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Ulysses – Part Two: Discussion (#ulyssesRAL2017)


The above graphic is quite humorous because this READ ALONG has become a READ ALONE. Not quite alone because I think Serena is still with me but if so, she is hanging by a thread because part two was like reading a book in another language.

Part Two is the longest of the three sections and much of it reads as gibberish. However, one section called Nausicaa (according to Wikipedia) was quite readable and all about Leopold Bloom (ahem) pleasuring himself. I find it incredibly amusing that the only section that made sense was this section. In it, Bloom admires a young woman from afar and while fireworks go off in the distance, so does Bloom.

Part Two ends with Bloom visiting a brothel. He’s overcome by sexual fantasies and hallucinations. One of which, involves a visit from his deceased son, Rudy. While there, his friend Stephen angers a soldier and gets punched in the face.

I did not enjoy the first half of Part Two AT ALL but the second half of it was quite entertaining. I don’t think anyone is left but if you are still with me, what did you think of the script format? It was very strange to have inanimate objects talking but if I’ve learned anything while reading this book, it’s that anything goes, no matter how weird or strange it may be.

Why does Joyce take so long to tell a story that takes place all in one day? I mean, there were pages and pages of words blended together and made-up words. I don’t think I could write nonsensical sentences like his even if I tried.

I’ve actually finished the book! Early, and everything but I’ll wait until next week to talk about part three.

Sunday Matters: Sunday Sure Comes Up Fast

Sunday Matters

Why are the weekdays so long and the weekends so short?

This past week was okay but I wasn’t feeling great and our water heater decided to spring a leak which required replacement and I had something going on nearly every night but here I am, none the worse for wear.

Right Now:

Besides the normal stuff that make up my Sunday morning, I’ll be bowling this afternoon! I haven’t bowled in years. Not sure if I will actually be able to participate given my neck pain but we shall see.

This Week:

My daughter starts rehearsals for Shrek on Monday. Auditions for leads are the following week. I know she is wanting to be Teen Fiona but she is also trying to decide on a fairy tale character to go for too. Little Red Riding Hood is a good pick but they seem to want someone younger for that role.

My son’s classes are all ironed out now and he is entering week 2 of the semester. On top of his studies he’s looking for extra work and wants to dabble in community arts by getting involved with the local arts commission. All the talk about defunding the National Endowment for the Arts has him all fired up.


Also happening this week, Valentine’s Day. I will be at the doctor. It was the only appointment I could snag so I took it. We don’t really go out for it anyway. Too busy and crowded for my taste.


Ulysses. (#ulyssesRAL2017)

Quote from Ulysses by James Joyce

I am trying really hard to read other books in between because Ulysses requires many breaks but I’m finding it hard to return to it when I do step away. Part two is such a chunk. I may have to drop everything just to get it read.


Not much but tonight I will be watching The Walking Dead. Cue the streamers!!!!


Dinner better make itself or deliver itself to my house tonight because all I want to think about is The Walking Dead and nothing else.

Grateful for:

People with a good sense of humor. If you’re funny, I love you. That’s all I need to say.