The Sunday Salon: Happy 4th!! (also a bit about my reading pickle)

US Flag

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S. Also known as the Fourth of July. On this day, back in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted. These days, we celebrate it with a day off from work (for most of us), cook-outs and fireworks. The weather in Southern California is not cooperating though…

The View from my Front Door

The view from my front door is a gloomy one. Yesterday was sunny, and about 80 degrees, which is cool for this time of year. Today, it’s overcast and drizzly. Most of it will burn off (I think) but fireworks typically won’t happen with this much haze in the sky.

Our plans? Well, we normally head out to see the city’s firework’s display but this year we are avoiding the crowds and plan to just hang out in our own backyard. Fireworks are not legal where we are, but someone ALWAYS obtains them illegally so there is usually something to see. We are going to BBQ some teriyaki burgers & make smores.

As for the reading pickle I mentioned…

I am in the middle of reading several books right now. I am re-reading The Stand, which most of you already know about. I am really enjoying it but it’s an epic that demands my attention so although I am reading it along with three other books, I find myself having to go back to it more than the others. It’s sort of hard to switch gears between all of the books because they are all so different.

The other books are The Space Between Us, which I am reading for Lisa’s read-along, and Homecoming which I am reading for book club. All good, but my attention span is that of a gnat these days, so the brain is working hard trying to give each the attention they deserve. Balance is still something I strive for when it comes to reading. I can’t seem to find it. I either have way too much to read, or not enough.

On a personal note, the Boy’s grounding has ended so he may once again walk amongst society. He won’t get his computer back until school starts though. Many of you asked about him so you’ll be happy to know that he survived his offense, but just barely. I sure hope he learned his lesson.

Right now The Hub is fixing my brake light (the jerk at the oil change place loosened it to make a buck) and I am about to jump back into one of those books. I wish you all a happy and safe Fourth of July!

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Happy 4th!! (also a bit about my reading pickle)”

  1. I don’t know how you read so many books at one time anyway – I can only keep track of one at a time. Glad the Boy survived. I hope you and your family have a safe, fun holiday!

  2. Hope you guys are able to do the outside stuff, Ti. We’ve been having a rainy week as well. Hurricane Alex made landfall in Mexico, but the system of unrest has been so big, Texas has been having lots and lots of gloomy skies and rain this week. Not a bad thing compared to last year’s plus-100 temps for on and on and on, but still.

    Happy 4th!

  3. oh boy – your son must have done something to have his laptop lost for the summer. Good for you! I know it’s tough for us to hold to the pumishment sometimes…. it’s work :).

    Enjoy your day – we are going to relax today. I just finished part of a project outside that ended in a bee/hornet sting on my elbow and many scratches on my body form rose bushes…. I’m ready for a nap!

  4. It is rainy and gloomy here too. Don’t know if we will see a single spark this evening, but I’m sure we will still be eating and drinking! I usually have a few books going at once, but you are right, The Stand does require full attention. Mr. King DOES go on, doesn’t he? But it is soooo good. I have an overall concentration issue during the summer. Too much stuff going on.

  5. I’ve been having a short attention span for certain books lately too, so I’ve been reading a lot of Harry Potter. I’m trying to imagine what your son must have done to have gotten in so much trouble. Sometimes I think the grounding is hard on everyone in the family. I hope your weather gets better!

  6. I used to read at least 2 or 3 books at a time, but I can’t do it anymore. Not sure why (no, no, couldn’t possibly be the aging process!) but I can’t seem to remember what happened if I keep switching around. So I’m sticking with one at a time these days.

    You’re the second person that I read is planning smores. Rats – it’s such a good idea, but I was not prepared! :–)

  7. Last year I vowed I would read one book at a time this year. However, I have recently broken my pledge because the books I’m reading haven’t kept me totally engaged. Then I run the risk of not returning to the yucky one. Lately, my concentration is a tad better, now that the Lyme’s disease seems to be at bay.
    Still, with the hot weather and being out of school I am so scattered. I guess that’s what summer is like though.

    Glad the boy is off grounding.

    The weather in Connecticut is stellar..a little humid for me..but I’m not complaining. I was reading out in the yard with my dogs today. Until they vocalized the need to eat. LOL

    Happy 4th.

  8. Hope the weather cleared up enough for fireworks!! Glad to know that the boy walks amongst society again!! I’m juggling 3 books too so I understand your woes!! 😀

  9. I usually have a hard time reading more than one book at a time-but have been reading the Harry Potter books along with other picks. While I am really enjoying Potter, I can’t exist on a steady “Potter only” diet.
    I hope your weather cleared off for some fireworks fun–this is the last year they will be legal where we live as my neighborhood got annexed into the city limits of a city which bans them. My 2 boys are sorely disappointed. I would not mind going to a public show, but around here there are so few of them which makes the attending crowds horrendous! Even though it was cloudy and drizzly here, we managed to put on quite a show at my friends house.
    I hope you have a tolerable work week–I have today off (Monday) and then I also took Tuesday off! I know I will regret that when I get back and see the work piled up on my desk! 😉


  10. Glad to hear The Boy survived his grounding! Feel free to read The Space Between Us without having to stop and start–I don’t want it to be a chore or make reading unpleasant!

    1. Hehe. I am all caught-up now and almost done with the book!! It’s a very quick read, isn’t it? I sat down hoping to catch-up and just kept reading. I even wrote up the next two posts. I love when I am efficient that way. Such a rarity these days.

  11. I have to read The Stand at some point. I started it once in high school but never finished it. During the summer I enjoy reading long epic books. Good luck finishing all three books!

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