Fall Tracking – Week 6

It has been the most spectacular weather. My walks with the Otter Pup have gradually gotten longer because it’s hard to return to the same four walls that you’ve stared at since March. I try to stay outside for as long as I can. She enjoys it too. She sniffs every blade of grass and now knows everyone in the neighborhood with all her dawdling.

This shot was taken across the street from where we live. It’s the point were we cross over to return home. Our street is a mix of large pine trees and smaller, bushy shrubs that the city put in. They call them trees. They are not but on this corner there are some good sized pine trees and we always have to watch for falling pine cones. If you saw the pup navigate this area you would laugh.

Have you been trying to spend more time outside? I’ve been wanting a fire pit and possibly a hammock to enjoy. I’ve never wanted these things before but we change during a pandemic, don’t we?

12 thoughts on “Fall Tracking – Week 6”

  1. My husband built one in the far back of our yard, but in summer it is too buggy down there. I think we’ll want one closer to the house, rather than the woods. That’s a project for another day.

    I hope you enjoy your walks. Walks here will be getting shorter as it is getting much colder, except for today.

    My daughter has her 2nd half of her swim meet this weekend, so we’ll be doing that, even as I really prefer to stay home and recuperate after my surgery this week.

    1. I do hope you can get some rest in. On my walks, they have been gradually getting longer but I am soooooo out of shape that any additional steps leaves me wiped out. I know my iron is clinically low away which plays a huge role but I think if I had to have a procedure done it would take me a lot longer to recover now. REST.

  2. We had our first snow yesterday although it is gone today. This time of year makes me turn inside, inside, inside. Stack up the firewood, break out the jigsaw puzzles. I’m not going anywhere for the next six months and I’m content with that.

    1. I think I would enjoy a light dusting of snow if I could cozy up inside. One time, the ONE time I went skiing it was coming down and I was new at skiing and I fell and crashed so many times my sweater was hanging down to my knees. When I threw that lodge door open you never heard such silence. I was such a mess! I am not a cold weather person even though I was born on the East coast.

  3. Love that you can get out most days with the dog; helps clear the head as well. We try to walk most days unless its cold & windy together.

  4. We’ve had so much rain, I haven’t been able to get outside for my daily walks, which I miss terribly. I’m very thankful I have an indoor bike (Peloton) to ride on these rainy days or I’d go stir crazy.

    We have a propane fire “table/ring” thing, but it’s been to cold and damp to really enjoy it this fall. Instead, we’ve been having a fire in our fireplace almost every night. I love the crackle of the wood and how cozy it makes our home feel as we sit and watch a tv series (just finished The Queen’s Gambit!).

    Enjoy your beautiful weather, Ti.

  5. I’m loving this cooler weather and have been wanting an outside swing or glider so when I take the dog outside I can read more comfortably. Right now I only have a chair.

  6. Throughout the pandemic I’ve sat outside at about 11:00 each day to get 15 minutes or so of sun, then we go for a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood as well. It’s good for the soul.

    1. It’s so nice, isn’t it? I am always so low on vitamin D so any sunlight I can get is good. My pup has been going on two long walks with me most days and although she is totally up for it at the time, she drags in the evening. I need to give her a little break now and then.

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