The Sunday Salon: The End of Summer (for me)

Cowboys & Aliens

I’ve been saying it for weeks but summer never quite hit me this year. The weather kicked in late and the “summer” that I had painted in my mind never materialized. I’ll admit,  I was sort of depressed about it but the good thing is that I went right into fall, which is my favorite time of the year anyway.

School shopping (supplies and clothes) was completed yesterday. I buy clothes all summer long but I still had the shoes to contend with. Bought ’em all on sale and everyone is happy. Right afterward I plopped down with a glass of Australian Shiraz and read a good chunk of Cutting for Stone. The book has nothing to do with Australia but it’s what I had on hand and it met my criteria for drinking. It was red and mellow and wonderful.

The Sunday Salon

This morning, The Girl and I got up early to make a stack of gluten-free pancakes, sausage and her famous eggs so we are all stuffed now.

Later this afternoon I am going to see Cowboys & Aliens. I heard that it got horrible reviews but my ticket is already purchased so I am hoping that Ford and Craig will make it worth my while. After the movie, I am going to Sisley for dinner. Should be a nice, relaxing evening.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I am about to pour myself a second cup of Joe (French Roast today), so all is good here.

31 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The End of Summer (for me)”

  1. Feel what you are saying. I never quite felt summer either. Sigh. Well, here is to a wonderful fall. And more shiraz. And Daniel Craig to look at makes a movie redeemable for me. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. I am still thinking of Craig’s butt in those chaps. I am not a public drooler over such things but man, I wanted to drool.

  2. Up in Santa Barbara I got rained on this morning while I walked the dog! Our summer has had the weirdest weather. However, I will not complain because we have avoided the nasty heat wave everyone else had been dealing with. It sounds like you have a lovely day planned!

    1. It ended up raining a tiny bit here. It actually helped get rid of the humidity we’ve been experiencing. As far as the weather goes it’s been pleasant down here. Not too hot, but sunny.

  3. I am sorry your summer hasn’t been all you hoped it would be! Here in SF, our hottest months are Sept and Oct so we are used to waiting until fall to get excited anyway 🙂

    1. I remember San Francisco last year when we visited. It was like, 65 degrees but after being in that Yosemite room without any AC (95 degrees in the room!) that 65 in SFfelt like heaven. Next time I need you or Matt from Moleskine Notebook to tell me where all the bookstores are. It was a last minute decision to hit SF and apparently, I missed a lot of them.

  4. Oooo I love Australian Shiraz! I think it goes well with Cutting for Stone, too. When I wrote my S. Salon post today I referenced your comment last week about summer being over already I just couldn’t remember whose blog I read it on while I was writing my post! I also said something about it being ok cuz Autumn is coming and that’s my favorite time of year!

    It sounds like you have a great evening planned. I hope the movie surprises you….sometimes I’m just in the mood for silly, stupid anyway and, besides, it’s got Ford & Craig, that would carry a movie pretty far for me. I hope it works out for you!

    How’s Kafka on the Shore? It’s pathetic how long I’ve been planning to read that book!

    1. Kafka on the Shore was mind blowing. I loved it but most won’t won’t. It is WAY out there! I don’t know how I will ever review it. I am going to attempt to tomorrow.

  5. Will be interested to hear what you think about Cutting For Stone and also Kafka on the Shore that I’m seeing on the left sidebar. I enjoyed both, although I really, really liked Cutting For Stone.

  6. I envy you that you’ve got your shopping done. We haven’t even started that here, but then school doesn’t start until the second week of September for us.

    i had chocolate chip pancakes and Chocolate Macadamia nut Kona coffee for brunch this morning and it was a wonderful indulgence (especially since I used oil to cook that pancake, so it was more like a funnel cake – all crispy and deliciously unhealthy).

    1. I was told long ago to use olive oil to cook pancakes and I’ve been doing it ever since. Crispy edges, good fats. No lingering olive oil taste.

  7. You certainly do the school shopping thing right!! My son makes life easy for me…he loves one store and picks a few things!! He’s more interested in getting new football cleats than anything else. The wine sounds good regardless!! 😀

    Hope the movie was good…???? I thought it looked rather silly but what do I know? 😀

  8. I wanted that movie to be amazing…and maybe it still will be…have fun and I will want to know your thoughts about it tomorrow.

  9. Fall is my favorite time of year as well… I always look forward to it! It’s pretty warm today where I am so it’s feeling a bit like summer, which lends to nice reading time out on the front porch.

    Now-a-days I feel like almost any movie is fun since I hardly ever go! Is that pathetic? Plus you need to “analyze” Craig to make sure he’ll be good as Blomkvist, right? 😉

    I see you’ve started Model Home (I remember being with you when you bought it)… will be curious to see what you think. I’m pretty sure I have copy of Cutting for Stone somewhere — always nice to have a good book rec to go with a glass of wine!

    1. I rarely go to a theater to seea movie. I have a very low tolerance for rude people and their cell phones, their loud whispering and their crinkly bags of food, so I usually watch movies from the comfort of my home. Every once in a while though I want the full experience and this was one of those times.

  10. Despite all the buzz, I just now learned what Cowboys and Aliens was about. I think the premise is just so cool. I hope it isn’t awful.

    And I feel like I’m having a quintessential summer. Too bad you never really felt it.

  11. Oh I hope cowboys and aliens isnt too bad as I have promised my husband I would go with him. I only just managed to get out of seeing Tron.

  12. Even though it’s only August 1, summer is winding down here, too. Twin A off to college next weekend, then moving the other two around the rest of the month. Oh well, fall is my favorite, too. Loved Cutting for Stone!

  13. I am hoping you enjoy Cutting For Stone even half as much as I did. And Abraham is a delightful man. Sounds like you have the right idea with the wine. And I hope you like the movie. My husband is taking himself to see Cowboys sometime this week while I am working.

    1. The movie was good! I am about 75% done with Cutting for Stone. I’ve hit a tiny slow spot so I am hoping it picks up soon.

      Visit my blog: Book Chatter

  14. Summer is still going full force here! Kids don’t go back to school until after Labor Day in the North East, so we still are looking forward to a vacation and more pool time.

  15. I thought of you and Other Jill on Saturday, when I was trolling the shelves at Borders. I bought a Jo Nesbo…I’m sure it’s completely out of order in the series, but it was the only one on the shelf. And shame on me, I can’t even remember the title.

  16. I can feel the end of summer breathing down my neck and I’m none to happy about it. Luckily, my boy child doesn’t need so much in the way of clothes. Couldn’t summer stick around just a month longer. I haven’t had nearly enough of it.

    1. I am glad it’s not super super hot but that summery feeling of not having anything to do but kick back with your feet up, book in one hand, cold beverage in the other… ahhh. Love it. We should have that at least until Labor Day (imo).

  17. I’m still kind of surprised that summer is more or less over. The other day I was looking out of the window, and leaves were actually yellowing and falling out. Eh? I’m not much of a summer person, but it’s still scary, all these weird climate cycles.

    1. After the tsunsmi years ago in Thailand, I noticed changes to our weather but after the one in Japan, I really noticed a change. Scientists say that these things don’t affect our weather patterns but how can they not? The earth’s axis was knocked off by several degrees.

      I do love fall though. We don’t get much in the way of changing leaves but last year at the beginning of winterit snowed twice (several inches) in Southern California and to me, that was amazing.

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