The Sunday Salon: The Otter Pup Goes Social

Otter Pup - Chloe

No, the Otter Pup didn’t get a Facebook or Twitter page, but she did go to the dog park which has been an unknown for us “cat” people. We’ve had her since February so it sure took us long enough to try it, but I was worried. Worried about the other dogs and not sure how she’d react to them. There were about 7 dogs there and she did great. She snapped at two of them, but never made contact. Actually, she NEVER makes contact. They are warning snaps that you can hear from across the park. Snap! Snap! Sassy pup.

In this photo, she is lounging on the stairs and was gracious enough to allow me to snap this photo. She looks happy, no?

The Sunday Salon

Just a little bit ago we finished up the last of the costume shopping, hit the bookstore with the hopes that some employee slipped up and put out a copy of 1Q84 before its Oct. 25th release date. No such luck. I downed a Pumpkin Spice Frapp to make me feel better. Boy, was it tasty.

Right now, I have chili cooking and we’ll have brats as well, but it’s 85 degrees outside. Would be better if it were a tad chilly but you can’t go wrong with chili, brats and football on a Sunday afternoon. As they watch football, I will be finishing up Ready Player One and then I’m not sure what I’ll read next.

On a sad note, a high school friend passed away a couple of weeks ago. I attended the viewing this past Thursday and although at the time, I thought I could handle it okay, I was a complete mess when I left there. There is something special about the friends you make in  high school. Plus, I visited my old stomping grounds and it brought back so many memories. Sigh. My thoughts are with his family.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and be sure to hug the ones you love. Robert was only 40 years old and died of a heart attack. Unbelievable. Still trying to accept it.

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Otter Pup Goes Social”

  1. The Otter Pup looks lovely and rested…and a fun afternoon was had by all.

    Again…so sorry about your friend…I think that we think we are invincible until something like this happens.

    What to read next…always a dilemma…

    I had plans to make chili today but neither one of us are that hungry. Chili will be tomorrow unless you share yours…

    Feel better…sigh…

  2. So terrible about your friend! Things like that prey on your mind for a long time.

    Chili, brats, football and pumpkin frappes all sound so fallish – all except the part about the 85 degrees! We have about 90, but that’s fall for us…

  3. Last year a girlfriend of mine from high school passed away (I think it was a heart attack as well). It sucks. How can a 40 year old die of a heart attack? Talk about rubbing one’s nose it mortality. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I don’t know if you follow James (Ready When You Are, C.B.) but in his post today he was talking about the new Murakami book. He was trying to woo the clerk to let him have it early, or at least allow him to sit behind the counter and read some of it. As it was, they did let him touch and smell it. You guys are so funny!

  4. So very sorry to hear about your friend. That’s terrible … and you’re right, there’s something special about high school friends and when you lose a peer, it’s a tough thing indeed.

  5. Ah, Ti, I’m sorry about your friend. It really tough to lose a friend, but even more so in someone so young. Hugs to you.

    Chili sounds good, but we’re not very cool yet either. Maybe in a couple of weeks?

  6. Glad you ventured out and that Otter Pup was pretty successful today!

    So sorry to hear about your friend! Thinking of you and his family.

  7. Otter Pup looks very happy, and just a little smug…seems to be saying “I’ve got it made here!”

    It’s hard to lose a friend, even tougher when it’s one from high school. Hugs.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. It does sound as if that was hard on you. I will be thinking of you. Also, I would love to take my little moppets down to the dog park, but although they do fine here, they are tremendously badly behaved in public, so I don’t think that will be happening soon. Whenever we take them out for a walk, they act very rude towards the other dogs, and strain at their leashes and bark. It seems like we can’t trust them at the dog park, though I would love to go sometime!

    1. That’s how my pup is! She is amazingly good at home, but as soon as she goes out, she becomes an unknown. However, she is older now and seems a bit more settled. She acted like a lady with manners at the park AND she walked on her leash as if she’s been doing it all her life. That gave me the confidence I needed to try it again. We will go again this weekend.

  9. I sent you virtual hugs already, but I’ll send you some more. I just came over from CB’s blog about 1Q84, so it seems this is not only an author I’ve missed out on but is a problem that I must remedy soon. Sounds like you had a good Sunday with chili and reading…Have you picked the next book?

    1. Thanks, Serena. I’ll take all the hugs I can get. I just can’t get over the sadness. I keep remembering how it was back in high school. Just a group of kids, having fun…watching out for each other. I feel as if I lost a brother.

      Murakami has a huge cult following. Every time I post about him, I get no less than 2500 hits. Yep!! He’s HUGE and I like to call him the Japanese Cowboy because he loves American pop culture.

      I am reading The Train of Small Mercies. I was supposed to be done with it by now but got sidetracked. I read a few chapters last night so that is what I’ll read with 1Q84 when it comes out tomorrow.

  10. So sorry to hear about your friend, that is very sad news. So young to have a heart attack (much less die from one).

    Otter Pup does look happy, indeed. The dogs parks can be scary at times, even when you know your dog it’s always a new experience. We went to one a few years ago and our dog was pinned. The owner of the other dog did nothing! He thought it was cool. We have never been back. Jessie is so timid that this was a tough day for her, I’m sure the other dog could sense this from her…

    I also made chili yesterday!

    1. My dog definitely thinks she is the alpha so that snap snap thing she does, is to put them in their place. It’s worked for her in the past but I fear that one day she’ll meet her match and the other dog’s snap won’t be for show. Plus, I would be mortified if she ever bit anyone’s dog.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, 40 is much too young. I’ll be hugging friends and family extra hard this week.

    On a much lighter note, good heavens your otter pup is adorable. She makes you just want to scoop her up and cuddle. Hope the rest of your weekend went well and that you can stand the wait for your new read. There’s nothing like waiting for a particular book.

    1. I showed the photo to someone I work with and she said the pup was scary looking. Said that her eyes were too human. I made a face but said secretly, “Hater!” LOL.

  12. So sorry to hear about your high school friend. It just out and out stinks!

    As for a next book, I just discovered Janet Evanovich’s Stefanie Plum mysteries. They are light and easy reads. Have you read them.

    1. I’ve listened to a few of her books. They are great for traveling but I was a bit restless while reading the print versions. There are two ladies in my book club that love that series!

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