The Sunday Salon: Fall, My Favorite Time of the Year

Sunday Salon

It’s still warm here, but the light in the early mornings and late afternoons has that trademark glow that signifies that fall is on the way. I love it. I’ve pulled out the candles and I am starting to think about football and chili. It’s my favorite time of the year and I milk it for what it’s worth. Pumpkin lattes, hearty soups, one dish casseroles. Love them all.

That said, we are having salad tonight. Yep, I went to get a pot roast but when it’s 86 degrees out, salad is what you end up with. However, it will include grilled chicken so there will be some BBQ’ing too. Might as well make the most of this nice weather.

Reading? This has not been a good reading weekend for me. I completed a time management course at work and it’s taught me to eliminate all gathering places except for one. Do you know what a gathering place is? It’s that spot on your counter or your desk that accumulates the “junk” or other items that are important, but for whatever reason are not important enough to deal with right at that moment. Well, I spent most of yesterday and today taking care of them and it feels great, but it didn’t leave me much time to read. I will be curling up with The Dog Stars later this evening though just to finish it up.

We are falling into a routine now with school and all of the other activities that my kids are involved in. I start school next week but I may drop the class. The short story class that I signed up for is a lot more work online, that what you get in the face-to-face class. I saw the syllabus and the cost of the textbook and now it’s making me rethink my decision to take it. I get to take classes at the university where I work at a greatly reduced rate, so I try to get one here and there (just for fun) but I may not have the time for this one.

Speaking of school, The Boy was moved to honors English. The Boy. The non-reader. Well, he had to read the summer reading book in one weekend and I am proud to say he did it. With annotations, too. Maybe this will be good for him.

Movies? I am always watching movies from home and this weekend was no exception. We saw The Thing (new one) and When Harry Met Sally. The Thing wasn’t all that great. I liked the original much better even though this one is supposedly the prequel. They were just too similar.

Okay, I am off to read for a bit while the chicken marinates. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Fall, My Favorite Time of the Year”

  1. My favorite time of year too. I made a pot of soup today! And it’s in the low 80’s but the humidity was so low today and it felt great. But the humidity is coming back because of that hurricane brewing down south. We’ll be getting the humidity, wind, and I’m sure a ton of rain. Husband hurt his back so I’ve been indoors mostly watching movies too. Watched Julie/Julia once last night and again today. Enjoy that BBQ chicken and salad.

  2. I love fall as well for: getting back into the wanting to cook on weekends, more reading time while hub watches football and comfy sweaters and jeans once again.

    congrats to your son on honors English. (we get to take course free, but foolishly i don’t take advantage of it(:

  3. I know hat you mean…I bought real soup spoons the other day…the kind with the really round bowl…I can’t wait to make soups!

    Have a great night reading…dinner sounds yummy!

  4. I can’t WAIT for fall to truly make its appearance. It is my favorite season. And YAY for the Boy! Maybe this class will turn him into a reader.

  5. I love fall too! I can’t wait to see what you think of The Dog Stars. I got a copy via paperbackswap and it’s sitting on my shelf. I have a few other books that I want to finish first and then I’m going to fit it in.

  6. So great to hear that the Boy is in honors English…wonderful! Have a great end of summer and here’s to more reading. We had book club this weekend, so not much reading for me either.

  7. It’s getting that way here too. The leaves are starting to turn early and the weather the past two weeks was never hotter than 75 degrees. Football started last week so that signifies fall for us here too! I love this season very much too!

  8. Ti, I love fall, too! It is my fave time of year! I love hot chocolate, the cooler weather and all the new books that come out in the fall! Exciting! And congrats to The Boy for getting bumped up -that is awesome! Oh, and regarding that class, if you are too busy, its no big, there will be other classes, right? Don’t get too overloaded 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. The downside to dropping the class is that I lose my free student membership to the gym. I am trying to swap classes with something more doable but classes are full!

  9. I have multiple gathering places, and I think it would be helpful if I could get rid of some of them! I have a really good friend who is going to help me de-clutter pretty soon, and I am a little anxious about it. It’s kind of hard to give up all your neat little do-dads. When she started talking about getting rid of books, I went a little pale. I just can’t do that!!

    I also like fall the best and enjoy making soups and homemade bread.

    1. My gathering places were very organized but I spent so much time each week maintaining them all that I was not being effective. I still have some work to go because in just a day, I managed to create a gathering place where one should not be! LOL.

  10. All of these comments about fall make me smile. It is my favorite time of year as well, harvest time. Can’t wait to see what you think of The Dog Stars. I’m trying to figure out what to write about it…

  11. I can see you’ve your plate full come Sept. with the short story course and your teaching, but if you still have time left you’re most welcome to join our very small read-along group to attempt Anna Karenina. We have a little over 2 months to do it before the new film adaptation (Keira Knightly, Jude Law…) comes out in Nov. And… all the best for a new fall term of teaching and reading.

  12. Honors English, very good. My reading has been almost non-existent this summer and with the return to work/school it just doesn’t look like it is going to pick up. Sigh.

    1. What do you do while waiting through all those dance classes? We have theater rehearsals coming for The Music Man and once that starts, I’ll be living out of my car again. My car has a bookshelf. No kidding. Well, a book bucket.

  13. Happy Back To School! Our classes start after Labor Day and of course, as a sub, I really don’t expect work opportunities until a few weeks later.

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