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Bookish Habits

Bookish Habits

We all have them, don’t we? We like to read a specific way with specific things around us and although I can read anywhere, and have been seen reading in some odd places (like the labor and delivery room), I tend to like things a certain way.

Here are a few of my bookish habits. Feel free to add yours in comments!

  1. I prefer to read while lying on my stomach.
  2. Couch reading requires a soft throw, even when it’s hot out.
  3. I. Cannot. Bend. A. Page.
  4. My Kindle font is so large people across the room can read the darn thing.
  5. My TBR (to be read) shelf is arranged in the order I plan to read.
  6. I have four library cards to different systems so I am never without the book I need. Well, rarely.
  7. The only time I eat and read is while at work.
  8. People think I read 24-7 but I only read about an hour a day.
  9. I can read the most gruesome horror and not bat an eye but child molestation, rape and sometimes terminal illness does me in every time.  I avoid these subjects.
  10. After accidentally wiping out my entire Kindle library, I never turn it off for fear of doing it again.
  11. I keep a Goodreads list, a Library Thing list and a Google Docs list of books I’ve read/reviewed. I think I am afraid of losing that data even though it’s published content on the blog.
  12. I do not need silence to read in but I prefer it.
  13. I prefer to tackle challenging books with other people.
  14. I prefer chunksters over shorter books.
  15. I do not own many books. I only keep books that are special to me. The rest are given away or donated.
  16. I can read on my Kindle with e-ink technology but I cannot read on a tablet without getting a splitting headache.
  17. If someone is reading a book in public, I go out of my way to see what they are reading. I’ve mastered the over-the-shoulder-glance.
  18. I like to re-read my favorite books from time to time.
  19. I’ve been known to transport my books around in a zip lock bag to keep them nice.  Put in bag, toss in purse.
  20. In the past, I’ve used tape flags in my books but I hardly ever go back to what I’ve highlighted so now I snap pics of passages to keep them handy.

Now it’s your turn. What bookish habit can you share with us?

My Reading Life at The Moment

Salem's LotFinders KeepersThe Boston GirlKafka on the Shore new

I don’t think it’s possible to read any slower than I have been. I mean, really people. It’s just not possible.

I don’t know what my deal is. I just feel like lingering on the page for way too long. Yes, the books are good. I am so close to finishing Salem’s Lot. I really just need to sit myself down and finish those last few pages so I can move on, right?

And Finders Keepers was put on hold to read Salem’s Lot for the read-along and now it sits, ever so patiently, waiting for me to pick it up again. It was great! There is no reason for me not to finish it.

The Boston Girl. Ugh.  I totally forgot about my book club meeting this week so I am attempting to read this one quickly for Thursday’s meeting. So far, it’s delightful but again, I want to linger a bit and I don’t have the time to do it.

Kafka on the Shore. Oh yes, I’ve read it before but another blogger and I will be reading it this month. I feel as if Murakami will fix me up. I need a literary push. A shove, if you will. Murakami’s writing does that to me.

Goodreads sent me a reminder yesterday saying that I am woefully behind on my reading goals for the year. Yes, Goodreads! I know this!

This time of the year does something to me. And because we rarely see seasons here in California, one month rolls into the next without any fanfare so it’s easy for it to be a big blur by the time the Christmas tree is up.

I swore I would not let this happen.

There’s still time though and now that this is all out of my head I am just going to jump back into it with lots of hot coffee, cold coffee and spiced cider and make it all happen. I LOVE this time of year and reading is what makes it so special to me. So that’s it. I am picking myself up and dusting myself off and jumping in.

I can tell from my reader that some of you are in the same place. We all need a little shove that will send us back to our bookshelves in search of that perfect book to pull us back in.

We can do this. Are you with me?