A Few Exciting Tidbits

Indie Lit Awards

Bloggers are always asking me how to get books. Well, there are a lot of ways but wouldn’t it be wonderful if bloggers could sign-up to receive books? Well, this year’s Indie Lit Awards is going to help you with that. If you are a book blogger, interested in reviewing what could potentially be the best book of 2011, then head on over to the Indie Lit Awards site, select a genre, and sign-up to receive books.

Additionally, Wallace and I have decided to open the awards up to ALL readers. Meaning, that you don’t need to be a blogger to nominate a book. When nominations open in September, you…as a reader can nominate your fave books published in 2011. I’ll post more about the process as we get closer.

On a personal note, The Boy’s school year ends in two weeks! I can’t believe it. The short year is due to mandatory furlough days for the teachers, but I will be so glad when he is done. It’s been rough keeping him on track during his first year of middle school. He’s brilliant in so many ways, charismatic, and his teachers enjoy having him around but he’s so unorganized! His backpack is a walking disaster and I am tired of getting on him about it. I can’t wait to take all of his notebooks and just toss ’em. They have to glue their assignments into a spiral binder and they always fall out, everywhere. Can’t wait to ditch ’em.

Summer basketball is about the start-up for The Boy, yet no swimming lessons this year. I miss them. I use to spend so much time at the pool, reading and listening to the splashes in the background. It just screamed summer to me but they are both swimmers now so they aren’t needed. Somehow, sitting in a hot gym doesn’t have the same appeal.

Okay, that last part wasn’t too exciting but it’s exciting to me. I love when my kids are involved with stuff. I go crazy nuts keeping track of it all, but I love for them to make new friends and have fun. The Girl will be playing volleyball in the fall so her summer will be easy (just summer day camp).

What are you doing for the weekend? I am going to the dentist. I know… sooooo fun.

15 thoughts on “A Few Exciting Tidbits”

  1. I undersand the crazy schedule thing and loving it even though it is overwhelming. Someday I will really miss having kids this age and getting to run around like a crazy woman!

  2. I went to the site and was unable to find a way to sign up but am very “interested in reviewing what could potentially be the best book of 2011” 🙂 Currently I review for a facebook page called Book Junkie Review as well as run a page called All my Book finds. I have recently made a goodreads group, a blog on blogger, and a blog on tumblr that all revolve around books and reading. As you might can tell reading is my passion! I’m the type of person that will read anything once, twice if I survive the first time!

    1. Go to the specific genre page on the site, and you’ll see the “Mister Linky” green link… click on that and you will be able to add the link to your blog. 🙂

  3. I love when school is out and my Drill Sargent uniform can be packed away. Plus, I really dig (yes, I’m just that cool) my kids and love hanging out with them. I know what you mean about missing swim lessons. It’s just such a summer thing.

  4. I love those summer routines…and I love the idea that you and Wallace came up with…I checked it out yesterday.

    My husband has been away all week long…Lucy and I have been bachelor girls…going crazy with girlie movies and eating cheerios and baked stuffed potatoes…now we will be back to business…perhaps a date night on Saturday?

    1. Whenever I was loning it for the weekend (before kids) I’d pickup two things… pot pies and Ben and Jerry’s. The two, WORST things you could possibly eat and eat them all weekend. Ha!

  5. I was always as ready for the school year to be over as the kids! Now that I’m down to only one more year after this one, it’s starting to get bittersweet.

  6. I have always enjoyed the craziness of my two boys being in different activities..I will miss it when my youngest graduates in two short years.

    My weekend has consisted of reading, watching tv., eating, laundry…the weather is terrible! Windy, wet, and cold!

    1. It rained here. The sun it out now but it’s cold (65) and windy. Too cold for May.

      We are wrapping up lunch and errands and then I’ll get to read.

      Sent from my BlackBerry

  7. I find the kids’ activities overwhelming a lot of the time, but the flip side is it keeps them out of trouble (and from begging to watch tv & play video games).

  8. Wow, the time really flies by, doesn’t it? The kids are growing up so fast. I remember 3 years ago hearing about them and now they seem to just be so busy all the time. It’s really great that they’re doing well.

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