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#OneWord for 2020 – GATHER

Gather - One Word

I took a quiz through Live Your Faith and was given the word GATHER as my word for 2020. This is exactly where I was going on my own so GATHER, it is. I want to be more intentional with relationships. Making time to connect in real life, not just through social media.

Do you pick a word for the year? I skipped it last year but feel really good about it this year. Happy New Year, everyone!

#ONEWORD for 2019

My One Word for 2019 is Change

In previous years I’ve chosen, Simplicity, Discover, and Connect but this year it seemed crucial for me to settle on a word that would have a  lot of impact on how I live my life. CHANGE, is that word.

Have you chosen a word for 2019? The ones I’ve seen thus far have been really good.