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Fall Tracking – Week 6

It has been the most spectacular weather. My walks with the Otter Pup have gradually gotten longer because it’s hard to return to the same four walls that you’ve stared at since March. I try to stay outside for as long as I can. She enjoys it too. She sniffs every blade of grass and now knows everyone in the neighborhood with all her dawdling.

This shot was taken across the street from where we live. It’s the point were we cross over to return home. Our street is a mix of large pine trees and smaller, bushy shrubs that the city put in. They call them trees. They are not but on this corner there are some good sized pine trees and we always have to watch for falling pine cones. If you saw the pup navigate this area you would laugh.

Have you been trying to spend more time outside? I’ve been wanting a fire pit and possibly a hammock to enjoy. I’ve never wanted these things before but we change during a pandemic, don’t we?

Fall Tracking – Week 4

In Southern California, you could say that the change in seasons has everything to do with the quality of light. It’s hard to capture with my phone but there is this golden quality to it that is so inviting. I love it in the early morning, when this photo was taken and right before dusk.

If you look closely, that tree that blew in, is beginning to change color. Last year it just appeared out of nowhere and was on fire with its reds. I have no idea what kind of tree it is but it will turn a very startling shade of red for about three days and then poof… it will disappear again when the leaves fall off.

Today the Otter Pup and I took an extra long walk around the neighborhood and it felt so good. A nice, walkable 60 degree morning.

Are you starting to plan for Thanksgiving? My son applied for a new job at a museum so I am not sure what Thanksgiving looks like yet. Obviously, they won’t be open that day but the days leading up to it and the ones afterward, could pose a problem.

I hope you all have a good weekend.