The Sunday Salon: Busy, but Fun

Kindle Case

This photo has nothing to do with anything except that I am loving the new case that I got for my Kindle. I got it here, in case anyone needs one. So many of the cases out there are sort of masculine and, well…boring. This one has a pocket to hold the charger (big plus). I love it.

Yesterday we went to see Iron Man 2. I really liked it but can I just say that the cost of going to the movies these days is a bit much? A family of four, plus popcorn and some drinks came to $80. That’s a significant amount of change.

The Sunday Salon

Today I got to sleep in a bit which was lovely. After a quick cup of coffee we went out to breakfast and then hit the zoo. It was a bit hot and crowded but it was good to get out on such a nice day.

On the reading front, I’ve been reading Legend of a Suicide and The Glass Room. Both are really good but I have to put The Glass Room aside for a while as I have a tour coming up for Legend which snuck up on me a little bit. You know how that is.

It’s mid-May, it’s hot and school is beginning to wind down a bit. I was told by the little one that swim lessons are not needed this year. She was quite the swimmer last year, but a summer without swim lessons? Feels a little odd to me. Okay, I am also going to miss reading by the pool but swim lessons SCREAM summer to me. Perhaps I should work on my summer reading list instead.

Tonight, we are watching Old Dogs and cooking up a couple of pizzas. What do you have planned?

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Busy, but Fun”

  1. Mid-May with kids can be just awful with all the activities. Everyone’s just tired and ready to get it over with. I hope things wind down nicely for you.

  2. I got a nice hot pink cover for my Kindle, but I must say I would love to have a pocket for the charger like yours . . . Also, I will be watching the 3rd installment of Foyle’s War on Masterpiece Theater–it is the last one for this season’s series on PBS. Cheers, Denise

  3. LOL, I just signed my little one up for swim lessons. It’s a point of contention for us, because for some strange reason, she hates lessons of any kind. But she’s got to be pool-safe, for goodness’ sake! I love your Kindle case–very stylish!

    Also, I’m with you on the movie thing–taking the whole family is really expensive, and getting a sitter so I can go with my hubby–forget it! I do most of my movie viewing on streaming Netflix these days 🙂

  4. I agree, we always do swimming lessons in the summer too. This year both boys will get to do track also, which to me is not as fun because it means hours spent in the scorching sun at the heat of the day. 🙂

    I love the kindle case! We have lost our charger and haven’t picked up a new one yet.

  5. Your weekend sounds like a blast! But first, yes I love your Kindle case. My husband bought me a purple leather case for mine, which I adore. I would be interested in your summer reading list. I need to do mine, which will be primarily Kindle reading. The thing is going to explode if I don’t get after some of the great books I’ve impulsively purchased!

  6. You Kindle case is the best one that I’ve seen yet. Very sharp Ti.

    Sounds like you had a fun family weekend. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on, The Glass Room, as I do want to read that one.

    Have a great week Ti.

  7. $80?!!! That’s just obscene! We hardly ever go to the movies but rent instead. But when we go my main way to evaluate is not “was it good” but was it $20 (or whatever) good!!! I personally would be happier if movies were less expensive and movie stars didn’t make huge amounts of money for parties, jewelry, etc.

    1. We do Netflix but every now and then we try to hit the theater. I am easily irritated by talking and texting at the movies too so I actually prefer to rent.

  8. The cost of the movies has all but stopped us from going to movies. We’re big renters. My kids still go but even they are complaining about cost and they’re only paying for one person.

  9. It’s always a little sad when children start deciding not to continue traditions, but new traditions will begin and that’s a lovely thing, too.

    Lots of great memories of summer swim lessons and day camps and Bible schools, but I’m happy to have a few spaces in my sweet summertime now.

  10. I love the Kindle cover…thanks for the link. I have the one that Amazon sells and makes and it caused my Kindle to malfunction so they had to send me another one. I’d love to get a cute one that isn’t so generic.

  11. Wow, $80 for a movie. I understand better why my mother always snuck in snacks for us so we didn’t have to buy from the concession stand . . .

    I hope you had a good week, Ti. The weather has cooled down a bit from last weekend. I think spring is reminding summer that her time hasn’t come yet.

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