What do you call a Murakami Groupie?

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a book.


I am becoming that annoying person, the one that keeps harping on the same subject, but Murakami’s writing does something to me. I am totally obsessed and cannot wait for this darn book to come out.

There is a midnight release party for it, but to be honest, as much as I love the guy, I don’t think I will be able to swing it. I get up at 4am to go to work so unless I stay up ALL NIGHT LONG, it isn’t going to happen. I should have planned better by taking tomorrow off, but at the time, plans for a midnight book event did not exist. Plus, The Hub told me that he didn’t want me wandering around Hollywood at midnight. I asked, “What could go wrong?” All he did was give me that look. Apparently, he’s gotten to know me quite well during our almost 18 years of marriage.


Being on Facebook has made me more crazy than I normally am. The following links were posted there and got me all stirred up.

How Haruki Murakami’s ‘1Q84’ Was Translated into English

Tokyo Prose

The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami

Chipp Kidd on Designing the 1Q84 Cover (video)

As you can see, I am dying over here. The thought of that book coming out at midnight and me, not being able to get to it is just too much. I know I can Kindle it, but Kidd mentions a surprise with the page numbers and my Kindle is 2nd generation, no page numbers! That means I have to buy the book. Or, I can buy both.

What do you call a Murakami groupie anyway? I’m sure there is a name for us, but I haven’t come across it yet.

18 thoughts on “What do you call a Murakami Groupie?”

  1. I wonder what a groupie would be called, but you and CB would definitely fit the grouping. I hope you get your hands on it even without the midnight launch party. I’m glad you are excited…I love when bloggers are excited about author’s new books. It makes me want to jump on the bandwagon…hence the hold at my library for one of Murakami’s short story collections like you suggested.

    1. I considered asking The Hub to get the book for me, but he would probably get me a flawed copy. Men don’t typically pay attention to that stuff unless they are readers and he certainly isn’t!

  2. Well… since this author is new to me, I will call you a groupie (with honor)! I hope the book lives up to your excitement, enjoy reading it.

    I can’t wait to read your review. The last book I was this excited over was Neffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry. I long for a novel to make me this excited!

  3. I wanted to go to the midnight launch party here and almost signed up when I realized I have that procedure tomorrow that was cancelled last month. I have to be up and out of here Very early. I almost rescheduled the procedure but then I thought that was probably a little ridiculous.

    I know you’ll read the book before me and I cannot wait to read your thoughts and how much you enjoyed the book!

  4. I think you should take all of your crazy energy and brainstorm that name! I won’t be surprised to read that you bought it for your Kinle and also a hardcover!

  5. I haven’t read any of Murakami’s work at all yet, though I have, and have been dying to read, Kafka. There’s never enough time for the things we want to do.

  6. I have been hearing a lot about this book, and I am thinking about making it my first Murakami. It sounds like it’s going to be spectacular, and I can totally see why you are so anxious for it to come out! I hope that you have it in your hands very soon!

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  8. Did you get the book? I’ve been going back and forth and am still undecided. Not because I don’t want to read, but because I won’t get to read it for the next 4 months, and I don’t want to kill myself by staring at it every day.

    1. Yes! I got it on Tuesday in book form. I am about 50 pages in and love it so far. If you get it, you WILL want to read it so of you can’t, hold off for right now.

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