Reading, Weather and a Very Large Bug

Spring Break is in full swing.  I’ve been doing a little reading,  but now that weather has turned a bit rainy I hope to get more reading in. You know how it is when it’s sunny… you just can’t get any reading in.

Of course when I was younger I could lay on the beach all day with a book in my hand, but I certainly can’t do that now. The Boy and The Girl won’t let me. They are “see and do” types and get really antsy if I am just sitting there reading.

On another note…

At about 1am this morning, I woke to a very large bug on my face. I am not squeamish but when there is something of weight, sitting on your chin, and you are half asleep, you tend to lose it a little bit. I knocked it off and then couldn’t find it (which did not comfort me). The Otter Pup came to my rescue but then ran away with her tail between her legs so I am thinking it was a rather large bug. All I know is that it had a shell. Ick.

I am going to take a break from the bugs and spend the night reading. I brought a tall stack of books with me (some dystopian, some literary fiction) and will  make camp in the large recliner. We’ll see how my forty-something body reacts to a night in a recliner.

15 thoughts on “Reading, Weather and a Very Large Bug”

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t help but LOL. But I know how you feel. We have these huge bugs called water bugs that come out in damp weather. I can’t stand those things. I cannot rest until I find that sucker.

  2. That would have done some serious damage to my psyche. Maybe a palmetto, maybe a beetle. Whatever bug, it is bad. I have nightmares about bugs crawling on me, never mind reality. How horrible. Hope you get more satisfying reading done than I did during Spring Break!

  3. It’s Spring Break here too and the weather has been horrible so I’ve actually been able to read a lot!! Hopefully the bugs stay away!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time 😀

  4. How creepy! I remember having a spider drop in on me at night! Almost had a heart attack although I didn’t know what the critter actually was until morning when I saw its body. Horrid experience. Hope you enjoyed your books.

  5. Ohhhhh my gosh. My neighbors would have had to call the police if that had happened to me because I would have been screaming so loud.

    Here’s hoping for a good reading, comfortable reclining, no bug night. 🙂

  6. My very close to big 4 body surely can’t take a night in a recliner very good. I hope you have a productive reading night though!

    I’m not scare of bugs, but I’m frighten of lizards!

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