The Sunday Salon: Football, Finger Food and Relaxation

Sunday Salon

It’s Sunday. Thank goodness! Such a horribly long, stressful week. I spent most of yesterday napping on the couch and it was lovely. I was worried about a tooth that the Otter Pup broke because our regular vet quoted us this ridiculous amount of money to get it taken care of and with all of the money issues lately, it was just too much to consider. I felt overwhelmed. But, I asked my friends on Facebook for vet recommendations and tried a different vet. They gave us a much better price and we, along with the pup…really like them better. So next week, she is getting it taken care of. Very grateful for the help. I guess I was so relieved I just conked out on the couch.

Today, are watching some football. At home to start, and then we will visit with the in-laws for a bit. I have pulled pork simmering on the stove for tacos later. I saw the recipe on the Food channel and it looked so good. Pulled pork tacos with citrus salsa. Yum. The recipe is here.

Pulled Pork Tacos w/Citrus Salsa
Photo Credit: The Food Network

Still waiting for word from The Boy. He is on his retreat and communication has not been good. We have no idea when to expect him back so we are all on hold, waiting for info.

The Girl wants to be something bloody for Halloween. We looked at costumes yesterday and I saw some darling costumes which would be so cute for her, but she told me flat out, this year she is going for bloody and gross. Okay then. I don’t mind her wanting to be scary but from a practical standpoint, I will be stuck in rush hour traffic on Halloween night, trying to get home by a decent time. I really don’t want to get home and have to spend an hour putting make-up in her. You know what I mean? Halloween should always be on the last Friday of the month. It would be so much more fun if it was.

Tomorrow, both kids start rehearsal for The Music Man. That means lots of time spent in my car. Auditions will probably be next week. Details to come.

Well, I am off to begin my relaxing day. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as well.

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Football, Finger Food and Relaxation”

  1. We’re watching football today as well, but no plans for good foods or going anywhere. The Girl has been sick, so we’re just trying to keep her happy, get her to take the meds, and take naps. HA! When I was a kid, our particular town always made Halloween the Friday night of that week…that way kids could be out and not worry about school the next day and it always helped out the parents too. I wonder why more towns don’t so it.

    1. I wish they would do that in our town. I would hate to be a teacher the next day. The kids would be all zonked out from lack of sleep and too much sugar anyway. Hope Wiggles feels better soon.

  2. Never had a pulled pork taco but they look VERY good! Yesterday was our football day too. Today is cutting the grass, watching some golf, and grilling flank steak for dinner. It’s marinating now. Haven’t made it all summer so I am looking forward to it! Glad your puppy has a new doctor. I hate it when something is wrong with my dog. Glad he’ll be in better and less expensive hands.

  3. What a relief you found a better vey that boh you and the Otter Pup like and one who will take good are of the Otter Pup. It’s so stressful when out pets are in pain or ill.

    I’m glad you were able to rest yesterday and today’s a leisurely day for you. The pulled pork recipesounds yummy. I checked it out, please let me know how it tastes.

    Maybe your daughter will change her mind? I’ve always thought Halloween celebrated on a Friday or Saturday night would be better for everyone. I hope you hear from your Son soon…you need a vacation, Ti!

    Hang in there :o)

    1. The pork taco recipe turned out great, but it had a bit too much liquid. I will add less next time. However, all that sauce was good over rice for my lunch today. I like when I can have tacos one night and then something different the next. I am sort of angry over the vet thing because the normal vet, clearly… was taking advantage of the situation. It’s a baby tooth. No root. There is no need to put her totally out or to have a full set of xrays or to keep her overnight. This other vet took one look and said… Nah, we can do this and still keep her comfortable. I liked that.

    1. I get antsy when I have to get the kids to places by a certain time. Now with track and all the other stuff, I have to figure out time for a shower… so the boy does not kill me and also figure in time to eat because he can’t BEFORE his runs. And then they rehearse at two different times, etc. First rehearsal tonight. I’ll get used to it. I am just overwhelmed with work stuff right now.

  4. Glad the new vet worked out well. I hope you get to relax a lot today, sounds like you have some busy days/months ahead. My niece wanted to be something un-cutey for last Halloween, but lost her nerve in the end and decided to be a princess (again!), so maybe your daughter will change her mind later?

    1. The princess phase went out at age 4. It’s been gloomy and dark stuff since. She told me she wants to be a Vampire Cheerleader. Last year she was a Zombie Cheerleader. What’s the difference? Then she told me she wants to be a dead prom queen. Where do they get this stuff? Prom? She is 8!

    1. Our stores have some Christmas displays up already so I wasn’t surprised to see Halloween in full swing. I don’t mind when it comes to Halloween though because picking through leftover costumes is never fun. I like to get them early and out of the way. Now, if only the girl would make up her mind. I told her I would get her a party dress from GoodWill and then slash it up and make it bloody but she wants this $50 dress that is pretty much the same darn thing.

  5. Those tacos look delish! I actually spent a good portion of *today* napping. We finally snapped out of weird, tropical heat into cool, more fall-ish weather, and my body was like “Ahhh, good. Now sleep!” LOL!

    Hope you enjoy your relaxing day and that next week is not so stressful!

    1. Oh god! I was never into football but these past couple of years, I’ve grown to appreciate it. Mainly, the get togethers and the food that go hand in hand with it.

    1. Happy Fall to you too!Right now, So Cal is experiencing this horrible smell coming from the Salton Sea. It’s never come this far… two days of horrible stench and school children being asked to stay inside. I hope this does not last for long because it’s ruining the fall vibe. Okay, who am I kidding? The 100 degree temps have a lot to do with it too.

    1. No one wants to be a clown anymore and they were always the most horrifying to me. I did one of those halloween mazes at Universal once and got chased by a clown. I almost hurt him.

  6. The tacos looks good. Sept. is a busy time eh? Sorry about your week & the pup. We are getting a pup on Friday …. it’s been a year since our 13 1/2 dog passed away … now I’m hoping this new one works out. It’ll be a transition

    1. Oh! A new pup! How exciting. I was so nervous when we got our little pup. Mainly, because we are cat people but we ended up with a puppy instead of the older dog we were looking for so it was a crap-shoot. She is the perfect dog for us though. Fit right in. Was easy to train. A blessing, really. I wish you luck! Share a pic if you can.

  7. Those tacos sound delicious! Glad you found a great alternative for the Otter Pup. It’s so stressful to have big expense after big expense come up. No wonder you slept all day when you could finally relax.

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