The Sunday Salon: A Halloween Hello

Owl Babies

Happy Halloween!

This weekend has been a busy one.

Friday, was Fall Family Night st The Girl’s school. I am on PTO so I had to work the event. Actually, we ALL ended up working the event as it was a huge success  with quite a few families in attendance. Each class decorated a pumpkin based on a children’s book. The Girl’s class did Owl Babies. Have you ever seen cuter pumpkins?

In between all the prep for tonight,  I making chili, cornbread and cupcakes and trying to get the house squared away for guests. I am also trying to finish up Middlesex (for class) and also trying to read my book club book for Thursday’s meeting.

In between all of it I am also watching scary movies. I think I’ve lost my mind!

Happy Halloween!!


16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: A Halloween Hello”

    1. I posted the costume pics on Facebook but The Girl went as a vampire and The Boy was a creepy scarecrow. The Girl has already decided that she will be a devil next year. I guess the days of princesses and cute animals are over.

  1. Oh Ti, those Owl Pumpkins look adorable. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I LOVED Middlesex; hope you enjoyed it as well.

  2. Love the Owl Babies pumpkins. I just finally ordered a copy of that book for our school library. It was on the list of 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read.

    Life has been busy for you lately, hasn’t it? Hope you get some good rest soon.

  3. What a cute idea! It definitely saves time scooping out & carving them, plus the cleanup! I had the pleasure (and mess) of carving a pumpkin with a class of students on Friday. It was fun to watch them dig in 😀

    1. I am exhausted. I haven’t been able to catch-up on sleep yet. This weekend I don’t have much going on so I plan to take it easy then.


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