The Sunday Salon: One for You, and One for Me

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After a rainy Saturday, I was glad to see a little sun today but it was still cool enough to feel like Fall. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cooked a turkey in 100 degree weather. I think our weather for Thursday is supposed to remain cool, but dry. Only time will tell.

I am off work this week and although I am cooking this Thursday (like always), no one is coming over. It’s just us! We plan to watch movies, eat, read and maybe play some games. My daughter is off from school but my son is not so she and I will be putting the meal together over the next couple of days. My challenge this year is trying to come up with the cornbread dressing recipe that my husband’s grandmother took to her grave. Last year I came close but the texture was all wrong. I think I used too many eggs.

With this week comes more shopping. I hate to admit it but I am getting tired of buying stuff. Except for books. I have no problem buying those so I’ve been buying lots as gifts. The only problem is that whenever I buy one for someone, I also buy one for myself. Personally, I think there is no better gift than a book. I just wish I’d stick to buying them for others. It’s not like I’m short of reads.

Speaking of reads, I just finished the third book I was reading. I was reading all three of them together and now that I finished the third I feel a bit lost. I will probably work on the reviews tomorrow, but right now,  my brain is not willing to write anything about them. I am still thinking about all three of them. All three were good but oh so different from one another. I feel a bit jerky, like Elaine, when she tried to dance in that Seinfeld episode.

As for today, I spent the day watching football, eating some pizza and catching-up on my Kindle reading. I am slowly working my way through various books on the Kindle. I find that I do not read quickly on the Kindle. Not nearly as fast as I do with an actual book. I’m not sure why. The fonts are smallish but maybe since their aren’t any page numbers I don’t push myself to a particular number. Not sure.

Anyway, hope you all had a nice day. Oh! Don’t forget to buy and defrost your turkey. I had a nightmare that I did just that so as a public service announcement, I am reminding you all to do it too.

I’m off to watch Elf. Such a cute movie. Did you know that I have a Buddy doll?

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: One for You, and One for Me”

    1. It’s enjoyable to read on the Kindle, but I never feel as if I am making any progress. If it’s a book I need to get through in a timely manner, I always reach for the book version, not the ebook.

      Don’t worry Mel. You’ll be reading again soon. Every day you are making progress and pretty soon, we will all be drooling over your decorative touches.

  1. Your son has to go to school on Thanksgiving?

    I don’t think I read as fast on an e-Reader either. I’ve found that I just don’t enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy a printed book.

    1. The fonts on my Kindle can be adjusted. I have them set to the size you’d normally see in a printed book, but for some reason I just don’t read as fast on my Kindle. I am reading Mr. Peanut, You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tired, and Emma. I read The Stand many months ago on it and I swear, it took me like three months if not longer.

  2. Thanks for the turkey reminder. I never forgot to defrost it, but when I was newly married (the first time) LOL, I forgot to take the neck and bag out (no harm done, just not too smart).

    Glad your shopping is progressing nicely. We are pretty much ALL gift cards (just a few gifts). I know they seem impersonal, but if we like getting them, I know others do as well — especially when you know their favorite store!

    1. I usually have a taste of everything but my fave is the dressing if it comes out really good. One year, I made dressing and it was soooooo good, but I drank too much wine while making it and never did figure out the exact recipe for me to do it again the following year.

      I’m not much of a drinker now with the Lupus meds and all so this year I should be lucid 🙂

  3. Sounds like you have a lovely week planned. Last year we cooked the entire feast for the 3 of us – a 20 pound bird for two (I’m a vegetarian). This is year with our son at college (not coming home) I was thrilled to be invited to a neighbors.

    I need to start shopping! and decorating!

    There are so many good books to read right now – how to chose…

    1. I’m having a hard time choosing a book right now. I want something fun but good. Not light. I spent the day cleaning. No relaxation as of yet. Now I have to pick-up The Boy from school which sort of breaks the day up. Once he’s home I want to plop down with something but not sure what.

      I just got The Anatomy of Ghosts in the mail. Looks really good. I also have Sunset Park and Black Hills but I am not feeling the love for Black Hills. I’m reading Ethan Frome for book club. I loved it the first time I read it but I am not loving this re-read.

      If I don’t hear from you again… have a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. How nice that you have the entire week off! It sounds like you’ll be having a calm, fun Thanksgiving Day! I hope the cornbread dressing works out.

    I think after a while shopping does become a little tedious…except shopping for books, of course! It’s nice that you’ll be done before the stores get really swamped. I have always thought books are the best gift. It annoys me that not everyone agrees! lol You deserve a treat for all the shopping you are doing! Sorry, I’m an enabler.

    My Sunday was similar to yours! Have a great week!
    ~ Amy

    1. My shopping this year is pretty easy because The Girl wants all the stuff she sees on TV. Tea-cup Pigs, Snuggie, Pillow Pets, etc. The rest is just little stuff like scarves, purses, girlie stuff.

  5. With the exception of some art supplies for a four-year-old I’m not shopping for stuff this year. A friend and I are going to make candy as gifts. Making gifts is something I’ve been doing for the last few years and it is extremely satisfying.

    We will be going out with my sister and her husband for a Thanksgiving feast at a local vegetarian restaurant. Have a happy holiday, Ti!

    1. Making gifts is the way to go.

      There is a vegan restaurant here that does a wonderful job with Thanksgiving. My mouth is watering thinking about it. I am not quite vegan but am like 80% of the time. Have a good one!

  6. I cannot imagine cooking a big turkey dinner when it’s 100 degrees outside! It gets hot enough in my mom’s kitchen on the really cold Thanksgivings we often have–like the one we’ll have this year. I love being with my family on the holiday but I’ve got to admit that just having my immediate family together for a change might be kind of nice!

  7. I am going to try and make cornbread stuffing for the first time this year. I have no special recipe. I am just going to make the recipe on the back of the bag! We just watched Elf the other night. One of few newer Chirstmas movies that we all like!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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