The Sunday Salon: Getting Organized

Reading Loft
The Hub has been on a business trip all weekend so that made it the perfect weekend to do some spring cleaning. I find that when he is gone, I can’t get ANY reading done because the kids are always at me but The Girl seems to like cleaning when I am doing it with her, so we tackled the garage. We also cleaned out drawers and closets but there is one area that still needs some attention. Yep, those shelves you see above.

That, my friends, is the loft where I keep some of my books. Originally, The Boy took it over but now he prefers to hole up in his room. The Girl doesn’t spend any time there so I am thinking that it will be mine again very soon!

I have a bookshelf downstairs that holds my TBR list in order. It stares at me and reminds me to read. This loft though, houses books that I want to read at some point in my life, as well as books that I have read and want to keep. That middle shelf are all books that I want to keep. Mostly because they are signed or part of a series or books that I think my son might read for school in the near future. The left is a mish-mosh of stuff and the right is mostly YA books.

It’s actually a nice space. There is a couch and a desk and you see the corner of the TV there. You also see  my son’s exercise stuff and some stuff my daughter stuffed in just to get it out of her room. Overall though, it’s a comfortable space and I am sort of looking forward to claiming it back.

We’ll see how that goes.

Sunday Salon

In a little bit, I am off to take two giggly girls shopping for outfits for the Variety Show that the school is putting on. The Boy is off to the Observatory with friends and then maybe, just maybe I will have some time later to read something. If I do, it will be The Painted Girls. I am also about halfway done with  The Silent Land and it’s very strange! I am not sure if I like it or not. It’s good to have a reading plan but knowing me, I will be tearing that loft apart later.

What are you doing today? It was a gorgeous 80 degrees yesterday and today it’s gloomy and about to rain. Plus, I see in the forecast that we are expected to get three days of rain this week! We need it, but I really prefer to spend rainy days at home.

39 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Getting Organized”

  1. The day began cold and rainy here in S.W. Fl.: something we almost never see. I decided yesterday that today would be my day to do “Nothing.’ And I’m doing a good job of keeping my promise. Husband is working. Cats are sleeping.

    1. Your do nothing day sounds like pure bliss. I was antsy with the hub gone. He came back last night from his conference but when he is gone, I tend to get more stuff done so I will typically take advantage of it.

  2. I’ve always wanted a cozy, private reading area like that! Today, we’re taking DS for his Triple A baseball tryouts. We’reall excited about it. Then,in the late afternoon, I have to take him to a birthday party. I’ll try to get some reading in during the day in between chores. 🙂

  3. That looks like a VERY comfy place to hang out and read… which is what I plan to do for most of the day. Later we’ll go to my sister’s for dinner. Enjoy your day!

  4. That looks like the perfect place to read and blog. We’ve had a very mild winter until the last week or two. Yesterday was 43 – the average for March 2 here is 60, so it felt pretty brisk to us.

  5. Well, it wasn’t what I had planned today, but thanks to watching and participating in an online group with the TV miniseries The Stand late into the night, I slept most of the day. Now I’m just trying to get my head awake enough to do a little reading and watching the last two episodes of Justified, Season 2.

    As for your space, that reminds me a lot (except for how clean it is) of a space we have in a back office. It’s what we envision it being. In fact, I’m going to show my wife the photo since it might inspire us…with our own spring cleaning.

    1. The space is hard to capture in one shot, but it’s about 15 x 12 maybe and overlooks the backyard. The loft, open part is right above the living room, so it is pretty quiet although open. I would have taken a pic of the other side but that desk is a junker!

    1. Fog, huh? Perfect reading weather for something spooky. You are in the midst of another read-along right now, right? You are a read-along queen these days.

  6. 80 degrees !! Jealous here — 30’s and windy, cloudy today.

    I have a “book loft” as well, but sometimes when I go up there to relax, 2 of our 3 cats are using the (2) comfy chairs, and of course I don’t displace them:)

    Have a great week.

    1. The pup won’t go there unless I am there, so the couch is totally free. Let’s see how long it takes the boy to read this post and then try to claim the loft back as his own.

    1. I need to get a nice easy chair and get rid of the couch though. Actually, that couch is a sofa bed so I may keep it. 

  7. Oh I’m so envious!! I’d love a spot like that to claim as my own. I spent a couple hours today working, a couple hours reading, but mostly it was a lazy day. Just trying to figure out what to make for dinner… Decisions, decisions!

    1. My kids have auditions this week on three different nights so what I cooked yesterday, is what we are eating tonight! I try to cook extra so it spans a couple of nights. That’s the only way I survive these crazy audition/rehearsal weeks.

    1. The immediate thrill you get after cleaning something up is great, but you’re right. Themaintainingpart is not nearly as satisfying. I am convinced that my daughter is a little hoarder so I am trying to involve her whenever I can, so she can learn the value of living simply and paring down. She has such a hard time throwing stuff away and it finds its way into my space!! My walk-in closet had a Hannah Montana lamp in it the other day. Really? Miley is half bald and swinging on poles now, you can get rid of the Hannah lamp.

  8. We have had a very mild winter but this past weekend was FREEZING! Literally! And I love the look of your loft…it seems like it would be the perfect place to escape.

  9. I am envious that you are so productive on the spring cleaning front. Damn I wish I could be. But I never get to it, grrrrr. Will be interested to read your thoughts on The Painted Girls.

  10. I would kill for a reading space of my own! Trying to figure out how to reconfigure bedrooms so that I can use one as my quiet place. Because you know there’s never any place really quiet when you have kids in your house but we can try! Good luck with the reorganizing – it makes it fun to have a helper!

    1. I also have a corner of my bedroom and the garage office I set-up, but neither place is REALLY comfy. I need a big leather club chair to make-up for it. The one I want is form Pottery Barn. Uh, hello! I am not spending $1800 on a chair!

  11. I have a TBR shelf that stares at me as well, but I keep them alphabetical by author. I can’t possibly decide order ahead of time. And why do we keep books? I love the way they look on a shelf, obviously, and I guess I do think back to them when I see them

    1. I don’t keep to many books. There are about 15 that mean something to me. Like, my old battered copy of A Separate Peace that I read in college, wrote many papers on and even wrote a screenplay for (never sold). Or my first copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (even though I now have like 4 copies). Oh! And 1984, complete with my scribbles from lit class. They do bring back memories! I gave away my entire collection of Stephen King books and now I seem to be re-reading them all. I sure wish I had em.

  12. After years and years, my sons finally grew up and moved into places of their own. I love reclaiming my younger son’s room and making it into what my family calls my Meditation Room. Hope you get that pleasure some day, too!

  13. The loft is a great spot and I’m sure that you ended up getting it all fixed to perfection!!!! I have to admit though that if I had warm weather I would be outside sitting on my porch soaking in the sun!!! I’m pretty much done with winter! 😉

    1. I tend to get a little distracted outside. I gaze at the view too much and we have a lot of songbirds that come to visit as well as rabbits which makes my dog go nuts.

  14. 80 degrees? We just got another foot of snow. I think I am over winter.

    That loft is gorgeous. I would totally be reclaiming it too. I hope you take some before/after pictures and share them with us!

    1. If the loft project actually happens, then I will be sure to share pics. It was warm over the weekend but today it is supposed to rain and it’s about 50 degrees. Much warmer than where you are but cold to me! I know a lot of folks on the East coast have snow days today!

  15. Your loft looks like such a great place for reading! I always love the idea of sorting through a stash of my old books, because I never know what I’ll find. Although usually I don’t get much done, because I can never resist opening some of the books just to read “a line” and you know where that leads.

    1. If I opened any of those books to read a line, I’d never get rid of any! There are so many that came to me unsolicited though I usually give them to my book club but I haven’t gone to a meeting in quite a while. I know people that will take them though. I just have to make the time to get it done.

  16. What a nice spot this would be for you, I hope it becomes yours, alone, again soon! I imagine a big, comfy reading chair, maybe with matching ottoman to put your feet up, a nice reading lamp and other good light, a good music-maker …and so on. But that’s me. I hope you can make it “Ti’s world”. I am impressed by your book organization, too.

    So did you read or tear the loft apart after your shopping endeavor (which I hope went well!) I am behind once again due to health problems but ti gives me the chance to ask how your weekend turned out.
    I hope your week is going well.

    1. Nope. I didn’t get to the loft that day. Those girls wore me out. I am going to tear it apart this weekend though!

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