The Sunday Salon: Father’s Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Today we are spending a relaxing afternoon at home. I picked up some steaks and lobsters for the grill and we just finished watching Winter’s Bone (which I’ve had from Netflix for 3 months). It was very good. It always amazes me how long I sit on a DVD from Netflix before I actually watch it. It’s just hard to work a non-kid movie into the mix. The timing has to be right, etc.

I know it’s Father’s Day weekend but my Blackberry was dying a slow death, so I ended up getting a new phone. Yeah, I know. It’s HIS day yet I end up with a new gadget.

Droid Pro

So this is my new phone…the Droid Pro. It’s a touchscreen AND has a Qwerty keyboard. The perfect transition for this Blackberry user. I really liked my old Blackberry, but the new operating system leaves a lot to be desired. So far, I am loving my Droid Pro. If the iPhone had a keyboard like this, I’d go with an iPhone as I love Apple products but this has both the keyboard AND the virtual keyboard in landscape. Perfect.

The rest of the weekend is kind of all over the place. I trimmed The Boy’s hair, washed the dog, did a bunch of laundry, went shopping for the week and now I am just worn out. Hoping to unwind a bit over dinner.

If I get a chance to sit down, I plan to continue with The House of Tomorrow. I’m liking it so far, but I did what I can never do. I put it down for too long and now I don’t feel like reading it again. Does that ever happen to you? It has nothing to do with the book, it’s just the time away from it. I just can’t set a book aside for too long.

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Father’s Day 2011”

    1. I love it, Kathy! I type a lot without looking, so it helps to have buttons, plus my nails are too long to type on a touchscreen.


  1. I put books down for too long ALL THE TIME and I always feel horrible when I come to that realization that I just don’t care enough to skim what I read through long ago so I can pick back up where I left off. There are stacks of books around my room that are just, like, constantly glaring at me. Ugh, worst. Well, technically, not worst, but definitely not good…

  2. Last Mother’s Day, my husband got an iPhone so you getting a new phone on Father’s Day helped to balance that out. I like that!!!

  3. I really enjoyed House of Tomorrow, but I totally get what your saying about what happens when you put down a book for too long. I think part of the problems is you lose the details and the intimacy. If you know I mean.

  4. Sounds as though you need to chillax right now…so do it…and I always finish every single book I start…that is why I only read one book at a time…always ever and forever…

  5. I laughed about your Netflix comment. We’ve had THE TOURIST for 2 months and I’m not sure why I keep passing it up and putting in another movie. I should probably just send it back if I don’t feel like watching it that badly. Did you enjoy WINTER’S BONE? I’ve thought about getting that one. Not sure my husband would like it, but I could watch it when he’s not home.

    Enjoy your phone. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby! Have a good week, Ti.

    1. Winter’s Bone was great. I set out to watch it by myself, but then The Hub joined me. He liked it too!

      Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

  6. This phone was definitely not at the Verizon store when I was there two weeks ago. Is it brand new?!? It’s exactly what I was looking for, haha! Oh well — the Blackberry is being good to me, and I’m happy to be back with a QWERTY keypad after a touchscreen. You definitely have the best of both worlds there. How fun!

  7. I don’t have a fancy phone..afraid if I did I’d be on it texting all the time 😀

    I walked away from War and Peace quite by accident and then by the time I realized I hadn’t read it for several days I felt overwhelmed to pick it up again!!

  8. My teenagers use Netflix more than I do…if I get a chance to watch something, it’s usually in the “watch instantly” section bc I never know when I’m going to get a couple of hours to watch something that’s not a kid/family show :/ I love days like today that are perfect excuses to spend time with our families 🙂

  9. It’s so hard to put a book down and get back into it. I did this recently with Sense and Sensibility…. dare I say I didn’t like this book? The story was so boring, I had to keep reminding myself that it was written 100+ years ago. Anna K holds up though…

    Congrats on the new phone. I have an iphone… never use it to reply to emails because I can’t type on it (not interested).

  10. Loved, loved Winter’s Bone. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing in it…and I totally can see her in The Hunger Games after that performance. The book Winter’s Bone also was a pretty good book…short but engaging. However, I still thought the movie was better, because it fleshed out things a little more than the book did.

    1. I liked it so much I actually ended up seeing it twice. Once on my own and then The Hub walked in and wanted me to play it from the beginning. I wouldn’t mind having the soundtrack either.

  11. I love your new phone! I’m seriously heading towards getting myself an iPhone. After using the iPad and my iPod, I really want one. As for the book reading — that happens to me and you’re right, it’s nothing against the book. If I put it down and get sidetracked long enough, I have the hardest time getting back into it. That’s happening with my current book and it’s frustrating me. Have a great week Ti!

  12. Clearly I did not plan Father’s Day well enough–my Blackberry, after 2 1/2 yrs, is starting to be a little slow to wake up in the mornings. I’m sure that doesn’t bode well. My husband has two phones (his iPhone and a work Blackberry) and wants me to take the iPhone but I DO NOT WANT IT! Which he cannot understand. I want a real keyboard like you did!

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