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#OneWord for 2016

One Word for 2016

Yes, folks! Finally! My #OneWord for 2016 has been chosen and it’s DISCOVER! A good, strong word and something that I’ve been thinking about for a really long time.

For me, the end of the year is always a time for reflection. What went right? What didn’t? I spent all of 2015 struggling. I couldn’t manage my schedule. I was stressed. I lacked sleep. My health was not good which undoubtedly was not helped by the other stuff I mentioned. It pains me to admit it, but I was not happy. I am normally a pretty happy person so I fought that and tried to be happy but it was just too much energy to maintain. And really, why should anyone have to fake it?

So when break came around and I had 25 days off, I fell apart. Truthfully, it began over Thanksgiving but didn’t actually happen until I was off.  It’s like something in my head just went “poof” and that was that. No more.

First, I whined. Then became a little angry and then when I ended up hurting my foot I was forced to just sit down and be still and that is when my word came to me. I need to dig deep and discover who I really am and what I really want from life. The way I’ve been living is not the way I want to live.

Just to clarify. Family is good. Marriage is good. I love my family but I feel as if my mind is often occupied with time schedules, work carry-over, the sludge of every day life. I need an overhaul.

I wan to discover:

  • New places (restaurants, book stores, museums).
  • New outdoor spaces (parks, lakes, cool beach spots, etc.)
  • New books.
  • New recipes. I make the same stuff over and over.
  • My creative side. I have one but it’s been buried for too long.
  • New people. FUN, nice people.
  • More beauty in everyday things.
  • Art, and become more familiar with certain artists.
  • Music. I’ve not listened to music in a really long time.
  • New shows. Live theater specifically.
  • Classic or historic places.
  • My style. What the heck is it? I am all over the place.

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Isn’t DISCOVER a great word? It feels so promising and slightly adventurous. I love it.

I’ve been reading about some of your words but in case I missed it, if you have a word, let me know what it is in comments.

One Word Says It All (2015)


It’s taken me such a long time to come up with my “one word” for 2015. For me, choosing one area of focus tends to work much better than say going with the average resolutions.

Last year, I chose “Simplicity” which worked pretty well. All of 2014 was dedicated to making things a little easier both around the house and at work. I feel as if I learned a thing or two about my busy life. One, it’s not fun to be busy all the time and no one wins any Brownie points for the glorification of busy. Two, a lot of it I put upon myself. My drummed-up expectation of my working mom self, is what’s messed with me in previous years.  But hey, I never said I was perfect! That said, things are slightly better in that area.

This year, I’ve chosen “Rethink” which sounds like a non-word but it was handed to me during a church service. Seriously, I was sitting there pondering my word and Pastor Rusty George handed it to me on a silver platter during the series titled Fresh Start. If you care to actually listen to the service, you can find it here. He zeroes in on Rethink at 8:48. Technically, he uses the term “Rethink It” but you get the idea.

This word appeals to me on many levels. I am a quick thinker, and in turn, quick to react. This works great for me only half of the time. Often, I will make an immediate decision, and then the weight of that decision will stay with me for days. Not saying it’s always the wrong decision, but my confidence over the decision is sometimes not there after I’ve made it.

Or, something will fly out of my mouth only for me to regret it later. I have trigger mouth. I can control it at work, but not so much at home.

Sadly, this trigger way of thinking also affects my health. Yep, I have Lupus and there are times when I decide to skip my meds for awhile just to see if they are doing anything. Sometimes it takes months for me to feel lousy but I almost always do.

I seem to enjoy tempting fate.

So, although I am still focusing on simplifying my life, I am adding Rethink to the mix. I’ve technically been doing this since the beginning of the year without me noticing it and it’s added a calmness to my otherwise chaotic life. Taking an extra moment to respond or act can sometimes turn a negative into a positive. It comes down to perspective and sometimes to get a clear handle on it, you have to take the time to rethink it.

That’s my plan. To rethink everything before acting. This will apply to me saying “yes” all the time when volunteer opportunities come up. It will apply to my food choices. It will apply to decisions made at work. Basically, to everything. It sounds a little daunting and exhausting but really, it’s a brief moment of reflection and with January almost behind me, I can honestly say that it’s not tough to do.

Hopefully this little bit of mindfulness will help with my simplicity kick too.