The Sunday Salon: Tween Angst, Indie Lit Awards, In-Between Reading

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It’s been a rough week. In the course of just a few days, The Boy was nominated for the Winter Dance royal court, removed from the ballot due to an administrative error, put back on for a re-vote, his “date” told him to go to the dance by himself, her friend slapped him (yes, she did), he found another date, lost the title to another boy, and then got hit with THE WORST stomach flu ever. Tough week for The Boy. Tough week for me. It’s hard to watch the drama without intervening or saying too much.

The Boy - Winter Dance

I was at a Christmas party when he got ready. Otherwise that shirt would have been tucked in for sure.

The Corsage

The corsage that he ordered and paid for with his own money. He’s twelve!

In between all of the tween drama, I’ve been thinking about the Indie Lit Awards. If you are a book blogger, and want to nominate a 2010 book for the award, be sure to stop by. Nominations close on December 15th. I am a judge for the Lit Fiction panel and I am looking forward to seeing which books make the shortlist. Since I need to read all five books by the end of January, I am going to be a reading fool.

As for “in-between” reading…

As of this moment, I know what I plan to read over winter break and I can take a guess on what I’ll be reading for the Lit Fiction shortlist, but what do I read now? In-between reading is sometimes a challenge. I don’t like books that are too light, but picking up A Suitable Boy, which I am trying to read in-between other reads is tough too.

I find that if I don’t pick-up something right away, that I end up picking nothing and just sort of do silly stuff like play Every Word on my Kindle. I think I may start Hating Olivia. It’s one of the few review copies I have that can be reviewed right away.

Hating Olivia Book CoverIt’s a gorgeous day in So. Cal today. It’s expected to be about 70 degrees. The Boy is eating now and the fever is still hanging around but I hope to get out later and maybe hit the bookstore. I might make some Gingerbread cookies later, too. What do you have planned for today?

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Tween Angst, Indie Lit Awards, In-Between Reading”

  1. I hope your son is as good as new soon. Not much fun for anybody to be sick right before Christmas. Tough week for such a handsome guy! My son would have gone un-tucked too. 🙂

  2. Sweet photo 🙂 It sure is tough to not intervene in some cases with kids. I don’t have any of my own (yet), but teachers face similar problems when kids argue. It’s challenging to judge when your two cents will heal the situation, add fuel to the fire, or not allow kids to problem solve & think for themselves. I think the slapping incident would certainly need to be addressed!

    1. The Boy and I had a long talk about the slap. Her best friend did it, and immediately felt horrible about it. She has since apologized. We still do not know why his date reacted the way she did. All I can say is that I have a girl too and they get worked up about all sorts of stuff.

      I told The Boy to stand-up for himself next time. He’s a good kid and didn’t deserve to be treated that way by either one of him.

  3. Your son is such a cutie, glad to hear he is on the mend and he still went to the dance.

    I am reading Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I had gotten Sugar Queen from the library but realized that Garden Spells came first and I have a hang up about reading things in order. Loving Garden Spells, it might be a good choice for an in between book for you if you have not read it yet. I am also hoping to make my chocolate covered pretzels today! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  4. I’m feeling sorry for The Boy right now for both the stomach flu and getting slapped. That’s rough. He sure looks sharp though. I can’t believe how much of a young man he’s becoming since you first started posting pics of him. Hope you all have a great Sunday!

    1. I know! He’s grown 4 inches since Summer. Talk about a growth spurt. He’s eating me out of house and home now so he must be on the mend.

  5. I hate the tween drama too….He looks good though regardless of the shirt. You know he would have untucked it once he got to the dance anyway Mom!! 😀

  6. We have more angst in our house than my heart can take almost. I just hate it. There are days when I want to run away.

    Today it was church and shopping. But really all I wanted to do is sit and read and visit blogs. Unfortunately not, maybe just an hour of sitting. Dinner is calling soon.

    1. The drama is unreal. I came up with a great cocktail out of desperation though. I had just a smidgen of red wine and mixed it with ginger ale. Sounds totally bizarre but man was it good. Sort of like sangria.

  7. Jeez … what a tough week for him! It must have been hard to see him have to go through all that.

    And I love that Every Word game too … though I’m awful at it!! Have you tried Shuffled Row?

    And thanks for the tip on the snow … I was able to figure it out but thought I’d save it for Christmas week.

  8. Oh the joys of the tween years! It’s cold here. I drove home from Alabama today and actually drove through snow in Atlanta! It never snows in this part of the country in December!!

  9. I’m on the Nonfiction panel for the Indie Lit Awards, so I’ll be experiencing a January reading frenzy a lot like yours!

    I always have to have my next book right there waiting when I finish one, even if I don’t pick it up and start it immediately.

  10. Here you go… entering the sometimes daily chaos of the teen years. This seems harsh for 12 though. So sorry The Boy had to go through all of that.

    I hope you aren’t getting sick (based on your comment).

    If you are not enjoying ASB put it down, no need to finish if it’s boring you. I don’t understand why it’s so long.

    We had 52 degrees and rain yesterday (Sunday) – amazing in December.

  11. Oh, that sounds like such a tough week! It gives me the shivers just thinking about all of that teenage school drama. Having sickness added on top of that is just adding insult to injury.

    I hope he’s feeling better now!

  12. Crikey, Ti! What a week for The Boy. Poor kid – that is a lot to have to deal with in one week. Life being a teenager is tough. Hope he is doing loads better this week.

  13. Oh TIna! For the past few months, I’ve been agonizing over what middle and high school life will do to my son…..and he’s three! I’ve been there and I know how teens aren’t very nice. I just hope that he can get through it without any major damage….yours and mine =)

  14. argh. gotta love that pre-teen drama. is was so hellish to live through–i can’t imagine vicariously experiencing it as a parent. i’m wishing you patience and wisdom! 🙂

    as for 70 degrees, i’m not so happy to hear that. we’re in the middle of some artic cold snap and it’s about negative 2,000 degrees here. worse? we have NO snow. if it’s this cold, i want a snow day! 🙂

    1. Cold without snow? That’s the lowest of low. I must have jinxed myself with the warm weather comment because now it’s rainy and the forecasts calls for 2 weeks of rain. In California, no less. If it rains on the Rose Parade this year I’ll be eating crow for sure.

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