Wuthering Heights Wednesday: May 19, 2010 – Week 7

Welcome to Wuthering Heights Wednesday! Softdrink is hosting a read-along of this classic novel, and we’re reading (and posting about) 3 chapters a week.

Volume II, Chapters 5-7

My Synopsis:

This week’s reading was rather uneventful. As you may recall from last week, Izzy passed away so Edgar had to go get Linton (her son) and bring him back to Thrushcross Grange. I’m not sure what he thought was going to happen but of course Heathcliff demanded that the child be brought to him (since he’s the father and all) so Nelly/Ellen/Mrs. Dean packed him up and off they went.  Linton is a wisp of a boy. Weak and pale so you can imagine the fun he’ll have with good ole Heathcliff.

A couple of years pass.

Cathy, who is now 16 years of age, wanders off with Mrs. Dean closely behind her and ends up on Heathcliff’s property. Heathcliff invites them both in and against Mrs. Dean’s advice, Cathy takes him up on the offer and decides to visit a while. She meets Hareton (once again) and is reunited with Linton, who is a few years older and slightly larger than he was when he left Thrushcross Grange.

Heathcliff’s plan is to have Linton and Cathy fall in love so that Cathy’s inheritance, will go directly to Linton and therefore Heathcliff.

My Thoughts:

I was sort of bored with this week’s reading. So much time was spent describing Linton’s weak, physical condition. We get it. I am hoping that he proves everyone wrong within the next few chapters but we shall see.

Cathy seems to be a bit opinionated but not nearly as bad as her mother.

And Heathcliff? No surprises there. Financially he seems to be quite well off and if he manages to take over Thrushcross Grange too then he’ll be set, right?

Reading along:

8 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights Wednesday: May 19, 2010 – Week 7”

    1. As much as Heathcliff rubs me the wrong way, I can see why he is the way he is. Actually, if you pick it apart, he is quite successful in life given his rotten upbringing. It will be interesting to see how Linton does in his care. Two years of it and Linton is not quite as pale and pathetic as he was when he first came to him. Hmmmm….

  1. I can’t remember the exact ending, but wouldn’t we all expect them to go up in flames? To me, that is the only viable solution.

  2. This was a very quiet week compared to what we’ve been used to. Cathy seems oddly fascinated with Edgar’s characterization of Heathcliff and life at Wuthering Heights….more trouble ahead, I’m sure!

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