The Sunday Salon: It IS Sunday, right?

The Sunday Salon

What a wonderful, long weekend. I’ve been so relaxed, that I hardly know what day it is. The weather has been gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Sunny and warm, hovering right around 70 degrees but the leaves are all shades of gold and it just feels like fall. Finally.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We watched movies, ate, took the dog for walks and collapsed on the couch in an exhausted heap. Who knew sloth could be so exhausting? Oh, and in the evening, when everything was said and done, I finished 1Q84. Yes, a bit later than I had wanted but the timing ended up being quite good. I was sleepy from all that turkey and when I read that last paragraph, I felt as if I was in Murakami’s surreal world. I went off to dreamy land after that with a smile upon my face.


No way was I going to head out into that craziness after such a lovely dinner at home. Nope. However, I did hit the stores by 10am on Friday and it wasn’t too bad. I hit the mall and a couple of other stores and everyone acted like perfect little shoppers. I did not hit Target though, which I always hit. I don’t know. With all of the reports of violence, I decided to skip the discount stores.

I never did get to the new King book. I totally forgot about the reading that I have to do for the Freshman Common Reading group that I belong to. Last year we had to read the books over Christmas, but this year we were asked to read them over Thanksgiving. Well, I don’t care for any of the books. I started them, and then put them aside and picked up The Bungalow instead. I picked it up late last night, and I already finished it! Couldn’t put it down.

Today, I have my first meeting for this new Classics book club I joined. We are watching lectures on Edgar Allan Poe and then next week we discuss them. I also have my normal book club’s holiday party this week. Man, December 1st is this Thursday. Unbelievable.

Okay, well I babbled on long enough. I have been off of the computer so I’ve not been reading any blog posts this weekend, but I plan to catch-up tomorrow. Also, in case you didn’t notice, I finally added an A-Z index of authors. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, and thought I would do it come January, but then thought, why wait? Hope it helps.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: It IS Sunday, right?”

  1. I have also really enjoyed the long weekend, thought I am anxious for the kids to get back to school, as they have been arguing for days 😦 I also didn’t do much shopping, as too many badly behaved shoppers get me antsy and impatient. I have already bought mostly everything I need, so I didn’t feel the urge to fight the crowds. Glad to hear that you are having a good weekend off and that you finished the Murakami. I can’t wait to hear your evaluation!

  2. I had 4 days off and loved every minute of it, but hardly had a chance to spend time with a book (did play lots of scrabble on line though LOL)

    Glad to hear your holiday and time off was enjoyable. I’l be looking for your review on 1Q84.

  3. It was a beautiful day indeed! One of my favorite things is to spend time outside reading. Sundays are the one day of the week I get to do that uninterrupted. Another is to tune into The Book Report, a radio show broadcast locally. Really interesting listening with excellent reviews, author interviews etc. You can check at to see if they broadcast near you. Highly recommended!

  4. Sounds like you had a good time. I love these long weekends, but I tend to lose track of time too. I didn’t do any black Friday shopping, but we did go out on Saturday to shop for ornaments and some small gifts. Plus I visited my small bookstore to get my holiday gift for myself…the Penguin 20th Century poetry anthology. Have a great Sunday.

  5. Your holiday sounded lovely. Sloth is good every once in a while. I felt badly about not reading as much as I wanted to but it seems as though everyone else didn’t read as much as they wanted to either. There is always comfort in numbers. I did not go to one store but I will doing the week…

  6. I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday! Your weekend and holiday sound like they were ideal! I didn’t read as much as I wanted but I did get 3 books finished. I am looking forward to your thoughts on Bungalow. It is on my wish list!

  7. I am so happy yet a little surprised that you loved The Bungalow :), I loved it! Will post my review this week.

    Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Our weekend has been relaxing too… I’m not eager to return to normal life tomorrow.

    ps: wise decision to stay away from the stores on Friday.

  8. Your time off sounds much like mine except that I never left my house from Wednesday afternoon on! πŸ˜€
    I don’t do shopping after Thanksgiving…I’d rather watch about the crazies on the news instead!

    Have a great week!

    PS- I flew through The Bungalow too!!!

  9. It’s 60 here in Boston, which is freaky, but I’m loving it (even if I’m sure it means we’re going to have a hideous blizzard in, like, April). I did almost no reading over the holiday weekend, but that’s to be expected — running around and family usual limits it. I’m happy to be back in my regular routine where I read without bother! πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m glad you had such a great Thanksgiving and weekend – good food, good company, good movies, great books…too bad life can’t be like that all the time, uh?!

    I’m impressed you braved the stores on Friday – glad it was a good experience!

    I like the sound of the Classics Book club and will be interested to see what else you read during the year.

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts on 1Q84!
    I’m very excited about reading 1Q84 but will read and finish The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles first – I put it down because of 2 review books and I’m looking forward to focusing on it!

  11. Sounds like a fantastic Thanksgiving break! I really enjoyed my time off from work/school, but definitely didn’t read enough. I also shopped on Friday, but casually in SB at local shops, which didn’t seem all that busy.

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