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The Sunday Salon: The Joy of Reading

Today’s post is super short because I’ve spent much of the weekend reading and when I do that, nothing else gets done. The house is a bit messy, my fridge is sort of on the bare side but that’s okay.

I am reading a slew of books right now:

What the World  Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us is  a really great short story collection. I plan to finish it tomorrow since I have another furlough day.

Catching Fire has reminded me how fun it is to read a book just for the pure fun of reading it. It’s the perfect escape book. I sat in my bedroom for several hours today, enjoying every minute of it. I can’t wait to get back to it.

The Perfect 10 Diet has been making the rounds. I’m not reading it to lose weight (although I surely need to). Instead, I am reading it in the attempt to figure out some of my other health issues. It’s one of those books that just make sense and it’s easy to read in spurts so that’s what I’m doing. Reading it in spurts.

At some point I have to start my book club’s pick for this month, True History of the Kelly Gang. I’ll probably start it tomorrow.

Enough of this, back to reading I go.

Reading Funk

I am in a bit of a reading funk. I know many of you have been feeling the same way. I am supposed to be reading Case Histories for book club and I am, but in short spurts. I don’t know why but I cannot sit and read it for longer than just a few minutes. It immediately pulled me in, and now it seems too easy to put down. I need to finish it though since we’ll be discussing it soon.

Instead, I find myself wanting to read Life As We Knew It. I had not planned on reading this but the University Library happened to have a copy, so it is sitting patiently beside me as I type this.

If you are in a funk like me, what are you reading right now, and what would you rather be reading?