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#ONEWORD for 2019

My One Word for 2019 is Change

In previous years I’ve chosen, Simplicity, Discover, and Connect but this year it seemed crucial for me to settle on a word that would have a  lot of impact on how I live my life. CHANGE, is that word.

Have you chosen a word for 2019? The ones I’ve seen thus far have been really good.


One Word 2017 – Connect


Instead of a resolution, many people opt to focus on one word instead. This typically works better for me. Last year, I chose Discover and I’d say for about half the year, I discovered some new places to visit, new restaurants to try and of course a few new-to-me authors. The last part of the year was dicey for me, given my mom’s death but the way that all played out was really out of my hands and although my word wasn’t much on my mind then, it was still working behind the scenes just not the way I had envisioned it would.

This year, I had a really hard time finding my word. Nothing seemed to reflect what I was trying to do with my life. I was just about to give-up when it came to me.


I want to connect with people and work really hard at establishing strong, joyful relationships.

I want to work harder at connecting with the material in front of me, be it a novel, journal, work of art or even Scripture.

Basically, I want to connect on a deeper level with everything and everyone I encounter.

I feel really good about this word. Do you have a word?