The Sunday Salon: Where did the weekend go?

Sunday Salon

I’m not sure what happened but the weekend came and went and I didn’t really get to enjoy it. That’s what I get for booking a dental appointment for Saturday. After that, I spent the rest of the day running errands and Sunday was more of the same. You know how it goes.

At around 2pm today The Hub took The Girl to visit his brother just so I could finish Ordinary Thunderstorms for a book tour on Tuesday. I did manage to finish the book but man, did I have a headache afterward. Not because of the book, but because of an ear ache that came out of nowhere. It’s gone now. Not sure what was going on with that.

Oh, and the weather… what is up with the weather? It rained this morning and it was cold and windy and then the sun came out later this afternoon. Such strange weather for May. I like for it to be cooler, but it doesn’t feel like the end of the school year when the weather is like this. Of course, I will be complaining about the 100+ heat when it hits so I guess I should be glad that it’s cool now.

Well, The Girl is in bed and The Boy is about to hit the sack so that means it’s almost reading time for me. I started The Wikkeling (very strange) and I may start The Violets of March. Really, this is very ambitious of me because I feel as if I could crash right now. Could be due to the delicious Mexican hot chocolate I just downed.

Hope you had a good weekend.

12 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Where did the weekend go?”

  1. Exactly! Between IKEA shopping, put together furniture, filling my tax return and cleaning the house to be able to welcome my bookclub tonight with no shame, I don’t know what I did with my weekend 🙂

  2. Dentists in your area work on Saturdays? They don’t even work on Fridays around here.

    We had a good weekend because my mother, sister and nephew were visiting.

    1. The saturday appointment ensures that two things happen: 1) That the Hub has his teeth checked too. We go together. If we don’t do this, I think he’d cancel his appt because of work, etc. 2) We get to hit our fave restaurant right afterward. It’s sort of a drive so the great lunch afterward makes up for it. It does take-up half a day when we do it though. I figure I can live with it when it only happens twice a year.

  3. I vote that school and work occurs over four days, and we have a three day weekend. No way you can do everything you need in two days, especially when there are no less than a dozen things on the to do list.

  4. Can’t wait to hear your review of The Wikkeling, because that’s twice now you’ve said it’s strange! :–) And yay, I love when you get rain, because that usually means it’s coming our way!

    1. I am a good ways into The Wikkeling yet I cannot shake the strange feeling I get every time I pick it up. The illustrations are disturbing. The story hasn’t grabbed me yet and although I keep saying it’s strange, I can’t really tell you why. It’s just the weird feeling I get every time I pick it up. Almost as if there is some subliminal message to it that I am not quite picking up, but picking up enough to know that it’s not sitting right with me. Why don’t you read your copy so you can see what I mean? LOL.

  5. We’ve been having crazy spring weather too. I never know how to dress from day to day. And my husband had a mysterious earache arrive from nowhere the other day too. Odd.

    1. Hey, I haven’t forgotten your other question to me.. about which novels depicted dysfunction realistically and which ones didn’t. I’ve just been formulating my thoughts which translates to… trying to remember 🙂 I will get back to you on it.

  6. I hate week ends that zip by…even though I am not teaching any more…I feel for my husband when the Sunday night blues hit!!!
    No more week end dental visits…promise!!!

  7. What’s Mexican Hot chocolate? I want some 😀

    This weekend moved by fast for me too and strangely enough our weather was very similar!!

    1. Mexican hot chocolate is made with a block of chocolate that is infused with cinnamon oils and other spices. It’s so yummy.

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  8. Our company is gone… I finally have time to catch up with my favorite websites (a little me time).

    The weather… it’s easy to complain about.

    I hope you enjoy the Violets of March, I have this on my list too (MMBC pick for July). Love you facebook button!

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