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The Sunday Salon: Family, Football and Food (and some reading)

Sunday Salon

It is cold and windy out and a storm is a brewin’. I love this weather! After a quick trip to the market to get more stuff for the big meal, we are about to head over to see the in-laws and watch some football. I’ve got a roast in the Crock-Pot and I am trying to bribe rally the kids into sitting for a holiday pic. Each year, it gets harder and harder to take pics of them and I’ve got nothing good to put on the Christmas card. Seems like a simple request but I swear, they act like I am killing them or something.

On the reading front, I am still reading 1Q84 and really loving it. It’s the type of story that you digest in small bits because it really makes you ponder your existence (in general). I’ve been enjoying a couple of chapters here and there, but come Wednesday, I will be reading King’s new one so I have to finish 1Q84 before then. Time to pick-up the pace a bit. I am also reading Sunset Park and that is also a book that you ponder after putting it down, so my brain is in overdrive right now. I love it though.

This week I am working Monday and Tuesday and then I am off the rest of the week. We will be enjoying another year of “Thanksgiving in Pajamas” which means that on Thursday, we will be absolute slugs. We will eat, drink and be merry and do nothing but watch movies and maybe The Twilight Zone or I Love Lucy. A long time ago we did away with the pretense and it’s made the holiday super fun for everyone. We still break-out the fine china but it’s casual and easy. It’s become my favorite thing.

Anyway, I am off to get those kids photographed. Wish me luck!

The Sunday Salon: All Puffed Up and Nowhere to Go

Sunday Salon Button

Many of you know that I am allergic to chicken. BUT, for whatever reason I am not allergic to turkey and let me tell you, this year I cooked THE BEST TURKEY EVER. I’m not kidding. The Hub and kids sighed over it. It came out, it looked great (they always do, don’t they?) but it was so moist and delicious that I went into a turkey stupor.

Forget the side dishes. It was turkey, and more turkey and after eating it on Thursday, and working two sandwiches into my diet these past couple of days, we are now without turkey and we are all sad. Sad, I say! Even the neighbor girl, the one that “helped” decorate the tree,  said that it was the best turkey she had in her entire life. She’s eight. Just so you know.

What did I do to the turkey to make it so good? Heck if I know. I cooked it the same way I always do, in an oven bag for the exact time it says to do so, stuffed with oranges and veggies. Just so you know, the oranges make THE BEST GRAVY.

It was a year of BESTS and I am stuffed. Well, not really but I never eat that much. Why do you feel hungry all the time after eating one big meal? I feel sluggish and just want to veg on the couch which is exactly what I shouldn’t do.

As for shopping, I was pretty much done with my shopping by Black Friday but it’s tradition that I head out into the chaos so out I went. It was crazy, but good crazy. Cold, crazy (brrr). The kind of crazy that has you sipping Starbucks and singing Mariah Carey songs. Yep, I’ve lost it. I did get terribly excited about a B&N coupon thinking that I could get the entire Harry Potter set for $24 but alas, it was not to be. I’ve read the series through book four, but never finished the series so I was thinking of reading them all over Christmas break.

Today, I am in denial. I have a paper to write, and I am thinking of work and all the projects sitting on my desk waiting for my attention. I had a nice week off but it’s never long enough. At least, it never seems to be.

I plan to procrastinate just a bit more so I can catch-up with my reader. Off, I go!