If I didn’t blog about books…

…I’d probably blog about nutrition or perfume.

Both are funny to me because they are so different. Nutrition because of the whole gluten-free living thing. I’ve learned quite a bit and although I am not eating a clean diet 100% of the time, I try my best to make good choices. I’d say about 80% of the time, I am eating green leafy things with “good-for-you” protein. I guess the other 20% can still screw you up because lately, I am a mess! Cross-contamination is a problem these days when I eat out so I’ve been eating at home more (which is boring as hell).

As for the perfume… I LOVE perfume. I love looking for it, buying it, sharing it and apparently returning it because now that I’ve gone gluten-free none of the perfumes I liked before, like me. This is disappointing because I need the little pick-me-up mid-afternoon and scent (good ones) do that for me. Right now I am inhaling  The Body’s Shop’s Satsuma line but I’m sure that will go south for me soon. Oh, and of course I prefer the pricier perfumes but when they end up smelling like old socks or bug spray, I can’t justify spending my hard earned dollars on a name. I need one of those fancy perfume shops to customize something for me.

What’s your favorite scent? Doesn’t have to be perfume or cologne. I happen to love Nivea creme and so far, it loves me back. Any scent that makes you happy. I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Other than this ramble of a post, not much else is going on. Back-to-school shopping has begun. I have to tackle it in small chunks because of the cost but also because I just can’t take the fitting room meltdowns from #2. Good grief! She isn’t even a teen yet. The Boy made cross country so that’s good. My hand (so many of you have asked, thank you) is not getting better. I will be seeing a specialist soon. Oh, and no summer vacation for us this year which is a huge downer for me. Last weekend I was very depressed over it but this week, I am better. It just doesn’t seem like summer without a vacation.

On the reading front, I am reading Shine Shine Shine and loving it and I managed to get a library copy of Gone Girl even though I was like 247 on the wait list. Everyone keeps telling me it will blow my mind. I can’t wait!

31 thoughts on “If I didn’t blog about books…”

  1. Oh me oh my…I love lavender…I love it fresh and dried and sprayed…I love inhaling it on my pillow…I plant it somewhere every year and dance delightfully when it blooms!

    Sorry about the vacation…that can be a total pain…but it sounds as though you are past it and moving on!

    But you have the beach…anytime you need it!

    1. I love lavender too! Love this entire line! http://usa.loccitane.com/lavender,82,1,29211,0.htm We do go to the beach, but it’s a huge deal when you can’t carry all that crap easily. Gone are the days when you just went with a towel and a book and maybe a radio. Now I have to have all this other stuff and that takes away from the fun. However, I do love to dine by the beach 🙂

  2. I hope the specialist is able to give you a good prognosis regarding your hand. You must be so frustrated with it. 😦

    Perfumes . . . I love perfume. I am still searching for the perfect scent for me. All the scents I liked before I was pregnant, don’t seem to work for me anymore. Like you, I tend to prefer the pricier stuff. I’ve been sampling a variety of Chanel’s line most recently (I bought a six scent sample pack).

    I like to experiment with Bath and Body soaps. Fruity and worked well for me before baby, but I am gravitating more towards vanillas and natural scents like cotton. I don’t know what it is about cotton–but when it comes to bed-time, I love to be wrapped up in Cotton Blossom. I find it so relaxing.

    1. Having kids definitely does something to the chemistry. I am just like you! I can wear the Chanel stuff. It doesn’t turn on me but does it last? No. Not eve Coco which is like gasoline but prettier. I love the clean cotton scents. I wore Light Blue for awhile because it smells like clean clothes to me but then so does the Snuggle I use as fabric softener and it’s much cheaper. There is a new Chanel coming out! Coco Noir! Google it. Sounds like my thing but again, the price tag for a perfume that you like but does not last… may not be worth it.

  3. I like perfume too but too bad they don’t like me. I’m allergic to many fragrances, which give me a headache. Too bad. I’m even allergic to pollen, and those lovely smelling flowers…

    Too bad about your gluten allergy. So glad there are many items on the market that are gluten free.

  4. Sorry about your lack of summer vacation, blah. Not even a beach wknd? I think lilac, jasmine and lavender are nice. Being gluten-free all the time seems tough, got to hand to all the people like you who must do it

    1. All the notes you named are lovely. I also like Peony and Freesia but they put those too in a lot of the candy smelling scents on the market today. Who wants to smell like a marshmallow? Okay, my daughter. But who else?

    1. I’ve never seen that one! I know CB I Hate Perfumes makes a Library one and Demeter makes one too. But I want fresh and clean and maybe a little flower power in there and books tend to be a tad musty. Oh, and did I mention that my pup always ends up smelling like whatever I am wearing because she jumps in front of me when I apply stuff. SHE might smell good as a book.

    1. I love Jo Malone there is a basil mandarin one that is pretty good. I go through it too fast though. I love anything citrusy or green but good green not mossy wet green like fresh soil.

  5. I love love perfume. I have to be really careful, though, because certain scents give me migraines. So months before I buy, I’ll spray a sample just to see how I react long term.

    I love Moschino’s I Love Love. Then Coco Mademoiselle is my fancy, going-out perfume.

    One of my favorite scents, though, is the one from Santa Maria Novelli pharmacy in Florence. It’s actually a body milk and the most heavenly thing I’ve ever put on. I don’t usually like rose scents, but it has a very light rose with something else I can’t place. Last time I went, I bought three bottles, hoping I wouldn’t run out before I make it back. It’s absolutely lovely, as is the place itself. You walk in and smell all these ancient herbs because it’s been there for so long.

    1. Oh! That body milk sounds divine! I love true rose scents but so many of them areartificialthese days. I love a good iris perfume too. Love Chanel #19 but it lasts for like… 6 minutes on my skin. I must have very dry skin. Prada’s Infusion d’Iris is gorgeous but smells like straight-up baby powder on me. Too pricey for me to smell like a baby’s bottom. I am waiting for the new Chanel, Coco Noir! Comes out next month.

  6. Some of my friends call me Olafactory Sandy, that is how much I love scent. I like all smells really. I’m a bit fixated on Burberry Brit in the pink bottle these days, but I love it all. I’m not sure how far I would get talking about nutrition, but I do a pretty good job at eating right most of the time. I’m really sorry to hear about your hand. I know it is throwing everything off and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible!

    1. Burberry Brit makes me smell boozy but Brit Sheer is pretty good on me. Is fleeting, but I like it for the ten minutes it’s on me. Scent just makes me happy. It’s not so much what others think of it, it’s more how it makes me feel. I feel good when I am smelling good things. I was on a Coppertone bender the other day because I saw the Original scent at the drugstore and had to pick it up. That smell is just all things good.

  7. I just wrote a novel and lost my comment (grrr) 🙂 – so here’s the quick version:

    Perfume: I have a signature scent, for over a decade now. A few other friends wear it and I always get compliments that after smelling it on me… the others should stop wearing it. I did shop with someone for months to find a scent that worked for me. My point, I understand how your favorite perfume might change over time, and/or if you change your diet. Strange though….

    Great news on the boy making track. Does this mean he’s done with basketball?

    Gone Girl is on my list too. I’m finishing The Book of Jonas (for book club)

    Wheat: I have been eating it while on holiday. The Irish know how to make bread! So I’m letting myself have the crust. Tomorrow afternoon I begin a week long detox (lot’s of wine and wheat consumed)!!

    I’m still having right arm issues (my hand goes cold). I will get into the chiro next week and then talk about next steps. I haven’t had time to have it looked at yet but know it’s a circulation thing… comes and goes. Hope your hand is getting better with the shot. Is it helping?

    1. I just hate that all the classic perfumes have been reformulated. I prefer classic scents to trendy. I remember you mentioning your signature scent once before and it is lovely. Not on me, but gorgeous when I smell it on others.

  8. Gone Girl is great fun. I’m sorry about the hand. I’m sorry you are losing your scents (and still have your sense). It must be hard having to watch your diet so carefully. I think I covered it all.

  9. I wish that I liked perfume, but I only own a couple of them because most give me headaches. I saw your comment about the one that smells like clean clothes – if I was going to be interested in a perfume it would be something like that. I have been known to stop and breathe deep in front of strangers’ houses while on walks – simply because they are doing their laundry and it smells so good. 🙂

    1. I am only about 25 pages in but since I know it’s a WOWser of a book, I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall.

  10. I’m also into scent. My favorite perfume for the last couple of years has been Un Jardin sur de Nile by Hermes (but also like all the other Jardins in the collection). There’s even a book about it’s creation that has been on my TBR for way too long, “The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York”.

    1. Hermes makes some beautiful fragrances. For years I wore the same perfume but then the formulation changed so I started to revisit all of my faves only to find out that THEY changed. The new regs against animal oils in perfumes made the classics like Shalimar, White Linen and even some of the Chanel’s smell like watered down, tamer versions of the original which really made me sad. And then all the NEW stuff is this Eau Fraiche stuff that or the fruty/marshmallowy concoctions that young girls go for. Perfume used to be a luxury but in a world of body sprays and candy coated perfumes, it’s no wonder my nose has turned!

  11. I really am liking Bath and Body Works and some of the new smells they have. My favorite is Dark Kiss, but I also like the Black Amethyst. I have a few expensive colognes, but I only really wear them on special occasions. I do like coconut scents and milk and honey scents for when I need a pick me up. They are comforting and clean smelling. I am sorry that your hand isn’t getting better though 😦 It seriously sucks to be injured and not have the problem begin healing. I will say a prayer for you.

  12. both are interesting topics, nutrition/food and perfume/fragrance/flowers… I’d be still coming over to read your posts. If I don’t blog about books, then it will have to be movies. 😉

  13. Oh I do love Nivea cream, too – I have a bottle at work and at home. My favorite perfume right now is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue but I really like Inis for everyday.

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