A Little Post-Christmas Update

Disneyland at Christmas

There is nothing more magical than Disneyland during the holidays. Here’s how it went down:

  • We made plans over 6 months ago to visit Disneyland over Winter break on December, 22nd.
  • On December 20th, the newscasters were predicting the WORST storm of the year to hit over the next few days.
  • On December 21st, I had a hair appointment and my stylist told me that her visit to Disneyland on December 20th (the day before) was the worst one ever. It poured, none of the food places were open and there was some sort of electrical problem which caused many of the rides to shut down.
  • I came home and told The Hub that we needed to cancel. He said no, that all would be fine.
  • On December 22nd we hit the road at 6am and it was pouring! The freeways were horrible and I am a nervous Nellie when it comes to driving in the rain. I had to take a Dramamine, which works like a sedative for me.
  • We arrived at Disneyland right when the gates opened. No one was there. No one was parked. We literally parked 6 spaces from the elevator on the FIRST floor. Unheard of. We were the only ones on the parking shuttle.  We were the only ones buying tickets. I was a tad stoned from the Dramamine.
  • On Main Street, there were a couple of small groups. That’s it.
  • I jumped up and down. The kids jumped up and down and we all ran to Space Mountain.

The ENTIRE day was that way. There were no lines for anything. We went on everything twice. The only thing I didn’t consider was that I’d be practically hobbled after 15 hours of walking. Oh! And the poor Girl was hobbled too. She wore her boots and her poor little feet got all bruised. Then there was that rude cast member that screamed at us after WE got stuck on Indiana Jones for 30 minutes but I chalked that up to holiday grouchiness. She couldn’t rain on our parade.

Yes, it rained all day but cleared for the fireworks show and then we stayed down there for the night so we didn’t have to worry about the drive back. It was the best trip ever. Oh, and the highlight of the day was Captain Eo. Let me just say, that if the Jacksons had any idea how many people laugh at that attraction, they probably wouldn’t allow it to be viewed. Period.

When we got back the next day, we met friends for dinner at Buca Di Beppo. Great food. Great friends. It was really fun. That place is loud! I had a hard time hearing anyone but it was still fun.

Christmas Eve was spent with the in-laws where there was a bit of family drama. I retreated to the fire pit and hung out with The Boy who also retreated to the fire pit. Thank goodness for the fire pit.

Christmas Day we gorged on french toast and bacon and lots of good coffee and then had a full Christmas dinner later that day. In between, I was able to get a little bit of reading in, but only a little bit.

Yesterday we saw Tron. Good flick. I don’t enjoy movies that much these days. People get on my nerves with their texting and loud talking but I didn’t experience any of that this time. All was good.

I am off this week and trying to catch-up on my reading, which I will explain in another post but my reading list suddenly got longer.

Hope the week is going well for you.

25 thoughts on “A Little Post-Christmas Update”

  1. That’s great that you didn’t let yourselves get rained out of Disneyland. Sounds like it really worked out well in the end! In fact, I think I’m a bit jealous of the riding everything twice with no lines…. =)

  2. Sounds like a great time. We took Caden to Disney World when he was 5 yrs. old. It was Christmas time and in Orlando Florida, it NEVER rains in December but it did. We bought ponchos and did our thing. It was fun. Your Christmas day sounded perfect and what is Christmas without a little drama? LOL! Enjoy your day.

  3. Rats, you reminded me I forgot to make baked French toast for Christmas breakfast. Well, it wasn’t as if we didn’t have enough OTHER junk, but I like to cram it all in at Christmas! (double entendre there)

  4. We had a trip like that to Six Flags in Atlanta once- it rained just enough to keep people away and we didn’t wait in any lines. It was awesome.

  5. Sounds like a good holiday overall! Tron is one of those movies that you either like or don’t I think. I’ve heard that from several people. I agree that talking and texting in the movies makes me less likely to go and spend the money.

  6. Sounds like you and the fam had an awesome time at Disney. What a great trip! Well, except for the rain and hobbling. And I think drama is a prerequisite during the holidays, isn’t it 😉 All in all, sounds like Christmas was great – yummy french toast and Tron the next day ( who could ask for anything more, right?). Have fun catching up with the reading!

  7. WOW…you would have suspected that you would have such a wonderful time at Disneyland considering the weather. How great for all of you. Glad to hear your holiday was good, and who would of thought fire-pits had the potential of “saving a bad day” LOL

  8. Great update! I have found with our attractions down here that adverse weather can actually make for the best visits. Aren’t you glad your husband stood firm? Of course, if you had been miserable, you could have taken it out on him! Anyway, I’m glad it worked out for you.

    We have taken in a couple of movies over the holidays (The Social Network and True Grit) but no Tron. We intended to, but you know how that goes. Virtually no reading. No writing reviews. I’m going to be in a world of hurt next week!

  9. That’s a gorgeous picture Ti! I love your attitude, make lemons out of lemonade and what great memories you’re kids will have. I’ve only been to Disneyworld in Florida. Space Mountain is a favorite. You had an action packed few days, it sounds like you need a rest and some reading time.

  10. OMG…that sounds like the best trip ever…I am very curious about the firepit…probably every home should have one…sooooooooo glad you had fun…

  11. Yay for the happiest place on earth (or is that Disney World?)! Glad the rides were open and you guys had fun!

    I’m reading Major Pettigrew right now, like the good little judge that I am. 😀

  12. Glad Disneyland turned into a success!

    (And whenever we go to Disney World, I’m surprised at how much I hurt at the end of the day. Apparently I am not a kid anymore.)

  13. Way to go for making the best out of something that could have been totally cruddy. I can’t imagine Disneyland empty over Christmas Break! That must have broken some record, don’t you think? And the Captain EO — I’ve never seen that… what were they thinking?!?

      1. Well no wonder I saw a friend on FB post that they got there at 4 a.m. this morning! I thought she was crazy, but apparently that’s what people are having to do. Wow.

  14. What a fantastic trip to Disneyland! aside from the grouchy cast member and some rain, It sounds like a pretty perfect day, no crowds, working rides & then good conditions for the fireworks at the end of the day! I hope the Boy enjoyed it. I would have jumped up and down too! I love Space Mountain! I almost lost my glasses on it once but I think it’s great fun!

    It isn’t the holidays without family drama, glad you had the fire pit & company there :o)

    So you liked Tron? Did you see the first one? Jeff Bridges is a fave of mine but I can’t decide about this movie and I didn’t see the 1st installment.

    Have a great rest of 2010!
    ~ Amy

  15. I love when the best is made of what could potentially be a bad situation. This reminds me of standing in line with my dad for a roller coaster & it suddenly poured rain, leaving us stranded in line for half an hour until it died down. Still had the best time! I may have missed this, but did you get any great books for Xmas?

    1. I didn’t get any books as gifts this Christmas. I guess you could count the 5 books I bought for my Kindle. They are the short list for the Indie Lit Awards:

      C Great House Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand Room Safe from the Sea

      Did you get anything good?


    2. I didn’t get any books as gifts this Christmas. I guess you could count the 5 books I bought for my Kindle. They are the short list for the Indie Lit Awards:


      Great House

      Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand


      Safe from the Sea

      Did you get anything good?


  16. I loved this post and how you fortified yourself for the day! I am thrilled that it turned out great for all of you..no lines is the berries in my book!! Thank God for the pit…family drama is no fun!!

    Happy reading this week!

  17. sounds like a magical day!!! i actually took my very first steps in disney land waaaay back in 1975 on a trip there with my parents and grandparents. i went back in 1989 and have been to disney world a bunch of times. i hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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