The Sunday Salon: Library Love

Canyon Country Library
Our libraries were county-run  and were recently taken over by the city. During this process, they were closed for about three months. The new, city run facilities opened last week and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

They created “teen” centers in each one, added a slew of new computers and they are in the process of adding additional titles. This is all great, but what we missed before, what was sorely needed, was staff who cared about the patrons. We have that now. I’ve been to two libraries out of the three and so far, everyone has been extremely helpful and seems to really enjoy reading. Seems like such a simple thing but being a reader makes a huge difference.

What did I pick up?

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver
Caribou Island, by David Vann
Full Dark, No Stars, by Stephen King
How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, by Charles Yu
The Upright Piano Player, by David Abbott

I don’t know how I will get through these in addition to everything I have been sent, and everything I’ve chosen to read this summer but it’s the kind of stress that I’m willing to live with.

The Sunday Salon

As for the rest of the day…

I just finished my errands. Can you believe that the Halloween stuff is being loaded into stores right now? Are they crazy? It’s bad enough with the back-to-school stuff but Halloween??

For dinner, I’ve got gluten-free chili cooking in the crock-pot and I am about to enjoy a cold glass of something and sit down with Duma Key. I am 400 pages in and loving every minute of it. What are you up to today?

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Library Love”

  1. You make me feel badly that I never use the library…but you have made me want to try Duma Key…I think I am going to get it as an audio book to listen to when we go to Maine in the fall…so for that I thank you…cheers…

    1. I use the library in spurts. I would have used it more had the experience been pleasant. I’m hoping with these changes the good things will stick and I’ll be able to use it more.

      I just finished Duma. You really need to read it, or listen to it. It would probably be great to listen to.

  2. Gotta love a new updated library, congrats! I’m hanging with a friend who’s in from out of town and then we’re heading to the grocery store in a bit… Starting Game On! Tomorrow and need to be prepared. Am a little nervous.

  3. I like libraries and not just because I work at one. 🙂 I especially like small town libraries as that is what I am accustomed to…however I’ve been to a larger suburban area’s library and it was nice too…if not a little overcrowded for my tastes naturally. I’d like to say I’ve been reading today, but alas, I haven’t been. That’s what I hope to do some of tonight.

    1. I like smaller libraries as well. Ours are not that large. They certainly have the potential of being cozy reading spots, but in the past, you didn’t want to spend too much time there. Now, it seems as if they’ve added a bit more seating and a few more private spaces. They do seem more inviting.

  4. I miss visiting a real library so much! Yours looks and sounds so nice. The libraries here are sadly underfunded and I miss having access to a nice one. I love a nice library…even worked in one while I was in college. Heavy sigh. 🙂

    1. My office is located in a university library so I do have access to books when I need them, but I don’t enjoy the university library all that much. It’s crowded and books are never on the shelf. I do hope these new libraries are successful. I know others worried that we’d lose titles if we lost access to the county system but the city went out and purchased quite a bit, and they are still buying so I am hoping for the best.

  5. Great to hear that you are pleased with the way things are now being run at the libraries. I was out of control with my library hauls, and seemed to returning more unread than read, so now I really only try to request audio books.

    Hope you have a great week (4 day w/end for me so I psyched).

    1. When I hit the library before, I’d never find what I was looking for. This time, I found all of the books on my list. That NEVER happens. It will be a bit of a juggle to get them read but I am really excited about them. Enjoy your long weekend!

  6. What a nice story about your local libraries. I love hearing positive things about libraries these days. So many are struggling just to remain open. OK, I’ve never understood wanting to work in a library and not loving reading. Most of the people I worked with were readers, but there were a few that didn’t enjoy it. I actually asked a couple of them why they were there. I mean, talking books and doing reader advisory were my favorite parts of working there.

    1. I know that some librarians are more focused on research so perhaps their love of reading doesn’t shine through quite as much, but there is nothing like an excited librarian to get you all jazzed about reading. We had the adult services rep visit with us and her enthusiasm was contagious.

  7. Start with Before I Fall, then maybe the King selection? It makes my heart happy to hear about great libraries. They are so under appreciated I think.

    Just finished Wendy Wax’s “Ten Beach Road” and am starting “What Alice Forgot” for a book club. I also have about a half disc left of Clara and Mr. Tiffany which has been incredible.

    1. I am going to follow your advice and start with Before I Fall. I am going to wait on King (just a bit) since I just finished Duma Key (loved it!). I gotta space my King out so I can appreciate it properly.

  8. That’s great that this change in the library system worked out so well. I wonder if they’ll be doing this to the one’s in SF too.

    1. A lot of folks by me were picketing the new library system because they feared that it would not succeed without help from the county. It’s early yet, but so far it’s 100% better as far as I’m concerned. More hours even!

  9. Congratulations on the new library, I’m jealous. My relationship with my library is, well, almost nonexistent. The libraries haven’t closed yet but they are not really brining in new titles and since my policy is only audio from the library… you get the idea.

    I spent the weekend taking online classes for potential strike duty, yesterday we traveled to the job site to see how long it will take to get there (and to check out the neighborhood). Nothing special this weekend, but that’s okay.

    Have a great day!

    1. I read your other post about the potential strike. I sure hope it doesn’t happen. I know it’s a lot of prepping on your part in the event that it does, but I’m still hoping they can come to an agreement.

  10. Yay for libraries! I just wish Montreal had a better library system or at least that we had access to more English books. (Not that I really need more books to read either!) Hope the gluten-free chili was yummy!

  11. Yay! I know what you mean about librarians who care for patrons. And it makes all the difference. I would hate to go to a library and see a grouchy staff member.

  12. Hooray for a happy library story! Changes in leadership, management and execution have rampant with public libraries, and yours is the first happy one I’ve heard. I hope it continues to delight you!

  13. That is great that your city took over the library and it sounds like it will be a success! Ours is old and limited services as the county has not passed a levy, it’s sad when communities don’t support our libraries.

  14. Yay for good libraries (and librarians)! I cannot believe they are stocking Halloween stuff already. When I saw that I had to check the date on your post to make sure I hadn’t clicked through to the wrong one. 🙂 Crazy!

  15. Yay for improved libraries! Sounds like the overhaul was needed and worthwhile. And are you joking about the Halloween stuff???? THAT IS INSANE!! We have the back to school stuff, and I learned the hard way last year that I need to act now if I want to score the plastic folders that the Little One is supposed to have.

  16. I love a good library and it certainly sounds like you now have some nice ones. You picked up some great books, too!

    I think the stress of having too much too read is great, too!

    Have a great week!

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