The Sunday Salon: Shiny and New

2010 Indie Lit Shortlist

I’m sitting in my freezing house trying to figure out how The Boy and The Hub could hit a theme park today. It’s about to rain and it’s cold (by California standards) and for whatever reason I cannot get warm. It’s the perfect day to sit on the couch with a stack of books though, which is what I plan to do.

Someone asked me if I received any books as gifts this year. I did not, but I did buy all five of the titles shortlisted for the Indie Lit Awards, lit fiction category (pictured above). I’ve already finished two of them. The rest, I must finish by the 21st of the month so I plan to start book three right after I finish this post.

It’s a brand new year and I should feel all shiny and new but I feel sort of used and spotty. I’ve been staying up a bit too late during my weeks off and now my internal clock is sort of out of whack. Should make for an interesting Monday, if I do say so myself.

I do love a new year, though. I bought a new Moleskine pocket calendar and will be updating it for the coming year. I am a bit of a fanatic about my calendar. I’ve gone through several formats lately, trying to cut down on bulk and I am hoping this one fits me. I have my Blackberry which I also use but I like to see my schedule laid out before me, and it’s hard to do on a device.

The Sunday Salon

I plan to spend the rest of the day being as lazy as possible, reading, snacking, and heating up leftover gumbo. That’s my plan. what’s yours?

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Shiny and New”

  1. Ti, your plan for the day sounds great. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think about the 5 books. I’ve got at least 3 of them in my TBR.

  2. Your day sounds delightful…make sure you follow through…have a great work week…once you get through Monday you will be fine…I will be thinking of you…

  3. Sorry you are cold today – I couldn’t knock a chill yesterday (I was wearing two fleece, one over the other) so I understand the feeling.

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the titles above, looks like a good selection of books. I just finished reading a new favorite book, will review it this week (The Secret lives of Baba Segi’s Wives… loved it).

    I’m also going back to work tomorrow…. it will be an adjustment.

    Time to walk the puppy (before the sunsets). Have a great night!

  4. I’ve only read Room, but have Great House on my iPod. Hope u enjoy them all (for some reason don’t think I’d enjoy C –pls. convince me otherwise):

    I dread returning to work tomorrow after 10 days off. I can imagine how you feel.

    I had the Moleskine pocket calendar for 2010 and really liked it but for some reason. I bought the 5×7 size this year, hoping it would accommodate my book jotting better –we shall see.

    Have a great week Ti.

    1. I went back and forth between the small and large calendar (which is so dumb) and then decided on the small one. We’ll see. I carted around a daytimer for 15 years which suited me fine until I had to carry a Kindle and iPod and Blackberry. I like the larger size but for a daily calendar it would be like carting around a book!

  5. It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Especially at night. 😦 My nose doesn’t do well in the cold. The rain just started up again here. Maybe now the temp will warm up.

    Your day sounds wonderful, Ti. I hope you are able to get in lots of reading!

  6. I am dreading tomorrow morning too. I have been off since last Thursday and have been up way too late the past two nights. My body is out of routine too. πŸ™‚

  7. Ah to have the day so I can be as lazy as possible! Sounds blissful. I haven’t done nearly as much reading this vacation as I had hoped, which really bums me out. You’d think with all our So Cal rain I’d have sat inside and read. Instead I’ve been hosting family. Happy New Year!

  8. Good job, you! Look at you flying through those books. And here I was worried that it might be too much, oh me of little faith. I, too, am having a hard time getting warm… even with a heated pillow and the space heater directly on me (and the heat on in the house)! But I secretly love it… all this weather that gives a good excuse to curl up with a book.

    BTW, I am he same way. Even though there is a calendar on my phone I have to have a paper calendar or I feel unorganized.

  9. I’m pretty sure that all over America, tomorrow people will be walking around like zombies all bleary eyed and wondering how did the holidays go by so fast!! πŸ˜€

  10. I will be watching for your review of Room and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand as I still haven’t purchased a new book for my Kindle and I was considering those two. I hope you get warm soon and your snow doesn’t last long enough to really become a nuisance. Our temps weren’t above 35 for the past week and I am tire of being cold too!

  11. I’m also sleeping in too late & it really cuts into your day, so I make up for it by staying up later. Not a great habit to get into but maybe once my work schedule kicks in, I’ll be back on track. Nice selection of books! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on them πŸ™‚

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t just use her Blackberry for a calendar. I’m with you–I need to see the whole month…I need to be able to see the whole entry for each day. Maybe the iPad would be big enough for me but then that would hardly fit in my purse and you can’t talk on it. So my $2 Walgreens calendar works just fine!

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