlet of some sort.

The only thing that continues onward without a hitch is my reading. I am currently reading Andrew McCarthy’s memoir The Longest Way Home. Yes!! THAT Andrew McCarthy, otherwise known as Blane from Pretty in Pink. It’s a good book for me to read right now, because it’s all about reflection and why we do what we do. It’s not a how-to or anything but he shares his feelings on commitment and it also includes quite a bit of travel since he is a travel writer now. I am liking it.

I am also reading IT for the IT Along. This is what that book is doing to people. They are going cray cray over IT!! It’s a re-read for me and it’s making me cray cray too.

Some of you have asked about the hand. Well, it’s no longer a claw and I am now recognized by the hand scanner at the gym, but portions of the last two fingers are still numb. I am going to go out on a limb (haha!) and say it’s coming back. Slowly. I will never, ever lean on my hand while doing a project again.

Since I do most of my blog commenting before work and that time has been taken up with the chaos that IS work these days, I haven’t been able to stop by blogs to comment like I usually do. I’ve been trying to hit a few posts here and there but please know, that I am reading. My day is not complete without checking in on you and responding to comments here so keep the comments coming and I will do my best to respond back.

Okay, I am off to figure out what kind of crazy ass thing I need to do next. As you can tell, the theme of this post is CRAZY. Fits.

24 thoughts on “A Little Update From Me”

  1. I hope you find time to have some creative outlet soon…and one that seems to be a little less annoying as this online class. I can tell you that its tough when you don’t have a creative outlet…it drives me crazy and I get cranky and depressed. Feel better soon….with that hand and all the rest. **hugs** for you!

  2. You, like me, sound a bit lost in this time we have. I’d like to make a suggestion: read The Time Keeper by Mitch Album… I’ve been crying for 20 minutes but really good years. It is and is not like what he has written in the past:
    It is short
    It is well written
    It is about death
    It is NOT morbid
    It is NOT trite
    It is NOT forgettable.
    What it is is eye opening to how we deal with time. It may just be what the doctored ordered for you!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday! Am sorry to hear of your tough times. I know things will get better, faith and patience is the mantra I live by. It has helped me through many a tough spell. I am glad your hand is getting better! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  4. Sorry things are so sucky right now Ti. I can relate. PT for a bad neck, other mysterious health issues that casued a 25 lb weight loss, family stress…happy bday to me coming up next week, Hiding out sounds pretty good. Bah humbug! Next year will be our year:)

  5. Happy belated birthday! I would say drop the class. If you’re not having fun and it’s not adding anything positive to your life then it probably needs to go. And it seems ridiculous to me that the teacher hasn’t been there in the online setting – they certainly can’t get away with that in a real life class. The students parroting others sounds like a normal class setting to me though. 🙂 There are always a few who are just going to try to get by. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry things are miserable for you right now. I hope you feel better soon. If the class isn’t being fun, you should probably not take it. I hope you get to recharge this weekend.

  7. I’m sorry your birthday sucked … but a good long nap can do wonders for anyone. I’m sure you’ll get in the swing of things soon and life will feel more normal. : )

  8. I haven’t been around in over a month!! But I am still checking in as well and do need to go back and catch up on posts as well. Sorry about the birthday but glad your hand is better!

  9. We must be almost birthday twins! I had a quiet one this year as it was the first day of classes and otherwise crazy. I’ll be curious to hear how you decide to proceed with the course too.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Ti. I am a bit preoccupied right now myself so I can relate. I bury my head under the covers for weekend naps when feeling down as well — that and comfort food.

    May you situation improve and you find yourself with less stress.

  11. I haven’t been by here in ages…or any blogs for that matter! That McCarthy book sure sounds good though…he is one of my favorite actors. I hope you had a great birthday and hopefully that class turns around for you!

  12. Sorry to hear that things have been so stressful. I would definitely drop that class if you’re not enjoying it. If you’re adding anything more to your days, it should definitely be something that makes you smile.

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